How to Make First Move to a Guy in Person – Tips 

There was a time when it was obligatory for men to approach women and express their feelings to them. Thanks, dear lord such time has passed. Nowadays, everyone feels empowered to share and express their feelings to anyone regardless of their gender. If you’re a girl and you really like a girl and you’re wondering how to do it. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make first move to a guy in person.

How to Make First Move to a Guy in Person – Tips 

In order to give you a goosebump, a research study has shown that 96% of men said that they prefer it when a girl makes the first move online on dating platforms. Approximately 94% of the men said that they prefer it when men make the first move in the bars. However, let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make first move to a guy in person are as follows;

Inquire about His Relationship Status

Before making any move, first of all, you have to make sure of the relationship status of the guy that you like. It is morally and ethically wrong to intentionally go after a guy that is already in a relationship with someone else. You can do so through the initial friendly “get to know the conversation.” You can pass a flirting compliment by saying “surprised to know a charming guy like is still single.”

Ask Him For a Drink

Confidence in a woman is a great turn-on for a guy. As I said earlier, stereotypical gender roles are dying. Nowadays, men love it when a girl makes the first move and asks him out or buys him a drink. When you confidently buy him a drink by saying “drinks on me, but you really have to try it well.” It would attract his attention by breaking the tension and making him feel at ease.

Good Sense of Humor

In order to break the tension, you should use you use your good sense of humor that everyone could relate to it. For instance, if something interesting is happening in the bar or some guys are playing a game, you could also talk about it in a fun way. Humor and laughter are great ways to kick things off and make him feel great and at ease while talking to you.

Appreciate Him

If you have known this guy, then you can compliment him on his personality, work, and other qualities. In cases, where you’re meeting him for the first time, then you should compliment him about his looks, dress, color selection, haircut, or any other visible traits. He would feel great and happy by hearing appreciation from a girl. Be genuine and realistic with your compliments, because they go a long way.

Smiling Face

In order to make him feel happy and special while accompanying you, don’t forget to put a smile on your face while looking at him. It is because some people have got so many things going on there, that they forget to smile. Your open body language with a smiling face would make you appear easily approachable, and it would boost your confidence level.

Get your Wing Girl

If you’re feeling nervous and it is the first time, then you can use and accompany your female friend. The companionship of your friend by your side would boost your motivational level. For instance, you can approach the guy by saying “my friend and I were wondering if you could tell us the most interest romantic comedy movie after the 2000s.” The presence of your female friend in the background would keep your morale up.

Shine to Show Worthiness

It is important that you should shine in the conversation with your confidence and smile; it would make you appear as a great catch. When he perceives you as a great approachable catch, then he would make effort to be with you. You should remind yourself that you’re a beautiful person that happens to be single and he should be lucky to be with you.

Be Casual

You should avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. It is important that you should take it lightly and casually. You should consider it like you’re talking to a person in the elevator or a stranger on the road casually. Your friendly tone and attitude would make him feel comfortable talking to you, and it also makes you feel at ease.

Observe his Reaction to Your Touch

If you already know this guy and you both feel comfortable with each other’s company, and now you want to be romantic with him. It is important that you should test the water first by observing his reaction and how he reacts to your affectionate gestures like; touching his arms or shoulders and leaning towards him. However, if he doesn’t mind your affectionate gesture and playing along with it, then you should go ahead.

Practice Before Doing It

Approaching someone and making him attracted to you require confidence and boldness. It is important that you should practice the ice-breaking sentences, and how you would handle the freezing-up moments if it happens. When you have already practiced it, then it becomes much easier to play with the guy that you like.

Conclusion: How to Make First Move to a Guy in Person – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make first move to a guy in person; we have realized that approaching and dating someone is a fun activity. If you’re planning to approach a guy that you like, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.