How to Make Him Like You More – Tips 

There is a guy that you’re seeing and you both have got mutual feelings, and you want his undivided attention. Speaking of attracting men’s attention, it is significant to understand their mindset and how they behave. Usually, they don’t follow small hints, and they certainly don’t play mind games. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make him like you more.

How to Make Him Like You More – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make him like you more, and they’re as follows;

Admire Him

The thing you have to understand about men is that they like to be recognized, acknowledged, and admired. In order to feed his ego and attract his attention, you should complement him. Tell him he looks good, acknowledge his achievements, you’re missing him, and you want him and like him. While flattering him, you should be realistic and genuine with your compliments, and then your admiration would be more effective.

Send Him Attractive Photos

You don’t have to fill his inbox with your selfies and photos, because over-sending him your photos would lose his interest and attention; you don’t want that. Occasionally, you should send him your sexy but not revealing photos, it would make him think about visually and like you more.

Wear Sexy Dress

It is important that you should gift yourself a good charming, attractive, and sexy dress once in a while. Speaking of dressing, you should buy and wear of routine dress, it would make you more visible and attract his attention. For instance, if you are the type of girl that wears jeans and a t-shirt, then you should wear a mini-skirt and well-suitable heels. Well-dressing and outfit would improve your confidence level, and it would send good signals.

Affectionate Touch

As they say that your actions speak louder than your words. The affectionate touch would amplify your verbal admiration and compliment. They’re in the form of holding his hands while walking, leaning towards him while talking and laughing, passionate eye contact, and touching his hands while giving him something. You don’t have to overdo it, because guys don’t like such girls that are clingy or stay distant.

Care About His Passions

Whether your boyfriend’s hobby is playing sports, music, football, cards, or something, you should show interest in his hobbies. Whenever you get time, you should spend time with him while he’s working on his passion. He would love and appreciate your company; he would return the favor by showing interest in you and your life.

Smell Good

The perfume you’re wearing, it would serve as a catalyst to your personality and compel him to attract you. The fragrance of your scent should be subtle, light, and sensual; and you should wear it when you’re around him. If you don’t know about perfumes and scents, then you should ask someone suggests that has a good nose.

Don’t be Easy to Get

Flirtation and flattering are all about finding a subtle balance between affectionate touch and teasing him. You don’t have to throw yourself over him and make yourself available to him all the time; don’t reply to him immediately and answer him right away. You should make him wait for a little, it sends him the signals that you have got your own life and he shouldn’t take you for granted. When you aren’t clingy, and allowing them their freedom of time and space, then it would make him like you and love you more.

Gift Him

In order to make him remember and stay in his memories, you should offer him a gift. The gift doesn’t have to be luxuriously big and costly, anything small would work. It could be in the form of lunch, a short cute note, a tie, a t-shirt, a chocolate cake, or something else; these small things would serve as a great reminder to stay in his mind and memories. The more you stay in his mind and memories, the more he would like you.

Be Confident

As they say that confidence is the new sexy. Men love those girls and ladies that are bold and confident because they send positive, welcoming, and open signals. However, being confident doesn’t cocky or snobbish; men also don’t like moody girls that are uptight. You should appreciate him when is performing well, and boost his morale when he is feeling down.

Jealous Him

Jealousy is a classic technique and it always works. You should let him see that other boys are flirting with you, approaching you, and giving you the signals. It is important to make him jealous once in a while in order to let him know that you have got other options and he shouldn’t take you easily and for granted. You should avoid flirting back with other guys; let him see that he has won you and it would make him want you more.

Look Fit & Charming

Your physical appearance and how you look matter; it is important to mention here that men are visual creatures. Your inner beauty, confidence, and attitude all are great when you look fit, healthy, and charming. Along with improving your inner qualities, you should also do some work on your physical appearance. It means exercising, going to the gym, and eating a balanced diet in order to look fit and healthy.

Enjoy Your Life

You should let him see that you’re enjoying your life, have got a proper schedule, and have many activities to perform in your routine life. You don’t have to rely on him or give him a needy impression. When he sees you growing and proliferating in your life, then he would love to join you and be part of your amazing life.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Like You More – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make him like you more; we have realized that attracting someone’s attention and making them like you is a thoughtful process. If you’re seeing someone and want him to desire you more, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.