How to Make Him Feel Special in Long Distance Relationship – Tips 

You’re wondering right that maintaining the charm in a long-distance relationship is difficult. But technological development may help you to reduce loneliness at a great expense. It helps you to make your boyfriend feel at home even when there is a lot of distance involved. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make him feel special in long distance relationship.

How to Make Him Feel Special in Long Distance Relationship – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to make him feel special in long distance relationship are as follows;

Email Card

You should send your boyfriend or partner a well-designed email card as a surprise. Sending an email card is much easier and quicker than a postcard. The email card allows you to customize your email card design by adding personal and intimate details. He wouldn’t have to wait to receive the card, and he can receive it at any time. When he sees your personalized card, he would fall in love again and value your effort.

Motivating Texting

Just like our body needs food and drink to live; our mind and soul needs a dose of loving and motivational reminder. You should express your love to him often and let him know how much you’re grateful and love him. When he knows that you value and appreciate your presence in his life, it would boost his morale and make his day.

Evening Call

You should call him every day in the evening at the right time when he is free at home. It is better to brainstorm different ideas and ask him about his day at work in a creative way. Once he becomes used to your call, he would be happy and love to talk to you about his day at work.

Sexy Pictures

In order to maintain his interest in you, you should send him your half-naked sexy photos only if you trust him and feel comfortable about it. Seeing your charming and attractive photo makes him feel excited about you. He would love your effort of taking the picture and sending it to him, and he would some of his photos and send it to you as well.

Order Him Food

If you don’t have UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, and Seamless; then you should install these food ordering applications on your phone. In order to make him feel special, you should order his favorite dish and send it to his address. It is better if you keep him informed and makes sure that he is at home and hungry. He would love this gesture and love the food that you order for him.

Online Assistance

You can help out your boyfriend and partner in various ways even online; don’t worry about the long distances involved. For instance, if your boyfriend needs research, do it for him and send him the found links; edit a photo for him, form filling, edit the video, write the letter, or proofread the article for him. Helping him in his work would ease the pressure from his shoulders, and he would love you more for it.

Music Playlist

Creating your favorite music playlist is not a difficult task anymore, you can create it with Spotify. You should do some brainstorming about his favorite songs and the type of music he likes, and put them together in a playlist. After creating the playlist, you should share it with him and tell him that you created it, especially for him and how he likes it. The personalized playlist would cheer his mood.

Tag Him on Social Media

If you have come across any type of cute, romantic, or interesting post on social media platforms; you should share it and tag him along with it. He would appreciate your gesture of keeping him in your mind and informing him. It is because our ability to get distracted in the digital age is very high because of the great number of notifications. When you remind him about something, he would value your reminder.

Virtual Dinner

Since there is a lot of distance between you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your dinner date virtually over the webcam. You should allocate time and date for the webcam dinner, prepare your meal before, put on a good dress, and set up everything right before time. It is better if you do the virtual dinner often, it would make you feel connected.

Team up in Online Game

There are various video games that you can play with him online. Playing video games against each other or in the same team would develop and maintain the chemistry between you too. He would know how cool and interesting you are by playing with you.

Hand Written Post Card

The beauty of handwritten letters never gets old. You should send him a personalized handwritten romantic letter with your favorite poetry and post it to him. When he receives it and reads your handwriting, he would feel the connection and value your effort.

Send Him Gifts

We all love to receive surprise gifts from our loved ones; it makes us feel that someone likes us and doing these things for us. The gift doesn’t have to be big to make someone feel special, any type of small gift like a snacks, t-shirt, or drink would make him feel happy. It would show him that you are thinking about him and keeping him in your mind all the time.

Plan a Trip

It is better if you float some ideas about your next meeting and get-together, and how you would like to spend your time. It could be in the form of visiting the beach, peaceful time in the woods, hiking, watching a movie together, or some other fun activity. It shows your willingness and excitement about meeting him in person.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Feel Special in Long Distance Relationship – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to make him feel special in long distance relationship; we have realized that maintaining a long-distance relationship requires work and time allocation. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.