How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous on Whatsapp – Tips 

Jealousy is a natural human reaction and response to loving and emotionally intimate relationships. Jealousy could bring partners closers or push them away; it depends on the type of relationship you’re in. If you want to make her feel jealous, it can be a fun and exciting activity if you keep it under the limit. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make your girlfriend jealous on Whatsapp.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous on Whatsapp – Tips 

If she is losing interest and cheating on you, then making her feel jealous would help you to save your relationship. Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make your girlfriend jealous on Whatsapp as follows;

Change Profile Photo

You should change your profile picture with the self or photo of some other girls. If you have already done it, then you don’t need to change. In the status view setting, you should choose only your girlfriend and then post the status of your pictures with some other girls having fun.

If you feel comfortable making such pictures public, you can do it. Not everyone would see your status, but everyone would see your profile picture. If you change your profile picture with some other girl, it would definitely attract her attention.

Post Status With Someone Else

You should post a status of a loving selfie with some girl posing as your girlfriend. If it seems natural, loving, and real; it would drive her mind crazy for the next few days. If you’re doing this, you should be ready for revenge, because she would probably do the same thing in the next few days.

Status of Loving Quote

You should post a status of some loving quotes suggesting that you’re deeply in love with someone else. Your captions and writing point toward someone else rather than your actual girlfriend; your girlfriend would immediately notice it. She would know what you’re actually saying because girls are very good at sensing other rivals. You can do so by praising and appreciating some other girl and her qualities that your girlfriend hates, it works as fuel to the spark.

Brief Chat With Her

If you implement the abovementioned techniques rightly, she would start texting you. When she does text you, you should talk to her briefly and give her a few words replies. The brief chatting and few-word replies would make her think that you’re probably chatting with some other girl and have lost interest in her.

Read Her Test a Bit Later

The other very effective technique of making me feel jealous is to read her texts and reply to her a few minutes later. She would become furious that why you aren’t replying and reading her texts immediately. She thinks that you’re definitely talking with some other girl. If she asks you any question or she says something, you should end the conversation without giving her any proper replies, it would confirm her suspicion.

Turn Off Reading Option

The double blue tick means that you have read the message on Whatsapp. But Whatsapp allows you to turn it off, and the other person won’t know whether you have read their message. However, when you turn off the double bluetick option; she would start doubting your loyalty and wonder if you have got something to hide. In fact, she would check your Whatsapp chats and call history, because she won’t believe you.

Hide Last Scene

The other default feature on Whatsapp is the last seen timing; when your girlfriend doesn’t see your last seen timing on Whatsapp, it would make her furious. It’s because you’re intentionally behaving suspiciously; it would make her doubtful that why you’re hiding things from her.

Delete Texting History

Another cool feature of Whatsapp is that it allows you to delete chats on both sides within 54 minutes. If you have sent her a few text messages that she has seen in the next 54 minutes, then you should delete all of those texts. When she becomes online and sees the deleted chats, she would ask you about the deleted text messages. She would become suspicious when you say it was nothing.

Busy With Someone Else Text

While chatting with her life back and forth, you should mention that you’re busy with someone else. When you ask yourself who you’re busy with, you should say it is nothing. It would make her think about who you’re talking to all the time, and leave you in the middle of the conversation.

Mention Your other Girlfriend in the Text

Nothing would make your girlfriend more jealous than the admiration and appreciation of some other girl. When you start admiring the qualities of some other girl in terms of her beauty and style before your girlfriend, it would make her mind furious. You should deny your feelings for the other girl, but keep on admiring and appreciating her hair, beauty, and style, it would confirm her suspicion.

Not Answering Her Questions

When she questions you about the selfies with other girls, no last seen timing, disabled double bluetick, and your status pictures with other girls; you should avoid giving her a clear answer. You should give her ambiguous replies to make her mind desperate to know things about your life. When you don’t tell her the things that she wants to know, it would make her jealous and she would develop an attraction toward you.

Conclusion: How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous on Whatsapp – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make your girlfriend jealous on Whatsapp; we have realized that acting suspicious would her suspicious. If you want to make her jealous over text messages and on social media platforms, then you should follow and practice the above-mentioned tips.