How to Make My Man Obsessed With Me – Top Signs 

You have recently realized that your boyfriend or partner is not paying attention to you he used to. He has been avoiding your text message and not replying to you on time. It makes you feel like he is not being attentive while talking to you. You’re wondering whether he is still in love with you or not. Today, we’ll discuss top signs on how to make my man obsessed with me.

You can make your guy obsessed with you in the short term just like before. All the men have got different personalities. But one thing they all have in common is their men’s psychology, which is easy to read and understand and they all desire the same traits in women. If you treat your boyfriend hero for a day or two, he would feel good the whole week.

How to Make My Man Obsessed With Me – Top Signs 

Men are simple and if you want their attention in the long term, you should follow some of the top signs on how to make my man obsessed with me. They’re as follows;

Unavailable Sometime

If you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice everything in order to become available to your partner. You still have got your own life, interests, passions, work, and responsibilities that require your attention too. You don’t have to put your shadow on your boyfriend all the time. If you want to make him crazy about you, then you should have a space by making yourself unavailable sometimes.

By unavailable sometimes doesn’t mean that you don’t have to offer him your support when he needs it. You just have to inform him that he has to stand up on his feet. You should let him know that you have got your life with responsibilities, and you’re also busy. It makes him curious about your life, work, and activities; he’ll ask for your time and won’t take you for granted.

Be Subtle

A common mistake that many women make is that they make extra effort to attract the attention of men. I know it feels good to exchange “I Love You” but you don’t have to do it on every text message. You won’t have to make feel like you are worshiping him and he is on the pedestal.

If you compliment him often and send him appreciating messages all the time, then it won’t make him go crazy about you. You have to be subtle sometimes because some men like chasing women. You should try to maintain a balance; push him a little so that he knows when to ask your permission.

Passionate About Your Interests

If you’re good at something, then you should show him your expertise, it would attract his attention. For instance, if you’re a good painter or playing some type of instrument, then you should show him your painting and play music before him. If you have got some other life goals and objectives, share them with him that where you want to be.

If your guy sees you passionate about something and is committed to it, it would definitely attract his attention. In fact, he would become crazy about you because he would think that he won’t find such a talented person like you.

Balanced Relationship

Relationships tend to last longer those couples and partners that have got common interests and a clear understanding of each. Every relationship is different; one thing you should know that many men like is a balanced relationship that doesn’t disturb their life. For instance, if your boyfriend is a dog person, then you should be a cat person. If he plays a musical instrument, you should be a singer; if he has a low confidence level, then you should be a confident person.


The other common mistake that many women make while following men is that they forget to take care of themselves. Men won’t follow such women that don’t consider themselves important enough to take of them. You should avoid your own basic needs while making a man want you.

Self-care and self-love are the most important elements in your life. It means that you have to remain clean, eat a balanced diet, brush your teeth after every meal, and fix your hair. However, if you want the attention of men, you have to look appealing and charming.

Be Kind

Your dress, your looks, charm, and your manners are no doubt important things about you, but men also notice your kind attitude towards other beings. Your kind attitude is never an old fashion, it still works in attracting the attention of others. However, it would not only send a positive impression, but it makes your partner feel proud of you that he is with a good person.

Light Authoritative is Charming

A demanding person is different from being bossy. In fact, some men have an obsession with bossy women and the others like demanding women. But you don’t have to become extra bossy or demanding that he would lose the right to make a decision for himself in the relationship.

One thing that many men hate is a controlling partner. Every partner needs space now and then even in the most controlling relationship. However, if a guy thinks that he has got the love of his woman even when he is away, then he would love her more out of respect and trust. You should let him know what you want in a subtle demanding way, but don’t overdo it.

Affirm Your Beliefs & Standards

If you’re submitting to a man in order to avoid arguments, then you’re losing your worth. If you’re agreeing with him and keeping your mouth shut in order to make him feel good, it shows your obsession with him. However, you’re fearful that he would leave you if you push him away. He would take you for granted and use you in such a case. Therefore, you should disagree with him if you don’t like his views, and stand up for your beliefs and values. You have to defend your own beliefs and values, and show your man that you are not a puppet.

Confidence is Hot

What type of a person you are; whether you’re a shy person or a confident person, and how often you show off your talent in public. Confidence doesn’t mean becoming the center of attention at the party and connecting with strangers easily either. It would only mean how comfortable you are with your beliefs and values, and who you are as a person. It attracts the attention of a guy when he sees the confidence in you as a woman.

Just Be You

If you want your boyfriend to be crazy about you, then you have to be you while accompanying him. It is no doubt men are simple, but it doesn’t mean that they’re stupid. They can feel it when you’re being genuine and faking it. You should keep in mind that no one is perfect and every person has got flaws; your true self would come out eventually, then why hide it?

Conclusion: How to Make My Man Obsessed With Me – Top Signs 

After an in-depth study of top signs on how to make my man obsessed with me; we have realized that getting and retaining the attention of your boyfriend requires a lot of work. If you’re working on doing so, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.