How to Make Your Wife Jealous – Silly Tips 

I understand what you’re thinking that anxiety and stressful jealousy is not good for the satisfaction of the relationship. But the little feelings of jealousy would bring excitement and enthusiasm to your relationship. In fact, it would spark tension and renew the spirit in your relationship. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to make your wife jealous.

How to Make Your Wife Jealous – Silly Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the top silly tips on how to make your wife jealous, and they’re as follows;

Lock Your Phone

We use our smartphones for various purposes like saving personal memories and pictures, professional work and emails, social media accounts, entertainment stuff, and games for killing time. Usually, partners in a committed relationship have got access to each others’ phones. When you lock your gallery, contact list, Whatsapp, and other application; it would make your wife suspicious about you that why you’re hiding things from her. She would start looking out for you and taking interest in you.

Celebrate With Friend Without Her

Couples and partners usually do things together in the relationship, when you immediately start accompanying friends and celebrating happy moments with them. It would trigger jealousy feeling in her, and she would think that why you’re sharing things with her the way you used to do. It is because happy couples share things with each other.

Focus on Your Fitness

Exercising helps you to be in better shape and look good, and ultimately live a better life. When you suddenly start working on your appearance and your physique, it would make your wife feel insecure. She would think that you’re working out to attract the attention of other girls. Instead of exercising at home, you should go to the gym to transform your body and look good.

Likes Posts on Social Media

You should start liking the posts of models and other actresses on social media, your wife would see it in her timeline “he has liked this.” When you direct your attention to other women, she would notice the change in interest. She would think that you’re losing interest in her, it would make her feel insecure and jealous, and she would start taking interest in you.

Share Feelings With Friends First

Instead of sharing your feelings and views on various topics with your wife, you should first discuss them with friends. When you discuss it with her, mention that you have already discussed it with him or her. The emotional infidelity would trigger feelings of jealousy in her.

Accompany Male Friends

We all have friends, you and your wife both have got friends, and they play a significant role in our mental and emotional health. Studies have shown that male friendship is decreasing in western countries. When you start spending time with male friends, she would consider them a competition that is taking away your time.

Working Late in Office

Suddenly, you should start working late in the office and spend time in the extra shifts. When you’re spending extra time in the office, she would notice your absence at home and lack of interest in the household chores. She would begin to wonder why you’re spending extra time in the office when you don’t need a promotion or money.

Friendly & Complimenting Others

Whenever you go out with her, you should become extra friendly and courteous to others in front of her. Don’t forget to pass on the compliments to others while she is watching you, it would make her jealous that you aren’t complimenting her but paying attention to strangers.

Don’t Reply to Her Back

When she texts you, you should reply to it a bit later. You don’t need to reply to her immediately. It would make her feel anxious when she doesn’t receive an immediate reply from you, even when you’re online. She would think about what could be more important than her, the lack of communication and the slow response would make her feel uncomfortable.

Go on a Trip Without Her

Going on an adventurous trip, traveling to the mountains, and visiting some other cool places are such activities that couples and partners do it together. When you plan a trip alone and exclude her from it with the excuse that it is only a guys’ trip. She would feel betrayed that you’re leaving her and keeping her out of your life.

Watching TV Series

You should find out the type of TV series, movie, or show she likes and she is looking forward to it. When it comes out, you should start watching it and visit it without her, it would make her feel furious. Be ready, it would trigger a strong emotional response and she would lash out at you.

Always Texting Someone Else

When you’re at home, text someone else and keeps on texting and smiling. You should say it’s just a friend when she asks you who you’re texting. The lock on your inbox, gallery and constant texting would make her curious and wonder that you’re hiding things from her.

Wear New Dress

You should wear a new dress and look charming and attractive when you go out. She would think that you’re doing it for someone else. It becomes more interesting when you attract the attention of other women before her, it would drive her mind crazy.

Talk About Specific Friend Constantly

You should specifically mention the same friend repetitively while texting, going out, referring to him, or going on a trip with him. She would consider him a competition rather than a friend that is taking all of her husband’s time.

Don’t be Mean & Cross the Limit

In your quest of making your wife feel jealous, you don’t have to cross the limit and become a jerk. You should stop making her feel bad when she starts taking interest in you and your life. Instead of keep on torturing her, you have to stop at some point because she would leave you if you cross the limit.

Conclusion: How to Make Your Wife Jealous – Silly Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to make your wife jealous; we have realized that jealousy is a very powerful emotion in relationships. You have to use it wisely and stop at the right time if you want the desired results. If you’re planning to do it, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.