How to Make Him Want You Back – 15 Tips

Breakup is one of the difficult experiences of life, and it teaches a lot of lessons. It doesn’t matter whether it is you ended the relationship or someone has dumped you, it is equally disturbing and difficult either. Today, we’ll discuss the top 15 tips and strategies on how to make him want you back.

Before following any of the strategies of getting him back in your life; you should know what you truly want and you should take all of your before making any decisions. You’re missing your ex is one thing, and getting your ex back in your life is a completely different thing.

How to Make Him Want You Back – 15 Tips & Strategies 

If you have taken all of your time and decided to get your ex back; some of the main tips on how to make him want you back are as follows;

Act as if You Don’t Care

You should act like you don’t care about him at all. It starts with the simple thing of changing your relationship on social media. It is better to hide it from those people that consider you a mature person. However, when it comes to social media activity, it is understandable if you remain silent for the first week or two.

You don’t have to abruptly start posting pictures and videos, or become overly active on social media. It is obvious that you want his attention and tries to make him jealous. Instead, you should try to maintain a balanced activity on social media.

Be in the Best Shape

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how good you look. It may seem like a catchy idea to live a comfortable lifestyle with an easy diet and no exercise at all, but it would make you out of your shape. You should put all of your focus on yourself; start exercising and eat a balanced diet in order to get in the best shape of your life. When you’re in better shape, it would make them feel what they’re missing in their lives.

Work On Yourself

You should consider a breakup an opportunity to analyze yourself and your previous relationship; what type of things went wrong. You should ask yourself the most important thing in yourself, and the type of things that you should change about yourself. It’s better to work on those areas that annoyed your ex in the relationship. (How to Make Him Want You Back)

Don’t Contact Him At All

I understand your urge to get back to him as soon as you can because you miss your ex. If you kept on calling and texting consistently, he would have no other choice but to avoid him. But it would further push him away. The reverse psychology works better in relationships; if you want your ex back, then you should stop talking to him. As long as you stay away from him, it would amplify your desirability in him.

Active On Social Media

You don’t need to unfriend or unfollow him on social. You don’t have to start posting about your is better without him. Instead, you should post about you having fun accompanying men. It sends the signals that you’re over him, having fun, and moving on in your life.

Make Him Jealous

When you post your pictures accompanying random men on social media, it would him feel jealous. However, it is one of the oldest tricks of making a man jealous, but it still works.

Don’t Be Jealous of Him

If he plays the same trick on you and tries to make you feel jealous, then you don’t have to become jealous. You should simply avoid his pictures and don’t show any type of response. You should act as if you don’t care about his life choices.

Accidently Bump into Him

If some of the mutual friends are having to get together and you find out that he will be there, then you should definitely go there. It is important to mention here that it is you that plans to reconnect with him. You should show present yourself before him and ask him whether he likes the idea of getting back together or not.

Allow Him to See & Connect With You

You should post stories on Instagram and share updates on what you have been doing in your life and what you’re looking up to. It provides him an opportunity to connect with you and talk to you; if he wants to offer you gifts, then you should accept his gifts. You should post a story of your favorite coffee shop that your ex liked; mentioned it you used to like but not anymore.

Remember his Good Days

Whether it is his birthday, promotion day, or any other accomplishing day; you should send him well wishes. You don’t have to be emotional about it and write long paragraphs, a simple well-wishing message with emoji would be perfect. You won’t have to mention in the well-wishing message that you’re missing him and longing to get back with him. (How to Make Him Want You Back)

Send Vague Text Messages

You should send him a vague text message on rare occasions. Here, timing is the most important element. It is better to text him a few days after posting your hot picture on social media, and he has already viewed and liked it. It means that he has shown his interest, it is time to answer him with some vague text and let him keep wondering what happens next.

Take Your Stuff Back

You should call him and ask him to take your stuff back. If he says no, then you should tell him that it is difficult for you to live with his memories. You should tell him that you’re trying to get rid of his memories in order to move on in your life.

Develop New Passion

You should develop a new hobby and passion in order to channel your thoughts and energy into something productive. It allows you to distract your mind and learn something new in the meantime. When your focus is on learning new things and focusing your attention on your life, it would make your partner want you back in your life. (How to Make Him Want You Back)

Start Talking

You should have a necessary space from him, in the beginning, to calm down the tension. After that, you should allow him to talk to you casually. You don’t have to mention your desire of wanting to be friends. Your focus should be on talking, but try to maintain a casual tone. Instead of mentioning that you’re dying for his love, you should only say that you miss talking to him.

Don’t Let Him Exploit You

If you’re getting back together with your ex; you should never allow him to exploit you and take advantage of you. You should get back with him on your own terms how you like, instead of allowing him to control you and making you do things whatever and however he wants it.

Conclusion: How to Make Him Want You Back – 15 Tips & Strategies 

After an in-depth study of the top 15 tips and suggestions on how to make him want you back; we have realized that getting him back on your terms requires a lot of time and effort. If you’re planning to get him back in your life, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.