How to Make Your Man Happy and Love You More – Tips 

Building and establishing a relationship requires a lot of work, dedication, patience, and commitment; a small neglecting thing could jeopardize your entire relationship. Today, we’ll discuss how to make your man happy and love you more.

How to Make Your Man Happy and Love You More – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make your man happy and love you more;

Don’t Take Him For Granted

It is a normal thing in a relationship that couples and partners do things for each other. He would cook dinner for you, clean the dishes, bring the pizza, or take you to the movie or the game. You don’t have to take him for granted and become over-clingy about things. You don’t have to analyze his all gestures to judge whether he loves you or not. It would make him feel frustrated and stressed out.

Active Listener

It is possible that you can’t be passionate about all of his interests and hobbies. You can easily become distracted when he is talking. But you have to try to become an active listener; he would value your interest and attention in his life and passion.

For instance, you can do this by paraphrasing what he has just said to make sure that you have heard it right. Encourage him to keep talking by asking questions, summarize the whole conversation, and give him your feedback. Active listening would improve the quality of your relationship.

Ask Questions

You should ask a question about his interests and the things he wants. For instance, you can ask him about his favorite dish to eat, and the thing he would like to do on the weekend. It would encourage him to open up and share things with you and do things together as a couple.

Avoid Blame Game

You should avoid playing the blame game that would suggest that his action caused some type of problem. The blame game puts him in the defensive mode and shuts him down either temporarily or permanently. The accusing tone would make him angry and it is not attractive at all. Instead of using the “you did this” tone, you should use the “I notice that you forgot to” tone.

Don’t Preach Him

When you’re in a relationship, it is not charming to give a lecture to your partner. If you do that, your partner would consider it belittling and patronizing. You should only give advice when your partner asks for it. Instead of using the “you should do this” tone, you should replace it with “have you tried” or “what about doing this” tone.

Share Embarrassing Things

If there is something that you consider immature and too embarrassing to talk to your partner; if you don’t discuss it with your partner, it would impact your relationship. Studies have shown that limited communication would make partners uncertain about the future of their relationship. If you need to discuss something with your boyfriend, don’t hide it and keep it in your heart. If your boyfriend is discussing something with you, you should appreciate his effort in sharing it with you.

No Smartphone

The internet and technology have connected the whole world, but it could cause a disconnection between you and your boyfriend. You won’t talk to each other when you’re busy on your phones. It is better to create a rule that you won’t use your phone when you’re accompanying each other. You should talk to each other, just feel each other companion, and pay attention to each other, and it would allow you to develop a deeper connection with each other.

Fix Your Routine

If you remember the excitement of earlier days of dating when you want to try out new things, always excited about the meeting, and had so much fun? Gradually, you have fallen into the busy routine of the relationship; it lost the element of fun and excitement.

In such a case, you should fix your routine by adding new things. For instance, going on a romantic date, playing with each other, watching a movie, and trying out new and fun things; such activities would rejuvenate the excitement back into your relationship again.

Do Things That You Love

The fun and exciting activities don’t have to be big, it could be anything small that both of you enjoy together collectively. It is like working on a project, homework, or something that would allow you to spend quality time together.

Give Him “Me Time”

The relationship doesn’t mean that you should be together all the time, it would make you tired of each other. It means finding a balance between your work, your hobbies and passion, and the time you give to your friends and family. You should make sure that both partners have got the “me time” for your passion and friends and family.

When you spend time with friends and family and work on your passion and hobbies; it would give you new energy when you get back into the relationship. When you allow the “me time” to your boyfriend, it shows that you trust him to be a responsible person and he would love you more.

Personalized Gifts

If your boyfriend loves surprise gifts, then you should offer him personalized gifts in order to show him that you care for his needs and wishes. For instance, if your boyfriend loves sports, then you should offer him a relevant sports gift. If he likes reading romantic poetry, gift him any classic book of poetry. If he loves outdoor activities, you should give him a surprise tour or trip to his favorite place.

Show Affectionate Gesture

Showing affectionate gestures play a significant role in making your man happy. You should try to find out his favorite affectionate gestures. It is like wearing sexy clothes and outfits, physical touch, kissing, cuddling, hugging, role-playing, or doing something for him. Physical affection is one of the main elements of bringing partners closer to each other. It is possible that you and your boyfriend aren’t on the same page regarding affectionate preferences.

Accompany Friends

Besides the relationship, both partners have got a separate life with friends and family. When you spend time with other people outside of your relationship, it would strengthen the relationship. It is better if you increase your social circle by accompanying each other’s friends at a time, and doing fun things with them.

Visit Relaxing Place

You should plan a trip to someplace quiet and peaceful where you and your boyfriend could connect with each other outside of civilization. When you’re there in such a place, you should let him speak, share his thoughts, and then comment to keep the conversation. Without distraction, you’ll have the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation.

Play With Each Other

Since we’re talking about trying new things; you should take a day off, spend time recording each other’s videos, listening to music, and fully enjoy your free time. You should make as many memories as you can, and live it like it is the last day that you’re going to live.

Balance Between Intimacy, Passion, & Commitment

The relationship is all about finding a balance between intimacy, passion, and commitment. Ups and downs come in the relationship; there is a time when you can’t get your hands off of each other. The other time would come when you don’t want to see each other. In order to run things smoothly in the relationship, you should find a balance between all these three elements.

Conclusion: How to Make Your Man Happy and Love You More – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to make your man happy and love you more; we have realized that building and maintaining a loving connection in the relationship requires a lot of effort and commitment. If you’re planning to do it, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.