How to Make First Move to a Guy Online – Tips 

There is a charming guy in your friend and following list that you really like and it is always fun to see and talk to him. You’re wondering how to make a move on him and reach the stage of dating. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make first move to a guy online.

How to Make First Move to a Guy Online – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make first move to a guy online, and they’re as follows;

Talk Small Things Right Away

You’re wondering it right, it seems strange to ask him right away for a date and it may put him off. Before making your move, it is better that you should start chatting with him about small things for a few hours or days. It allows you to get to know each other and break the ice. While talking to him, you should make him feel like you know each other.

Respond to His Posts

If you come across any of his posts online while scrolling, you should respond to them relevant to it. For instance, you should send him a laughing emoji to the funny post, a heart to his pictures, and a thoughtful comment to his serious posts. You can also send him a direct message about his photo and how charming he looks. Social media posts are a great way to break the ice and start talking to someone.

Admire Him

While complimenting him, you should avoid being specific about his physique or body if it feels weird to say. If you’re texting for the first time, you should admire him like; you have got good taste in photography, your smile is beautiful, or your beach pictures are very beautiful.

Show Your Interests

In order to show interest in him, you should ask him questions about his routine life, activities, passion, interests, hobbies, what he likes, and what he does before going to sleep. When you show interest in his life, he would feel great and special, and it allows you to get to know him.

Share Your Passions

While talking to him about his interests and passion, it is possible that you would find some type of common interests and passions. Before talking to him, it is important that you should visit his profile and learn a bit more about his interests and hobbies. For instance, if you both countryside, then you should start with country life and pictures, it would allow you to develop a connection easily.

Tease & Play With Him

When you like someone, then you tease him and play with him about something he liked or did. While sending teasing text, it is to type “lol” and send winking or laughing emojis along with it. It would let him know that you aren’t saying it seriously. For instance, you can say “I didn’t know that you haven’t been to Disneyland.”

Flirting Texts

Once you start texting and sharing each other’s interests, you should mention that you’re single in order to send him the signal that he should make a move. If he says something sweet or interesting, you should send him the heart or kissing emoji. However, if he flirts back and sends you similar types of emojis, then you’re on the right track.

Subtly Ask Him About His Plans

If you aren’t sure whether he likes you or not, then you should ask him about his plans for the weekend and observe how he responds to them. For instance, if he says that he is free, then it means that he wants you to ask him out. If he says that he is busy every time you ask him about his schedule, then it means that he doesn’t like or is serious about you.

Follow Direct Approach

When it comes to asking him out, dating, or knowing about his schedule, then it is important that you should ask him directly. If you follow the indirect approach, it would confuse him whether it would be a friendly get-together or a date. You should be clear about your intentions and interests, whether you like him or just being friendly with him.

Plan Dating

Instead of just asking him out and hanging out with him, you should mention the idea of date setting in order to send clear signals. It would let him know what you want and he should be clear about his choice and response. You can say “there is a new bar in our street, would you like to have a drink there.”

Meeting Time & Place

One he says yes about the meeting, you should feel good about your efforts. It is important that you should precisely mention the time, date, and place. You can say “okay, done, I’ll see you on Saturday evening at 6 PM.”

Don’t Take Rejection Hard

If he says no or has got other plans, then you should avoid feeling disappointed. I know and understand that receiving and digesting no and rejection is not easy, but at least you tried and you would meet someone better next time. Most importantly, you should be kind to yourself and remember that it is not your fault.

Conclusion: How to Make First Move to a Guy Online – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make first move to a guy online; we have realized that attracting someone’s attention and flirting with him is a fun activity. If you’re planning to do it, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.