How to Make Girlfriend Miss You – Tips 

You have found your dream girl and you’re wondering whether the charm of your company is still there with her or not; when you go away. There are various ways to make your girlfriend miss you. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make girlfriend miss you.

How to Make Girlfriend Miss You – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make girlfriend miss you are as follows;

Less Time On the Phone

If you want your girlfriend to miss you, then you don’t need to spend all of your time texting her over the phone. You should give her some space to process her thoughts about you. If she knows that you text her all the time, she would probably take you for granted and won’t pay attention to you the way you deserve and you want. You should make it clear to her that you have got a strict schedule and you would only talk to her for some time, 20 or 30 minutes a day.

Spend Time Apart

If you want her to miss you, then you don’t have to be available to her all the time. She can’t wish you your company and be with you if you are always there with her. Some distance plays a significant role in bringing you together, and she would realize the value of your company. However, the time limit doesn’t mean that she won’t see you at all and completely forget about you. you should find a balance between healthy connectivity and healthy distance.

Live Your Life

It is important that you should allow her to live her own life and respect her space. She should also know that you’re living your own life with hobbies, passion, interests, and social circle. When she is aware of the fact that you’re completely free with no life of your own, then she would take you for granted and talk to you whenever she is free. She would contact you when she won’t be doing anything, and she won’t make time for you.

Be Mysterious

You don’t have to tell her everything about your life and daily activities, because it would remove the suspense. You should leave some room for mystery, and tell things about your life gradually like peeling an onion. When you tell her everything about you, there won’t be any room for lying or sneaking off from her sometime. Being the open book won’t work for everyone, and it is not sexy.

Become Not Easy Person

As I said earlier that you have got your life to live and follow your own schedule. You don’t have to answer her calls and text messages every time she calls and texts. If she wants your assistance and suggestion on an urgent matter, then you should give her time prior to scheduling time. However, it doesn’t mean that you should develop a habit of avoiding her text and calls all the time.

Make Her Jealous

It is important that you should disappear for a few days without informing, and share pictures of accompanying others girls. It would make her jealous that you may be seeing other girls and having fun without her, and it would make her miss you more. You don’t have to make a habit of doing it, it would cause backfire and she would lose interest in you completely because she would think that you’re unreachable.

Text At Night

If you want her to miss you, then you should text or call her before she goes to bed or sleep. If she is not a night-talking person, then you should avoid forcing her to text you or call you back. However, if she likes talking to you, then make a habit of sending her good night texts and calls, it would make her miss you more.

Let Her Wonder

After having a great date and day with her, you should send her a brief text and call, rather than calling her and going on and on. It is important that you should take a break for a day or two, before making any contact. However, if something makes you think of her, then you should tell her the next day, and don’t take too much time to tell her. If she tells you that she has been thinking about you, then you tell her that you do too.

Gift of Yourself

In order to make her miss you, you should offer her some cute gift that would remind her of you. It could be in the form of a cute bear, a picture frame, or a sweet perfume. These small gifts would be closer to her all the time, and they act as a great memory of you. In the presence of these small gifts, she would surely miss you.

Make Every Moment Count

If you talk to her for some time during any time of the day, you should make this worthwhile so that she would wait for your call or text the next day. You should fill this time with fun, laughter, crazy stories, and romance that she forgets about everything else. It is important that you should make her feel special during this time, and listen to her.

Send Her a Letter

In the era of technology, the internet, and instant message; handwritten letters still have got their own significance. When you take some time to write her a letter, she would appreciate your effort and the gesture that you did it, especially for her. In fact, she would treasure your letter and keep it safe as a gift, and make sure that you should write it well about her.

Treat Her Special When Together

Whenever you get some time to talk, then you should make her feel queen and special like she is so such an important person to you. When she goes away, then she would miss the value and importance that you had given her.

Conclusion: How to Make Girlfriend Miss You – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make girlfriend miss you; we have realized that it is important to maintain a healthy space to her realize your importance and value. If you’re planning to make her miss you, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.