How to Not be Clingy But Still Show Interest – Tips 

When you’re establishing a relationship with your crush and planning to take your relationship to the next level; then it is critical to show your genuine interest without giving the impression of a clingy girlfriend or boyfriend. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to not be clingy but still show interest.

How to Not be Clingy But Still Show Interest – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to not be clingy but still show interest, they’re as follows;

Be Relaxed & Casual

It is absolutely okay to pass the causal compliments like loving your smile, this color looks good on you, or your performance is great. You should remain casual with your compliments and avoid offering them too many compliments or too personal. You will get there to offer them a deep intimate complimenting level, but not yet. In the meantime, you should remain patient.

In order to monitor yourself, you should limit your compliments to once or twice a day, and not more. While complimenting, you should avoid offering compliments of their appearance, physique, and body because they’re too personal in the early stage.

Affectionate Touch

Affectionate touch is okay, but it doesn’t have to become too strong that they would notice it and consider it awkward. For instance, it is okay to tap their shoulder or back while laughing and talking. You should pay heed to their reaction; it would help you to know how they’re receiving your affectionate touch. For instance, you should avoid going for a kiss when you’re certain that she won’t receive it or back off.

Let Them In Your Social Circle

It is a great strategy to introduce your crush to your social circle, it would let her know that you have got a life and you are not alone. You should keep things casual while letting them into your social circle by inviting them to have a drink and there let them meet your friends. While introducing them, you don’t have to use the word boyfriend or girlfriend; refer to them as a friend or a colleague.

Track Your Texts

Texting is okay and it is a great way to show your interest. While texting, you don’t have to become over-pushy by texting repetitively at once. If your crush is replying, then you should wait for them and remain patient in the meantime; instead of sending multiple texts. If they haven’t met you for a few days, then it is okay to call them and check on them.

Don’t Force Them

You should avoid putting all the problems on them or asking them for reassurance repetitively; instead, you should offer them support. The purpose of a relationship is to find a balance and make each other happy; rather than compelling them to do something or draining out their energy. However, it is okay to share your needs and wants, but you should be mindful of your tone and the way you’re expressing them.

Make Them Feel Comfortable

Your first priority is to make your crush feel comfortable around you. If they don’t feel good and comfortable about something, then you should avoid doing it. For instance, if they don’t like dark humor, crude joke, or texting and calling in the workings; then you don’t have to do the things that make them feel bad and uncomfortable. In other words, you should respect their privacy and boundaries.

Slow & No Rushing

Building intimacy and relationship takes time, and you should let nature take its course and let it keep on unfolding itself naturally. If you have just started seeing each other, then you should avoid saying “I love you” repetitively; mentioning moving in and talking about the family and kids. You should keep things slow and don’t need to rush into things that would make them feel pushed away.

Track Your Insecurities

The reason people become clingy is that they have got insecurity issues. It is significant that you should analyze yourself and be mindful of your actions and behavior before getting involved in the relationship. Your insecurity issues would have a very bad impact on your relationship. Instead of asking them to validate your behavior, you should find a way to make sure of yourself and don’t ask them for validation. For instance, it is like asking them for texting and call, because of your bad experience in the previous relationship.

Don’t Ask For Validation

Speaking of validation, you don’t have them question whether they “love me or not” in the early stage of the relationship. They would say “love you too” when they’re feeling comfortable at the right time. You don’t have to say “love you” repetitively, it feels awkward; you should let them take their time. Instead of a verbal expression of love, your focus should be on the action and prove your love with gestures.

Respect Their Space

When you like someone so deeply, it creates a strong urge in you to be around your beloved person and crush. But you have to control your urge and limit your texting and calling; you should give your crush time and space to make up their mind when they’re ready and comfortable. You don’t have to interrogate them and psycho-analyze them.

Enjoy Your Life

Along with spending time with your crush, you should also accompany your friend and family members. Life is all about finding a balance between love life, family, and social circle. However, you don’t have to put all of your thoughts and energies on your partner, rather you should enjoy your life in the meantime.

Conclusion: How to Not be Clingy But Still Show Interest – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to not be clingy but still show interest; we have realized that it is significant to live a balanced life. If you don’t want to be clingy, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.