How to Seduce Older Women – Tips 

Dating is a fun and exciting activity regardless of your age. When we talk about older and mature women, they’re confident and they know what they want, and it allows you to develop great chemistry with them. Today, we’ll discuss top tips on how to seduce older women.

How to Seduce Older Women – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to seduce older women are as follows;

Be Confident

While approaching older women, you should have a confident body posture by straightening your back, rolling your shoulders back, and keeping your head high. It would attract the attention of the older woman. It is better if you give yourself motivation that you’re confident, smart, funny, and you can do it. Mature women would like to accompany those guys that are confident rather than insecure. If you have got insecurity issues, it would be a great turn-off.


While talking to her about her interest and life in general, you should pay heed to her and the things she is saying. It is better to pass on sincere compliments along the way. You should focus on the things that make her unique and different that has got your interest, instead of just complimenting her physique.

For instance, if you like her smile and laughter, then you should compliment “I can’t stop thinking about your smile.” If you like her appearance, dress, hairstyle, or her personality as a whole, you should be a little creative while passing compliments. You can say “you’re so interesting, I could talk to you all day and every day and still like you.”

Don’t Mention Age

While flirting with the older and mature woman, you should avoid mentioning her age. Once you mention her age or generation gap, she would become self-conscious that she is older than you. if the subject of age comes up and she mentions her, then you should turn it into a compliment. You can say “wow, I could never guess, you look-alike of my age.”

If she asks you about your age, you should avoid saying “a few years younger than you.” For instance, if she is in her 30s, you should say 29. While discussing the age gap, you should mention how a woman of her age and beauty is still single, it is unbelievable.


Mature women like to date and accompany those guys that are independent and have got sound career plans. While talking about yourself, you should focus on your accomplishment and things you plan to achieve in the next few years. It would show your confidence and independence. If you keep on mentioning friends and family, it would suggest that you aren’t independent.

Ask Her Out Directly

Mature women love the direct approach. If your conversation with her has gone well and smooth with eye contact and laughter, then you should her out. For instance, you can say “I would like to talk to you over dinner or lunch tomorrow.” If she says no, then you should ask for any other day with a smiling face. You should be casual and direct with your approach, they love the direct method rather than playing games.

Plan a Nice Date

You should plan a nice date based on her interests, likeness, and dislikeness. It is important to keep in mind that you should do the things that you like and feel comfortable with. For instance, if you have got a limited budget, then you don’t have to dine in a costly restaurant. You should do the things that you feel comfortable with; try to do something unexpected like an outdoor picnic.

Impress Her

You should shower, wear a nice dress, and use a good and light perfume, it would send a positive impression when you meet her. It is better to avoid going on a date in wrinkled clothes, sweating smell, and messy hair, it would turn off her mood just by seeing you.

Open the Door for Her

You should do small chivalrous gestures like opening the door for her, pulling out the seat, standing up when she comes, and opening the door of the car. These are small signs of respect, and they would make her feel special. While doing so, you should look at her face whether she likes it or not. If she smiles and likes these gestures, you should keep it up. If she doesn’t like these gestures, then you should avoid doing such things.

Accept Yourself

You should feel comfortable about your age and who you are. Instead of trying to look younger and look older with your dress and style, she would immediately know that you’re faking it. Since you have got the advantage of youth and excitement, you should focus on the things that she is missing in her life. She has agreed to go out on a date with you, she has liked you already. You should focus on your strengths and just behave naturally.

Keep Flirting

You should keep on flirting throughout the date in the form of compliments, smiling, making eye contact, and touching. The flirtatious gestures would keep up the sexual tension. If everything is going smoothly, you should lean toward her, hold her hands, or put your shoulder over her if she feels comfortable talking and accompanying you. If she pulls back, then you should avoid making any type of move.

Kiss If the Date Went Well

As I said earlier that mature women love the direct approach, and it is absolutely true. If everything has gone smoothly on your date, you should come closer to her for a kiss. If she kisses you back, then you should keep on kissing and make it passionate. You should break it immediately if she holds back or doesn’t kiss you back.

If you don’t know whether to kiss her or not; you should lean toward her face, if she leans forward, then it is okay to kiss. You can also ask while being closer to her face if you would like to kiss her.

Continue the Date

After the passion, you should boldly ask her to take the date to the bedroom. If you’re dropping her off at her house, then you should ask her to come inside. Usually, women don’t become intimate on their first date with the person they have just met. If she wants to take things slow, then you should avoid being pushy. If she hesitates to say no, then you should say “I understand, and we’ll do it next time.”

Confident in Bedroom

If she agrees to become physically intimate with you, then you should kiss her passionately. You should behave confidently to let her know that you know what you’re doing. It is important to do the things that you both like, enjoy, and feel comfortable; with rather than doing positions that make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to rush things up, just take things slow, and they would keep on unfolding one by one.

Leave a Good Note

After the physical intimacy, you should leave with a good note by telling her how much you have enjoyed your date and you would like to see her. You should call her the next day or a few days later, and ask her how she would like to move things forward.

How to Seduce Older Women – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to seduce older women; we have realized that attracting the attention of older and mature women requires a different approach. If you’re going on a date with a mature woman, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.