How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special on Chat – Tips 

If your boyfriend makes you happy and good, it is completely normal and natural to return the favor. Compassionate text messages allow you to make him feel that you care about him. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make your boyfriend feel special on chat.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special on Chat – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make your boyfriend feel special on chat, and they’re as follows;

Show Him That He’s in Your Mind

It is better to send him “good morning” and “good evening” messages first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It would show that you care about him and he is in your mind all the time, and you don’t forget about him. Overall, it makes a good impression on him that you remember him all the time.

Steamy Texts

Along with morning and night messages; you should also send him steamy messages like can’t want to hug and kiss you, hold your hands, and sleep in your arms. When you send him such intimate text messages, he would feel special that you love and enjoy his company.

Compliment Him

When he says or does something on social media that point out his specific trait, you should pick up the phone and text him immediately. For instance, you have got a thoughtful nature, you’re so smart, and you look charming and attractive. If your compliment is genuine, unique, natural, and creative; he would know it and love it.

A Good Joke

When some type of cheesy joke and a corny phrase comes into your mind, you should tell him while keeping the texting atmosphere playful and funny. Even if you haven’t shared and expressed your deep and intimate feelings; he would enjoy cute and funny messages with a good sense of humor. You can say “look at us, you’re a peanut butter and I’m jelly.” It would bring you closer.

Short & Sweet Text

Men love it when girls give them undivided attention. You should send him a surprise text message “I’m thinking about you,” it would brighten his mood and make his day beautiful. Or you can say “I’ve been thinking of it all day long.”

Ask About His Life Regularly

If you show in his life and ask him about his job, friends, colleagues, workplace, and other routine activities; he would feel flattered. It is better if you ask him regularly, it would show how much you care about him, and you’re willing to learn more things about him and his life.

Ask His Hobbies & Interests

Speaking of showing interest in his life; tell him about your favorite things like color, sport, hobby, or passion. You should ask him about his hobbies, passion, likeness, dislikeness, and interests; and show genuine interest in them and appreciate him for making efforts towards achieving his goals. For instance, your exercise pictures were great and your physique is getting better.

Share Songs With Him

If your boyfriend is a music lover, you should share any song that you both like and it reminds you of him. It is better if you create a separate playlist comprising of the songs that you both like, he would appreciate your effort of taking the time for creating a music playlist for him.

Make Special Plans

Whenever you get time, you should make special plans of meeting him face to face like a romantic date night, picnic, hiking, or going on a trip. When you make plans of doing something together, he would value your interest and enthusiasm. For instance, you can say “a new romantic comedy movie is coming out, and we should meet and watch it together.”

Supportive Text Messages

You should know if your boyfriend is running for something important like a new project, business opening, or promotion. In such a case, you should offer him your support and send him encouraging and motivating text messages. You should let him know that you know that he is moving towards something, and you’re there for him whenever he needs your support.

Tell Him You Want His Company

Men love the attention of girls, he would immediately love it when you tell them that you miss their company and would love to spend time with them. It would make feel the most important in your life and he would love you for it. You can say “I’m out accompanying friends and family, but I can’t stop thinking about sharing the joyful moments with you in person.”

Ask His Advice

Men love to fix things up, and it makes them valued, needed, and important. You should ask your boyfriend for his expert opinion, advice, recommendation, and suggestions. When ask his advice about something personal, he would feel trusted and valued; and carefully listen to him when he suggests something.

Appreciating Texts

It is better if you send him gratitude messages once in a while in order to show him your appreciation and admiration for having him in your life. Once he knows your worth and significance in your life and you’re grateful for him, he would feel important and try to live up to your standards.

Show That You Trust Him

If you have got a secret story of your childhood, you should share it with him and tell him that you haven’t told anyone yet. He would feel trust that you’re sharing your deepest secrete and personal things with him.

Share Beautiful Memories

If you have got a beautiful memory of spending time together a while ago, you should reflect on such a memory and share it with him. Reminding him of the good old memories would allow him to see a glimpse into the development of your relationship; how far you have come.

Make Him Feel the One

It is better if you make him feel like an irreplaceable person, and he is completely different from other men. Such reminders and compliments would make him feel special and important. For instance, you can say “you’re the most captivating and important person in my life.”

Share Your Feelings & Emotions

Guys love it when girls tell them that they have their hearts. When you share you “I love you” feelings and phrases, he would feel important and honored that a beautiful girl has chosen him. You should text him an “I love you” message now and then as a reminder.

Conclusion: How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special on Chat – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to make your boyfriend feel special on chat; we have realized that maintaining a relationship over chat is a very subtle art. If you’re chatting with your boyfriends, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.