How to Make Him Like You Again – Tips 

If your crush or boyfriend is distancing himself away from you, it makes you feel that you’re losing the spark of intimacy that you use to have. When things are moving in your opposite direction, and you don’t know what to do and how to win him back. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make him like you again.

How to Make Him Like You Again – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the key tips and guidelines on how to make him like you again, and they’re as follows;

Limited Texting If He’s Pulling Away

You are seeing and dating each other, but you realized that he is pulling himself away from you. In such a case, you should stop texting and calling him in order to give him some space to regroup his mind and thoughts. He would text you and ask about your whereabouts, then you should tell him that you have been having fun with your friends. Since he has approached you, you should also ask him about him as well.

Give Him Priority

It is important that you give him priority by schedule calling and texting him; it could be once a week or daily. You should take some time out from your busy routine and reach out to him, and talk about his passion, interests, and hobbies. While talking, your focus should be on making feel better and happy. It is to let him know that you give him value and importance.

Find New, If Non-Exclusive

If you’re simply dating and your relationship is non-exclusive, then you should go out and start seeing other people. But it won’t be a good idea to see other people if you are involved in a committed relationship. In the case of dating, it is fun to see different people and send them the signal that you’re treating them the same way he is treating you. It would make him get back to you and like you more.

Perception Changing

When the feelings are mutual, then partners have more expectations and demands from each other. In such a case, it perfectly makes sense that couples and partners want something serious from their relationship and from each other. Since he is distancing himself away from you, you should play cool, give him, a text less, and let him know that you enjoy the time when you get together. The more you follow him, the more he would push himself away from you.

Subtly Restart Conversation

If he is the type of person that you used to date, but do not anymore and some time has passed. In such a case, you should come to his lie again by complimenting him, friendly talking to him, and texting him about something. If you get back to his life and be friendly occasionally and once in a while, then he would definitely think about you.

Meet Him Accidently

As they say that you would develop intimacy if you bump into each other often. If he has shown interest in you previously and you appear in his life accidentally, he gets to see you all over again. It is highly probable that it would rekindle the feeling of interest in him again. It could be in the form of regularly meeting in the church, school, or subway. However, it is better if it remains an accident and does not become routine.

Show Open Gesture

While running into him accidentally and talking to him, you should use your open and welcoming body language. When you are talking to him, you should show interest in him in terms of nodding your head, making eye contact, smiling, and affirming his words. Affirmative responses and welcoming gestures would send him the positive that you love to see him; he would love to see you again.

Share Interesting Memories

If you have got a picture of you together of some fun time, then you should share it with him and tell him how beautiful that time was. The more linger on the good memories and talk about you, the more it would bring back the good old memories. Once the happy memories start coming in, he would request to see you again.

Impress Him

Different guys have got different preferences in terms of perfume, style, color, or dress. If you’re aware of his likeness, then you should wear exactly the same type of dress and colors that would attract his attention. While selecting the dress, color, or perfume; you should make sure that you look eye captivating.

Sharing Charming Pictures

If you’re friends and following each other on social media; then you should share the cute and charming picture to let him know that you’re having fun and feeling happy. When your pictures start showing up in his feed, then it would definitely attract his interest. You should make sure to post it at such a time that he is online and could see it easily. Behave causally like nothing else is happening and you’re doing the ordinary thing.

Focus On Yourself

You should put all the focus and energy on yourself. It is like developing a hobby, playing sports, and planning a schedule for your daily routine life. You should live the best version of your life, and accept the fact that you can make yourself happy and no one else can. It is always the best time to invest some time and energy in yourself in terms of your growth and productivity.

Look Attractive

Your physique, appearance, and how you look matter. You should charming and attractive, it would not only attract his attention but also everyone else. When you look fit and beautiful, he would feel lucky to date you and go out with you. It would also send him the signal that you have got many other options.

Move On In Case

At the end of the day, if he is still not paying attention to you, then it is his loss. You look pretty, you have got your own life with a proper schedule and activities, and goals and objectives. Therefore, you should move on with yourself, stop thinking about him, leave him behind, and start seeing other people.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Like You Again – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make him like you again; we have realized that rekindling the passion for intimacy requires a lot of effort. If you’re going through the same situation of attracting his attention again, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.