How to Make Him Think He’s Losing You – Tips 

It is very difficult to experience loneliness and mistreatment in a relationship. Especially, if your partner is not giving you sufficient time, not paying attention to you, or taking you for granted. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make him think he’s losing you so that he would behave himself and treat you better.

How to Make Him Think He’s Losing You – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make him think he’s losing, and they’re as follows;

Tell Him You Can Go Away

First of all, you should ask him what’s going on in his mind and heart, and then tell him about your vision of having a relationship. If he doesn’t show interest in your vision, seems a bit distant, and doesn’t tell you anything. In such a case, you should tell him in clear words that you aren’t on the same page on many levels. You’re ready and willing to walk away because it would save you from a lot of disappointment in the future.

Limited Communication

If he is taking you for granted, then you should pull yourself away from him. It is to let him know that his actions have got consequences and that his mistreatment has hurt you. You should limit your communication with him and don’t answer his calls or texts. He has to understand one thing that love and affection are not a one-way street, and he has to make an effort to stay in the relationship.

Focus On Yourself

You should give yourself priority and think about yourself whether your basic needs are fulfilled or not. It is important that you should eat a balanced diet, a sufficient amount of rest, and have peace of mind. If you’re avoiding your basic needs, it would impact your mental and physical health in the long term. You should stop making efforts to earn his love, it is his time to do so.

You Have Other Options

As I said earlier that love is not a one-way street, and it could only work when it is mutual. It is time that you should speak about yourself so that you will no longer put up with his behavior. If he wants you, then you should make some effort in the relationship. You should lock him out from your computer, change the code of your phone, and start going out without telling him. It would give him a preview that what he would do without you.

Remain Occupied

If he doesn’t have time for you and not paying attention to you, then it is time that you should keep your mind and time occupied. You should develop new hobbies, passions, and a new social circle and enjoy your time there. When you do the things that you love, then it would make you feel happy and build up your confidence and self-esteem level.

Change Your Appearance

You should start working on your appearance and fully transform your looks and your personality. It could be in the form of dressing, haircut, artifacts, and your likeness and dislikeness. It sends him the signal that you’re getting started and making independent decisions, and he has to do something to earn her love back again.

Don’t Answer Him Often

He would consider you clingy if you’re calling and texting him for things and suggestions. In fact, you should limit your phone time with him. If he calls or texts, you don’t need to answer him immediately like you aren’t free. If he complains about it later, then tell him that you have got your own life and schedule and you are busy too. It would suggest to him that he has to make some effort to win back your attention.

Not Making Him Happy

When love and affection are mutual, then it is okay to make your man happy and feel special. But it is not obligatory for you to always do an effort and make him feel good. However, when you pull yourself back from him, then he would recognize the significance of your presence and the value that you were putting into the relationship.

Accompany Your Friends

It is time to make the hard decision of not accompanying your boyfriends and your mutual friends. Instead, you should develop a network of your friends outside of your relationship, and those friends would only talk about you and your needs. It would help you to find your own identity, and he would get the idea that you have got life and social circle outside of his friendship.

Be Who You Are

Your boyfriend or partner doesn’t have to define and control your behavior and attitude. It is always your choice to define yourself who you and how you feel. You should take your time to find out about yourself and don’t let your partner manipulate you into it. You don’t need to do anything to meet his expectation, and you should only experiment with those things that you like.

Be His First Choice

It is important to know whether he allocates time for you, or only comes to you when he has no one else. If he comes to you when he has no other friends, then it means that you are his first choice. You have to stop this and avoid making yourself available for him, and he should be there for you out of love and as a first choice.

Ready To Move On

In order to let him know that you’re ready to move on, then you should use the social platform and post your pictures without other guys. In such posts, you should write a caption that you’re having fun and enjoying the company and increasing your friends. You shouldn’t only do it to make him feel jealous, you should do it because you deserve to be happy in your life.

Show Limited Interest

You should minimize your interest in his life, stories, activities, and his social circle. When you lower your interest, it would definitely attract his attention. If he is smart, then he would take some action to win back your attention and interest. But you shouldn’t become so easy this time, and tell him that he has to make some changes and agree with your terms.

Tell Him About His Past

If he is taking you for granted, then you should remind him that you’re an independent strong woman that was happy in your life before his arrival. You can go back to your earlier state and be happy again. Once he realizes your independence, social circle, and your life without him, then he would feel bad about losing you.

Don’t Talk About Future

It is completely normal for couples and partners to plan things about the future and things they would do. If he is not showing interest in you, then you don’t have to discuss with him your future plans. You should tell him in clear words that you don’t like his treatment of avoiding you, and he needs to pay attention to you.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Think He’s Losing You – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make him think he’s losing you; we have realized that it is difficult to experience when your partner isn’t paying attention to you. if you’re experiencing such issues in your relationship, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.