How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy in Bed – Tips 

A research study has shown that many men are admittedly lazy in bed, and they prefer to avoid theatrics as you see in adult pictures. In fact, many males have said that they want simplicity in bed and all they want from their wives is to show some interest. How you behave in the bedroom would determine the life of your relationship or marriage. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make your boyfriend happy in bed.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy in Bed – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make your boyfriend happy in bed are as follows;

Open Lights or Visibly Dim

Many women are fearful and hesitant of showing off to their husbands. It is because they think that how he would reach their body, or not like, or something else. In fact, the reality is completely different; it is the confidence that matters more than your self-perceived flaws. You should know the fact that no one is perfect. If he is with you, then it means that he likes you for who you are and he has already accepted you by choosing to be with you.

Therefore, you should feel confident of your body as it is, and don’t feel fearful or hesitant by showing it to your husband. He would appreciate your gesture and effort by doing it in the open lights, rather than turning off the light. By turning on the lights, you send him the signals that you want to be with him and it excites him.

Touching Yourself

Many men and women feel hesitant and embarrassed to touch themselves before their partners or husbands. When you touch yourself emotionally and sexually and allow your partner to see it, then it would turn on his mood and he would feel excited to be with you as soon as he can.


Many men and women like oral intimacy and physical affection, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. If you want to test, just surprise your man and give him an oral job; I’m sure that he would love it, and he would return the favor. However, if you want the oral job from your man, just ask him and it would the door to all new types of pleasures and excitements.

Express Yourself

Sexual intimacy is all in the head and when you add voice to it, then it becomes more powerful. Expressing yourself doesn’t mean that you have to repeat the dialogue from the adult movies. If your husband or boyfriend is doing something that you like, then you should express your feelings that you love it.

However, the simplest way to express your feelings is by making noises like ooh, aah, or something else; it would motivate your man that he is doing good. The point is to show him and let him know that you’re enjoying it.

Touch His Sensitive Areas

During physical intimacy, it is important to touch the sensitive areas of your husband or boyfriend. They’re like his face, like, nipples, prostate, or tip of his penis. The result of teasing the sensitive areas would be remarkable. It is important to make sure that your husband or boyfriend enjoys it rather than considering it a nuisance.

Different Place

It is the fantasy of many males is to perform sexual intercourse in various places, rather than doing it at one place all the time. You should have an open mindset of becoming intimate in different places. If he suggests doing it there, then you should welcome his suggestions. It could be like doing it in the office, hotel, near the fireside, or out in the wild.

Slow Down

When you’re in the moment of sexual intercourse, then things would automatically speed up. In the heat of emotions, you should slow down and enjoy every moment of intimacy and make it last a bit longer. It could be like kissing, touching each other, or something else in order to shift the attention from the intercourse and enjoy the pleasure of teasing.

Role Playing

The idea that makes many men feel bored is to be with one woman for the rest of their lives. In order to keep their spirit and interest alive, you should consider role-playing like the dirty nurse, maid, police girl, hot teacher, or naughty office girl. Different roles that you play would make him feel excited toward you; he perceives you differently in every role.


You should never underestimate the power of foreplay like dirty texting, cuddling, kissing, or wearing revealing dressing. These small gestures that you would perform for your boyfriend or husband would amplify his experience and make him feel great. Instead of rushing toward sexual intimacy, you should slow down and play with each other.

Allow Him Power Over You

Couples and partners follow the same routine, timing, and position of sexual intercourse, and it makes them feel bored of each other and the intimacy. In order to spice things up in sexual intercourse, you should allow him to dominate you, try new positions, and have different timing. By the way, some men love to dominate in intercourse, and you should let him if he wants to.


Every man or woman is different and we all have different choices and preferences in sexual intimacy. Open communication is the key and partners have to trust each other and share their fantasies. If you man has a particular fantasy in the bedroom, then you should try to fulfill it if you feel comfortable doing it.

Amplify Your Reach

As I said earlier that it is easy to fall into a routine of sexual intimacy and lose its charm over time. In order to make things interesting in the bedroom, you should amplify your reach and have an open mindset to all new ideas of physical pleasures. You should have a yes attitude to role-playing, a new position, new places, or different timing; rather than sticking to the routine life.

Conclusion: How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy in Bed – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make your boyfriend happy in bed; we have realized that keeping the excitement alive in the relationship requires effort and commitment. If you’re planning to make your man happy physically, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.