How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex After Months – Tips 

The breakup could be a very painful experience if you keep on seeing flashes of your Ex. It doesn’t matter whatever the reason for the breakup, the consistent thought won’t let you move on in your life. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to stop thinking about your ex after months.

How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex After Months – Tips 

A research study conducted in 2018 showed that distracting your mind from the difficult feelings; accepting your feelings and reframing your mind would help you to avoid the thoughts of your ex. Some of the other tips on how to stop thinking about your ex after months passed are as follows;


The death of a very close person and the ending of the relationship is almost the same. You can’t simply hide your feelings; they would find a way to come up to the surface. The more you suppress your feelings, they would become stronger. Therefore, you should simply accept your feelings, cry them on, and let your emotions out.

Talk with a Friend

Speaking of letting your emotions out, you should share your feelings with your most trusted friend. Even if you don’t know why your relationship ended, communicating it with a trusted friend would help you to acknowledge the fact that your relationship is over. If you don’t want to talk with a friend, then you should consider consulting with an expert therapist.

No Anger

If your ex has done terrible things to you and they aren’t allowing you to move on. It doesn’t matter how angry and furious you are, you can’t dwell on the negative thoughts forever. You should face your recurring emotions; the type of thoughts you’re having, and their negative impact on you. Once you process them step by step, it becomes easier for you to get rid of them.

Honest with Yourself

After ending the relationship, people often are dishonest with them about the reasons for the breakup, the quality of the relationship, and how happy they were. You should be honest with your feelings and emotions while analyzing. You have to stop idealizing your previous relationship, your ex, and how happy you were. If you were happy, your relationship wouldn’t have ended.

Get Needed Help

If the breakup is causing you stress, anxiety, depression, disturbing your routine life, and having a negative impact on your mental and physical health; then you should see a doctor and get the most needed help. It’s because mental issues weaken your immune system and make you vulnerable to diseases.

Let It Go

The objective of all those techniques is to acknowledge the difficult emotions that come to you, and you should intentionally take some steps to stop them. The focus of all these techniques is to manage your obsessive thoughts. If you haven’t dealt with your emotions and feelings, then you should process your emotions and express your feelings. If you find it difficult to talk, then you should write down your thoughts on paper.

Not Contacting Your Ex

Before planning to become friends with your ex, make sure that you have fully healed and processed your emotions and feelings. If you haven’t processed your emotions and are not fully healed, it is possible that you still consider your ex as a partner and want to get back to him or her. Usually, people don’t become friends with their exes; don’t feel bad if you don’t want to be friends with them.

Leaving Shared Belongings

You should get rid of all the shared or other belongings of your ex that remind you of him or her. They’re like your pictures, shared furniture, clothes, the whole apartment, or something else. If don’t want to throw them away, you should donate them to charity and move them to some other place.

Not Checking Up on Ex

You should intentionally avoid the thoughts of checking up on your partner like how he looks like, what he is now, and whether he is done this or not. If things haven’t ended up badly, then you should unfollow and unfriend him or her on social media. It would help you to avoid him or her.

Change Your Routine

Keeping on living and following the same life routine would make you feel lonely and isolated, and various things about your old routine would trigger thoughts about him. You should come up with a new life routine and start living a new lifestyle, different walking track, new café shop, and watching new and different things.

Become Social

You should surround yourself with like-minded people whose company you enjoy, and focus on the positive areas of your life that don’t involve your ex. It is better to pursue those passions and interests that you couldn’t do while being with your partner.

Therefore, you should expand your social circle, participate in volunteering, and engage in fun activities with your sibling or friend where you don’t need a friend. The more you remain busy in your life; it becomes much easier for you to move on in your life.

Focus on future

You should focus on the positive areas of the future that you plan to achieve in your life in terms of career, profession, interest, and passion. It is better to start with achieving the daily small goals. In fact, if your future goals comprise of relationship, you should focus on the benefits of a single life.

Take Care of Yourself

You have to take care of yourself by performing regular exercises, getting a sufficient amount of sleep, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and engaging in all those activities that would make you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, then you can easily move on in your life.

New Love When Ready

There is no hard and fast rule for falling in love and starting a relationship. You can do so at any time when you’re ready. It is better that you should avoid jumping into the relationship right after the breakup. You should take your time to grieve and then move on in your life; things would unfold themselves naturally in your life. You don’t have to worry about it.

Conclusion: How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex After Months – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to stop thinking about your ex after months; we have realized that getting over your previous relationship requires a lot of effort. If you’re struggling through the period of the breakup, you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.