How to Make Him Jealous on Social Media – Tips

 Breakup and end of any type of relationship are not easy; it makes your mind go crazy. If your boyfriend has dumped you, and you want him back and make him feel jealous of you, but you don’t know how. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make him jealous on social media.

How to Make Him Jealous on Social Media – Tips 

Social media is a great tool for watching videos, connecting with friends and family, and sharing updates about your life. But you can also use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Twitter for your personal life and fix your relationship issues. Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make him jealous on social media platforms;

No Unfriending

I know you’re angry and sad about the breakup, and things aren’t making any sense. You don’t understand his behavior why he broke up with you, and dating others and it makes him furious. In such a scenario, the worst thing you can do is to unfriend and unfollow him on social media. If you do that, you would cut him out of your life because you don’t get to see him and his activities. It is because you want him to beware of your life and activities, especially if you want to make him feel jealous.

Tag Mutual Friends

If you have made the mistake of unfriending him on social media, it means that he won’t see your photos, activities, and check-ins. In such case, you should make your profile public, so that everyone could see your activities. When you post something, tag all of your mutual friends, it would make them beware of your activities.

You should write a post that you have accidentally unfriended some of the contacts while cleaning up the friendlist, if they’re among one of them, then kindly connect with me again. If he sends you a friend request or the following request, then you should accept his request. It doesn’t mean that you have to talk to him, don’t text or call him at all.

Highlight Pictures of Fun

Since you’re connected with your ex-boyfriend; now you should behave as if everything is normal in your life. You don’t have to do overacting and start posting all the time; follow your normal posting routine and that would be once or twice a week.

You should post pictures and videos of having fun with friends like camping with friends, slumber parties with Jackie, watching a movie, or pictures of some other activities. It makes him wonder that you’re living your life as normal and having fun without him, and he would think of joining you.

Check-In Places

Along with engaging in fun activities and posting pictures on SM, you should post check-in various places wherever you go. Traveling serves two purposes; first, it would change your mood with new experiences and meet new people. Secondly, it would help you to get over him and enjoy your life. When you post various check-ins every week, it would attract his attention.

Partying with Other Guys

Accompanying and partying with other rival guys is a classic technique, and it always works. You don’t have to cross the line while partying and taking pictures; anything that you would regret later on. You should post laughing pictures and videos of the party, look completely natural, and write in the caption “having a great time with Scott at the party.”

Workout Pictures

If you want to make him feel jealous, get over him, and move on in your life, then you have to work on your appearance. It means that you should start exercising during this breakup period. Working out and exercising would help you in two ways; first, it would make you in better shape; when you look pretty, he would have your attention.

Secondly, your brain release dopamine and other chemicals when your exercise, they would help you to deal with stress, and anxiety, and make you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, your body creates positive energy, and such positive vibes would attract good things in your life. While working out and exercising, don’t forget to take pictures and update them on social media.


You don’t have to become a social media warrior, and start posting mean, jealous, and bad posts about your ex-boyfriend for leaving you. Instead, you should do the opposite if you want his attention. You should post pictures and memes of abundance in terms of richness, wealth, and relationships. The gratitude pictures and posts would attract his attention; he would think that you’re doing really great without him, instead of crying over him.

Post Interesting Things

You should post funny, interesting, and creative things that would attract the attention of a lot of people. You should post such memes that would earn you a lot of likes or comments from other people. When he sees the activity and crowed on your posts in the form of likes and comments; he would think that he made a mistake of breaking up with a big social media personality like yourself. You don’t have to underestimate your powers and skills.

Share Album with Friends

Along with posting solo pictures and selfies, you should also share a party or group album with a lot of people in it. You should write in a caption that it was a great event, friend gathering, or party that you have spent a lot of time planning and enjoying. Don’t forget to tag a lot of mutual friends both male and female, it would increase would post reach. It would attract his attention that he wasn’t in those photos, and he is missing a lot of things by going away from you.

Be A Difficult Catch Girl

If you perform all of the abovementioned activities now and then with a proper sequence and make things seem natural. It would create the impression that you’re living a great active life with fun and luxury, and being with you would be like dream come true for any man. When you become a difficult girl to date and go out with, he would definitely try to reconcile with you.

If he does approach you, call, and text you, then you don’t have to give him all of your time and start talking to him immediately. First, avoid him, talk to him a little, and then tell him that you have to go for a workout or somewhere. It would make him realize that you have got your life set by your routine, and not for him to take advantage of.

Self Care

Finally and most importantly, you should take care of yourself both mentally and physically. You should eat a balanced diet and have 8 hours of sleep regularly. Once you start living a balanced life by taking care of yourself, everything would start to change.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Jealous on Social Media – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make him jealous on social media; we have realized that getting through the breakup period is very difficult. If you want to make him jealous in the meantime, you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.