How to Make a Woman Feel Special Through Text – Tips 

Whether she is your girlfriend, online friend, or your crush and her message notification put a smile on your face. You’re wondering if sending her such texts that would make her smile. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make a woman feel special through text.

How to Make a Woman Feel Special Through Text – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make a woman feel special through text as follows;

Talk What She Likes

You should find her passions and interests, and you can do so by checking out her profile on social media platforms and her posts. Whether she is a sports girl, loves outgoing, a party person, watches movies, listens to music, or photography loving girl. You can make her feel start by talking to her about her favorite things; asking for her expert opinions on those subjects, and her recommendation. Be creative while talking to her about her favorite things, it makes her feel special.

Flatter & Compliment Her

If you want to be effective in your flattering compliment that would make her blush, be genuine and real in your comments. For instance, you can say “love your thoughts and thinking, love your sense of humor, or your jokes are funny.” The good and realistic compliments would make her feel happy and special that you value and appreciate her company.

Why You Love Her

You should create a list of those things that you like about her, and they may be her style, career-oriented, good hair, her smile, kind heart, or fearless nature. It is better that you should let her know about those traits and tell her that you fell in with her because of them. When you acknowledge her achievements and qualities, she would feel special.

Tell Her You’re Thinking About Her

You should send her a surprise at any time in the middle of the day and tell her that you can’t stop thinking about her. It makes her feel good that you care about her. However, it is an effective technique especially when you’re dating a girl. For instance, you can say “I saw you in my dream last night, or I had a dream of hugging you.”

Supportive Messages

If she is going through some difficult time, you should send her an encouraging and motivating message. You should let her know that you have got her back and that you’re there for her. Such messages boost her energy and she would appreciate your offer of help. You can message her by admiring her strengths and telling her that she can do this.

Remind Her of Good Memories

It is better if you remind her of the good old time that spent together now and then, it would bring a lot of good, funny, cute, and charming memories to her mind. You should try to go into the details of the good memory, and it would make her smile and feel special that you care about her. For instance, you can say “remember this picture of our first meeting, or remember this place and what happened there.” Those small memories would open up Pandora’s box.

Morning & Night Texts

You should send her “good morning” and “good night” messages every day in order to let her know that she is in your mind all the time. If you’re dating, in a relationship, and have mutual attraction, then she would appreciate your gesture. Be creative while sending morning and night messages, and say something beautiful to make her day.

Ask Her Questions

If you’re in a relationship or have got deep intimacy, you should ask questions about her life and activities. It would make her feel important that you’re listening to her and that her voice is important to you. It is better to ask her thoughtful questions that would open the door toward intimate conversation. For instance, you can ask her about her presentation, her day in general, her favorite things, or her dreams and thoughts.

Value Her

You should choose any type of silly planning activity like traveling the world or growing old together, and play with her by adding details to them. It makes her feel that you value her presence and you consider her partner in crime. If you want a romantic mood, then you should pick a romantic and intimate activity. For instance, you can say “you’re the only person I would love to spend the night with, or would love to go on the tour with you.”

Digital Gifts

In order to make her feel special, you can send her many charming and funny emojis and gifts. She would feel happy and smile after receiving those gifts from you. They’re like chocolates, heart emojis, kissing emojis, flowers, gift boxes, or something else. There are hundreds of them, and send her the unique and creative one to show your interest in her.

Sharing Songs

Music is the best way to express your love intimate feelings emotions. You should hear a song and tell her that it reminded you of her and listen to it together. You can also create a music playlist of your favorite song and give her access to it; she would appreciate your effort. It is better to link the song with some type of your memory together. For instance, you can say “it is the song that we danced to the first time at Jack’s party.”

Sharing Little Things

If you come across something funny and cute memes or videos, then share them with her. Sharing small things with her would make her feel that you value her and consider her the most important person to share anything with first. However, you should only send her photos and videos if she is also sending them back to you as well. If she is not, then you should avoid sending it to her.

Gratitude Text

It is important to send gratitude messages to her once in a while to let her know that you value her presence in your life. For instance, you can say “I’m grateful to have you in my life; your presence has brought so many changes in my life; thanks for doing everything, or something else.” The gratitude message would let her know that you aren’t taking advantage of her and acknowledge her worth in your life.

Tell Her You Miss Her

It is better if you remind her how much you miss her presence and company. For instance, you can say “I miss your smile or laughter, miss having dinner with you, miss your company on the tour, we would have so much fun if you were here.” Such messages would let her know that you are thinking about her.

Ask Her Suggestions

Girls feel important when you ask them for their suggestions and advice. If you value her, then you should ask for her suggestions and views on important matters. For instance, you can ask her recommendation when choosing the restaurant, tourist location, career advice, movie preferences, or something else.

Conclusion: How to Make a Woman Feel Special Through Text – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make a woman feel special through text; we have realized that making a girl feel happy on chat requires thoughtfulness. If you’re planning to make her feel special, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.