How to Make Him Kiss Me – Tips 

Some guys behave mysteriously, they may act confident, but they’re very shy in intimate matters. It is difficult and frustrating to attract the attention of the guy that you really like and make him kiss you. You can’t force someone to do it, but the right tips and atmosphere would amplify your chance of making him kiss you passionately. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make him kiss me.

How to Make Him Kiss Me – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make him kiss me, and they’re as follows;

Ice Breaking

Just like your confusion, he is equally uncertain about your reaction and how you would react. In order to break the ice, you should touch him affectionately by holding his hands, hugging him, and touching his back and shoulders. Affectionate touching would open the door to kissing and other physical gestures. You have to let him know that it is absolutely okay to be physical with you.

If you don’t break the barrier of touching and holding hands, then he won’t come closer to you. It is a repetitive process to be comfortable with each other’s company. However, he would become physical with you once he feels comfortable around you.

Near Him

In order to show your interest in him, you should find a way to lean toward him and come closer to him. Getting closer to him is the best way and it would increase your chance. While doing so, you should make sure that you are always coming up face-to-face and that your lips are parallel to each other. He would get the signal what you want and he should make the move to kiss you. The best strategy is to come closer to him while gazing and looking at him.

Use Lipstick To Highlight

In order to look appealing and charming, you should make sure that your lips look sensual and sexual. It is better that you should highlight your lips with dashing lipstick. It would send clear signals and make him kiss you once you come closer to him. If your crush or boyfriend is shy, then highlighting your lips with lipstick, would encourage him to do it.

Look On His Face

The other way to attract his attention, you should fix your eyes on his face and lips. You should make sure that you both have a mutual attraction and likeness, otherwise staring at someone’s lips would seem creepy. It is a great way to flirt with him and send him a direct and clear signal of what you want, especially if you both know each other.

Look In His Eyes

Deep and intimate eye contact is a great way to share your interest without saying anything. If you’re doing affectionate touch and flirting with each other, then passionate eye contact would act as an additional push to show your interest. However, some guys are mysteriously shy so you have to give them all of these signals to make them kiss you. You should make sure that you aren’t staring at him, and only make deep eye contact with a flirting smile on your face.

Kiss His Cheeks

Since we’re talking about kissing, you should kiss his hands or cheeks in order to break the barrier of physical touch. Kissing his cheeks would encourage him to kiss you back; it is a powerful signal and it would increase the sexual tension between you. For instance, if he still doesn’t get that by affectionate touching, eye contact, and kissing on his cheeks; then it means that he is not into you sexually and romantically.

Ear Whispering

In order to evoke his sexual and sensual emotions, you should whisper in his ear. When you whisper in his ears, it would bring you closer to his face and he could actually sense your breath and skin. It would tempt him to touch his face to yours and kiss you. If he still doesn’t get your signal, then you should whisper to him clearly that you want to kiss him.

I’m Cold

It is a classic technique “I’m feeling cold” and it would make to come closer to you and warm you up with his body. When he comes closer to you and hugs you, then it would make him kiss you. However, it is a great technique that works on shy guys and perhaps you would have also seen it on social media. If this technique doesn’t work, then you should try other techniques that we have already discussed.

Look At Him

When you look at him and make eye contact with a cute face, then it would make him see through you and understand what you want. Locking eye contact and coming across face to face with such close proximity that you both could sense each other breadth; would definitely make him kiss you. However, if this guy still doesn’t get your signal and says something ridiculous at such a moment, then he is overly shy.

Directly Tell Him

If all the abovementioned techniques haven’t worked for you, then it means that your crush is terrible is receiving signals. In such a case, you should tell him clearly that you want to and going to kiss him.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Kiss Me – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make him kiss me; we have realized that flirting and making him kiss you is a fun and cute process. It doesn’t have to be difficult, if you’re going through such a process, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.