How to Make My Ex-Boyfriend Miss Me – Tips 

Most of us have gone through the phase in our relationships when we either want our ex-partner to miss us badly or we want them back in our life. The whole process of the breakup is very hurtful and painful; the level of pain and hurtful feelings you experience is different for different people. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make my ex-boyfriend miss me.

How to Make My Ex-Boyfriend Miss Me – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make my ex-boyfriend miss me, and they’re as follows;

Don’t Contact Him

After the breakup, girls have got a strong urge to get back to him and patch things up as soon as they can. In order to do so, they keep on calling and texting him or using their mutual as a message carrier. I completely understand their dumped feelings and emotional urge and what they’re experiencing and going through.

If he has dumped you, or you dumped him; it means that he is feeling angry and doesn’t want to talk to you. If you keep on calling and texting, you’re making me feel more annoyed; you aren’t helping yourself. However, if you want him to miss you; or distract your mind, do not call or text him, just have some control over yourself.

Don’t Reply to His Calls or Texts

If he calls or texts you, don’t answer his call or text immediately. In fact, you should let it ring, and not reply to him afterward, if you want him to miss you. When you immediately answer his call or text, then it means that you were waiting for him. In order to make him curious about you and reduce his ego, you should avoid answering his calls or texts afterward. Since he is the one calling you and wants to talk to you, you should make him wait for you and he would start looking for you.

Pull Yourself Together

The break is not easy; it is frustrating, painful, difficult, and hurting. You should take all of your time to pull yourself together by stopping crying and wiping your tears. There is only one person that can help you is you and yourself only, and no one else can. In fact, you should take this time as an opportunity to rediscover yourself and work on your self-growth and mental strength.

No Stalking

I know and understand that you miss him and are curious about his life activities, but stalking is not the answer. Do not stalk him either online or in person, just let him be and focus on your mental strength. Stalking him would make things worse, and it makes you miss him more.

No Nostalgic Posting

You need to unfriend or block him on social media. Since he is friends with you on social media channels and could see your posts and activities. You should avoid posting a nostalgic and sad post about the breakup. In fact, you should keep things casual and do the opposite and post happy and joyful moments. It would make him wonder and curious about your happiness.

Make New Friends

In order to distract your mind, you should reconnect with old acquaintances and make new friends. Since you have got free time, you should invest it in building new friendships; it would allow you to distract your mind from doing something productive.

Start Dating

You should start dating when you’re at peace mentally and ready for the next step. In order to make him jealous and miss you more, you should flirt with other guys by laughing with them so that he could see you. When he sees you happy and quickly moving on in your life, it would make him miss you.

Develop New Interest

Since you have got time after the break that you were spending with your boyfriend, you should utilize this time positively by developing a new hobby, passion, or interest. It would serve you in various ways like distracting your mind, rebuilding your self-esteem, and self-development, and boosting your confidence level. Working on your passion sends a positive message to your ex-partner that you are over him and working on self-development.

Contact Him After a While

When a month or more time has passed, you should contact him out of nowhere in a cool and fun like nothing has happened. You should be creative while texting him “the movie is coming out next, when I saw the poster, it reminded me of you, have fun.” Don’t start the conversation with a simple “hi, or how are you.” After sending this message, you should go, and avoid hanging in there because he would ask you about life and activities.

Share Fun Memories

After making the initial contact after a month, you should also share some fun memories that you spent some time together. You should avoid dwelling much of your thoughts on it after sharing your memory. Sharing memories of the good old time would make him miss you about your companionship.

Treat Him Like First-Time Meeting

You should treat him like the first time you’re meeting him, and avoid passing any satirical remarks or saying nostalgic things. When you play cool and treat him like the first time meeting or dating. It makes him feel like he is the one waiting and falling for you, and he would start missing you.

Share Pictures

It is better if you share any of your recent sexy photos, and ask him to send his. The exchange of your pictures would bring back some of the old memories that you used to do. But you don’t have to mention anything sad, play cool, and go away immediately like you have to go somewhere.

Show Concerns

You should show concern about his life by wishing him a birthday, a happy friendship day, or congratulating him for any of his other achievements. It makes him feel that you still care about him. While sending him wishes, you don’t need to stay longer and play cool to make him curious and get his attention.

Don’t Cross the Line

In order to make him feel jealous and miss you more, you don’t have to cross the line out of anger. If you do any such thing as hooking up with multiple guys and seriously dating other men when you aren’t mentally really; it would send a bad message and you would regret your decisions later.

Take It Slowly

If things are working out between you and him and he wants you back, you should take things slowly. It is better to wait and see how badly he wants you, and get back to him based on your terms and conditions. While getting back with him, it is better that you should set some ground rules and then reconcile.

Conclusion: How to Make My Ex-Boyfriend Miss Me – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make my ex-boyfriend miss me; we have realized that a breakup is a very painful and hurtful experience. If you’re going through such a process, then you follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.