How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous – Tips 

Jealousy is a very strong emotion and it could make the relationship toxic. If you employ jealousy in a fun and creative, it would help you to rekindle the fire of love in your relationship. However, if your girlfriend is not paying attention to you, then jealousy would make her realize your significance in the relationship. You should avoid using jealousy for malicious purposes because it could badly disturb your peace of mind. Today, we’ll discuss the top tips on how to make your girlfriend jealous.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to make your girlfriend jealous are as follows;

Know Your Emotions

Jealousy is our natural instinctive response, and it is something that we don’t have control over. If you intentionally plan to make your wife jealous, you should be aware of your deepest emotions and know her position and whether she is ready to deal with insecurity and shame.

Confidence in Your Girlfriend

You should know her self-confidence level before making her jealous. It is fine and okay if she is confident and bold and could manage it. You should avoid doing this if she has got a lower confidence level and negative self-perception.

Know Her Past

You should learn about her previous relationship. If her previous relationship has ended up badly because of the shaming and self-esteem issues. She feels embarrassed to talk about it, and she is still suffering from it. Exploiting her deeper sensitivities would make her feel insecure and not good for her mental health. If she has shared something personal, then you don’t have to use it against her.

Pay Heed On Her

If you want to make her jealous, then you should pay attention to her to learn about the trigger points. Paying heed to her would allow you to develop a bond with her. If the bond is stronger, then your jealousy would be toxic. For instance, some people find playful flirting funny and amusing and others find it annoying and disrespectful.

Set Boundaries

You should ask yourself what you’re planning to achieve by making her jealous. What she really means to you and how you view her in terms of the relationship. After analyzing all of these questions, if you find jealousy the best course of action, then you should carefully proceed.

Avoid Threatening Things

While in your quest of making her jealous, you should avoid doing those things that would impact her psychologically and trigger paranoia. If she has got a traumatic experience with her ex; she doesn’t want you to have any type of contact with him, then you should avoid using him. It would cause irreversible damage that would ruin her life.

Make Plans Separately

You should make plans on your own without including her in them. You can go to the bar or club to have fun with your friends and companions, it makes her feel jealous that you have got health. Don’t make her feel dumb and boring; just make her feel that you’re having fun and she is not.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great source of gossip and various interpretations. You should like and comment on the photos of your mutual friends with an inside joke. She would become easily jealous when she finds out that you’re liking, commenting, and having fun with other women.

Busy In Work

Working late in the office and putting yourself at work means that you’re ambitious and have got sound career plans; giving her limited time and attention would make her easily feel jealous. You should make sure that she doesn’t think that you’re flirting with any of your colleagues. If she does think so, she would start inquiring about it from your coworkers which jeopardizes your job and reputation in the workplace environment.

Jolly With Her Female Friends

Whether you’re increasing your social activities or becoming friendly with her female friends suddenly; it would make her feel jealous that why you’re spending time with them and having a good time with them. You should be careful while becoming over-friendly with them, it may develop emotional intimacy and hurt your girlfriend. Don’t accompany her friends if she has the reputation of stealing men.

Compliment Other Women

Complimenting other women before your girlfriend is a classic technique of making her feel jealous. You can start by complimenting TV celebrities and start talking about them, and she would start herself with those celebrities and it would make her feel jealous. It is because the media has created a lot of obsession with body persona and body image.

Talk To Them Before Her

You should talk with other women in a flirtatious manner just right before her eyes. It is completely acceptable to some extent. But if it involves making eye contact, playful touching, and smiling back and forth, then it would definitely make me jealous. You should make sure that you’re only doing it to tease her.

Use 3rd Person

You should take the help of some other female friend by spending time with her. You can do so by accompanying her and doing things with her that you normally do with your wife. When you engage with other women in various activities, it makes her jealous of why you’re paying attention to other women.

Conclusion: How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to make your girlfriend jealous; we have realized that jealousy is a very strong instinctive response. If you’re planning to ignite jealousy in your girlfriend, then you follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.