How to Make Him Jealous Through Whatsapp Status – Tips 

Whatsapp is a very popular social media platform that millions of people use every day along with your ex-boyfriend. If you have gone through a breakup, dumped, or simply taken a break; and you want to make him feel jealous. Either you should get back to him on your terms, or you want to make him feel bad. Today, we’ll discuss the top tips on how to make him jealous through Whatsapp status.

How to Make Him Jealous Through Whatsapp Status – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to make him jealous through Whatsapp status are as follows;

Share Your Charming Photos

Along with many other cool features of Whatsapp like voice notes, video, and audio calls; it also allows you to update your pictures and videos in real-time. If you want to develop jealous feelings in your boyfriend, you should take your very charming and beautiful pictures, and share them on your status. Those pictures would make think about the type of attractive girl you are and he is missing the opportunity. It is absolutely okay if he doesn’t reply, the focus is on getting his attention.

Screenshots of Compliments

You should take a screenshot of all the compliments that you receive after posting your charming picture. Nothing would make your boyfriend more jealous than seeing the compliments and admiration from other guys. It is better if you hide or crop out the person’s name and use a bit suspicious approach, write whatever caption you think is best; it would drive his mind crazy.

Don’t Answer His Replies

If he doesn’t comment on your pictures; wait, he would definitely comment when he sees the attention you’re getting from posting your charming photos. When he comments and reacts to those screenshots, you should act normal and natural and tell him that you post screenshots and pictures all the time. However, you don’t have to reply to him immediately, make him wait and then reply. When he doesn’t know whether you’re doing it on purpose or not, it would make him jealous.

Fun With Friends & Photos on Status

Whether you’re going to a party or having a casual get-together with friends and acquaintances that your boyfriend doesn’t know. You should take photos of the fun time with other boys and girls, and make sure that you look natural with your smile and laughter. When you post it on your status, write the caption that you’re meeting new people and having a fun time with them.

Status of Joyfulness & Happiness

Let’s just say that you participated in the seminar or the project where you had a lot of fun. Here, you should only share the happy moment and good times during the project with friends in the writing. You can mention the names of other people with some statements. It makes him feel jealous that you’re having so much fun in various activities without him.

Pictures of Fun Time & Activity

Along with sharing the real-time moments, you should also share photos of some particular day’s activity as a memory. When he sees you having fun with other people that he doesn’t know, then it would make him feel betrayed. It would send the signal that he was taking you for granted, he was always making excuses and now you’re having all the fun without him.

Photos with Male Friends & His Name

Picture and selfie with the other man would definitely make him feel jealous if he has got a little bit of feelings for you. If you have met any man of your acquaintances, then you should take a picture with him and post it on your Whatsapp status b mentioning his name in the caption. It would drive his mind crazy when you call a guy with his nickname or first name because it shows intimacy. You don’t have to clarify anything, just keep things ambiguous and suspicious.

Screenshot of Funny Conversation With Other Man

You should post any funny and interesting meme on social media that would make people comment on it. When one of your friends says something flirting and funny, you should keep the conversation flowing with him; then take screenshots of the whole conversation and share it on the Whatsapp status. Men don’t like it when other men make their woman happier and smile; when he sees you laughing and smiling with someone else in the conversation, it would develop feelings of jealousy in them.

Mention You Ex As Bait

If you don’t care about him and you’re sure that you won’t regret anything; then you can share the pictures of your ex-boyfriend in the conversation with the other guy and make it fun. You should only do it if you’re feeling brave and you are certain that you won’t get back with him.

Admire Everything except Him

You should create a gratitude post by mentioning all the friends and colleagues along with their pictures, but don’t include him in the post. If you have had a bit long term relationship and stayed together for a while, then it would make him jealous that you completely excluded him from his life. If you’re using kind words and nice captions for everyone; just add his picture without the caption, it would make feel a bit less than others.

Privacy Only Him & Not Everyone

Since you’re targeting him and you only want him to see and feel jealous, but you don’t want to make it public. In such case, you should change your privacy setting and make such Whatsapp status only visible to him, so that the other people won’t see him.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Jealous Through Whatsapp Status – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make him jealous through Whatsapp status; we have realized that jealousy is a very powerful emotion and it would make a man bring on his knees. If you carefully follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines, then you can make him get back to you on your terms and make him feel bad.