How to Make Him Love Me Again – Tips 

When things are good in the relationship, it feels like you’re floating in the air. It drives your mind crazy when things go off track towards a breakup. However, you don’t know what to do when it happens, and it may have happened because of various reasons. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make him love me again.

How to Make Him Love Me Again – Tips 

Let’s discuss the main tips on how to make him love me again as follows;

Appreciate Him Publically

I know that you must have admired and appreciated him personally many times in your routine. But when you admire and appreciate him among friends, family members, and other public spaces. It would make him feel great at the next level. Bragging may feel him a little overwhelmed, but he would feel great that you’re doing it for him.

Handwritten Mail

We’re living in the world of digital and social media platforms, where online texting and emailing work absolutely fine. But the handwritten letter has its own significance in today’s digital world, he would feel great that you put an effort for him and he would fall in love with you all over again.

Give Him Space

There are various jokes about girls and wives are their men’s lives, you don’t have to become that type of girl. You should back off a little and give him a little space that he is looking for, but he never asked for it. When you give him the space, it is possible that he would feel guilty about going away from you and coming back to you again.

Ask His Views

I know you can do things on your own without anyone’s help. But men have a different nature, and they like solving puzzles. When you go to him for advice or suggestion over some matter, it makes him feel great that you trust him and that’s why you come to him.

Make Eye Contact

As they say that love bond starts with eyes, and it is absolutely true. You shouldn’t take eye contact lightly; make eye contact with your partner to a distraction, instead of looking at your phone. It is possible that you used to have very deep and intimate eye contact in the early days of your relationship. But you can develop the same type of connection again by making a little effort.

Work on Your Appearance

Feelings, emotional connection, and other things are good; but your physical appearance and your look matter. Men are visual creatures; if you want their attention, you have to look good to blow off their minds. They would appreciate the effort of you looking good for them.

Sexual Intercourse

Sexual intimacy plays a significant role in the growth of your relationship. You have got only friendship with your partner without sex. You should take sexual intercourse lightly. If your sex life with your partner is not going well, then you should spice things up a little to reignite the passion of love in your relationship. Sexual intimacy is the only main way to do so.


As they say that over-familiarity brings contempt and it is absolutely right. Couples see a lot of each other in their routine life, and it makes them feel a bit tired unconsciously. However, when you go on a vacation of beautiful mountains, hiking, laying on the beach, country walk, or water rafting; it rejuvenates your spirit in the relationship.

Listen to Him

Women have got an expressive nature, but it’s not easy for men to share their feelings and emotions publically. When your boyfriend talks to you about things, you should put down your phone and give him your full attention. Carefully listening and your undivided attention are becoming rare these days; you would pull him towards you when offering him your attention.

Enjoy Little Things

You should find and celebrate small things in your relationship. For instance, the anniversary of your first, the day you found out that you liked pizza or the anniversary of making some new friends. You should celebrate those days in adventurous ways by doing things that you have never done. By celebrating these things, you show him that he is important, and you cement your relationship in the long term.

Date Night, Plan It

You should plan a special date night on the weekend with a lot of fun ideas and unending joyfulness. If you don’t know how to do it, you should take the help of the internet and check out various silly ideas. However, if your man is making an effort, you should appreciate his effort and show interest in it.

Fight to Know Each Other

Fights and conflicts are good for the relationship. But if you’re in such a relationship, where you have never had a fight with your partner. In such a case, you should fight with your partner towards making things better in the relationship. If you don’t fight with your partner, then you won’t have makeup sex, and make-over sexual intercourse is always better.

Encourage Him to Make Friends

You should avoid becoming a jealous girlfriend that keeps her man under her shadow all the time. Instead, you should do the opposite by encouraging your boyfriend to go out and spend some time with his buddies and friends. In the meantime, you should spend some time with your female friends and have fun with them.

Go Away

You should go on a business trip, spend time with your family over the weekend, or go on a solo tour. It would allow you to refresh your mind and break the monotonous routine of your life. When you return from your trip with more stories, he would show more interest in you.

Surprise Him

You can surprise your boyfriend in various ways like picking him up sometime he never expects, sending flowers for him, and wearing an attractive outfit only for him. Surprising him and doing things unexpected would put a smile on his face. That’s all it takes to refresh things up in the relationship.

Share & Experience Memories

It is better to remind and share each other’s stories and experiences about the things that you have done it together. When you share those moments and pictures that you only know about it, it would put a smile on your face and connect you on a personal level.

Help Him In Difficult Time

If your boyfriend is working on something that he needs help with, you should give him an extra hand. If he is feeling sick, you should prepare soup for him. You should accompany him to the doctor if he is going to receive his reports. These small gestures would show him that you care about him.

Laugh to Avoid Arguments

If you’re on the verge of a big and heated argument, you should add an element of humor to dissolve the argument and laugh things away. You should laugh it away later that you were going to fight over something stupid. Your boyfriend would appreciate your effort in dissolving the conflict, and he would love you even more.


There are many fun and playful games for couples, and you should check them out over the internet and try it out with your man. Engaging in fun and playful games would allow you to be closer to your partner, and it would reignite the passion of live in the relationship.

Out of Comfort Zone

Doing things unexpected and reigniting the fire of passion would require you to get out of your comfort zone. When it comes to spicing things up in the relationship, you should be ready and willing to get out of your comfort zone and do things to surprise him.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Love Me Again – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make him love me again; we have realized that reigniting the passion back into your relationship requires a lot of effort. If you’re planning to win back your love, you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.