How to Make Him Make the First Move – Tips 

There are multiple occasions when you like a guy and you want him to approach you and make the move. On the other hand, the guy doesn’t read your mind. Sometimes, the feelings are mutual but they aren’t sure how to break the ice and they wait for each to make the move. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make him make the first move.

How to Make Him Make the First Move – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make him make the first move are as follows;

Flirt With Him

The first and most important step is to flirt with him and send him the signal of showing your interest. Flirtation signals comprise many things like looking at him smiling, asking flirting questions, or sharing flirting jokes. These signals would encourage him to make some type of move on you in order to get closer to you.

Close To Him

Speaking sending flirting signals, you should feel free to stand closer to him while talking, smiling, or looking. If you’re in a public setting, you should find an opportunity to be closer to him and talk to him about anything. The close proximity between you and your crush would encourage him to talk to you and make his move.

Long Drive Lonely

Whenever you find an opportunity to go on a solo long drive with him, you should definitely exploit this opportunity and go with him. It would give you a lot of time to get to know each other and ask him cute and funny questions for a fun and engaging conversation. You should touch his arms and shoulders while laughing or talking.

Watching a Horror Movie

Watching a horror movie together on Netflix or at the cinema is a great way to come closer to him. When you come closer to him during the scary movie, he would cuddle with you to make you feel better.

Sensual Eye Contact

While having a coffee, dinner, or walking towards him; you should gaze at him strongly in order to send him a clear signal of your interest. Strong sensual eye contact speaks much louder than words, and he would get the idea of what you want him to do.

Vulnerable Feminine Side

I completely understand that you’re a strong independent woman. But if you want him to hit on you and approach you, then you have to show him your feminine vulnerable side of personality. The guy won’t fall for you if you can’t see the deep inside of you, and you have to give him something to move toward you.

Double Date

If you have got some mutual friends, then you should go on a double date with, his friend’s girlfriend and his friend. Double dating presents you a great opportunity to come closer to him and the other couple would drop the hint of you together, then you can observe his response.

First Move Conversation

Instead of thinking it in your head, you should consider saying it out loud and discussing it with him about making the first move. It is a great flirting top to discuss how couples and partners make their first move. It would provide him an opportunity to share hints and make move toward you while talking about it.

Seductive Touch

While having a meal or dinner, you should touch his feet with your feel or touch your legs with his legs. It is a bit aggressive fun approach; you should do it if you feel confident about yourself. Usually, it ends up in a very hot and attractive way; you should be ready for the upcoming events after the seductive touches.

Dirty Dance

If you’re in the club or the fun exciting place, you should make some sexy moves, dirty dances, or special lap dances for him. It would send a clear signal of what you want, and what he should do after receiving those sexy moves especially directed toward him.

Drunk Calling Him

As they say that you speak the truth when you’re drunk. You should give him a drunk call and make him feel that you’re drunk and express your love to him. If he says something funny, laugh at his jokes; tell him something cute, and he would get the idea that he is important to you.

Ask His Help

Men love to solve puzzles and fix things. When you ask him to fix things up for him, he would feel happy and great that you’re relying on him. It could be in the form of moving his luggage, lifting something, or carrying it. It is important to let him know that his life is important to you and he is making your life easier.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Make the First Move – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make him make the first move; or how to get a guy to make his first move; we have realized that flirting is a subtle art to make someone do things. If you want your crush to make his move, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.