How to subtly Flirt with a Guy – Tips 

Flirting is an art; it can simple and fun activity and difficult and scary depending on how you see it. In fact, the reality is that it is the process of sending signals to your potential partner that you like them and have an interest in them. Subtle flirting is an excellent way to move slowly and it helps you to know whether you should move forward in the relationship or not. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to subtly flirt with a guy.

How to subtly Flirt with a Guy – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how subtly flirt with a guy are as follows;

Be confident

You should be confident in your capabilities of flirting. If your confidence level is low, then you should fake it, and keep practicing it until it becomes simple and natural for you. Being confident is very simple, follow these steps;

  • Don’t fidget with your hands and feet
  • Smile
  • Lock eye contact while talking

Following these steps would help you to attract the attention of the boy that you like.

Joke & Laugh While Talking

If you want to break the ice of seriousness and formality and keep the conversation following, then humor and joking are the best way to do it. Sitting relaxed, having fun, and throwing jokes spontaneously here and there would let him know that you like and are interested in him.

Show Interest

You can show your interest with open body language and gestures. The good thing about open body language and gestures is that you don’t have to say them in words. Your body language would convey the message, and the guy would know subconsciously that you like him. Some of the flirting gestures and body language are as follows;

  • Not staring, looking down or away, and crossing your arms
  • Smiling and nodding when he is talking
  • Making eye contact
  • Playing with your hairs
  • Facing your shoulders and hips toward him


Smiling is a great way to send your flirting signals. You should show off your body language and gestures, and you would observe that he would be smiling at you as well.

Light Touch

Touching lightly is a great way to break the barriers of formality and friendly conversation and send flirting signals. You can do so by slightly touching his knees if you’re sitting, his shoulders if standing, and his back if walking. You should play adventurous games with him like the secret handshake, slapping, or patty cake.

Be Authentic

You should try to be authentic and real, and avoid faking your interests. For instance, you should only laugh at his jokes and stories if you find them funny. If you’re enjoying and staying natural, then it means that your flirtation is going well. If you have to fake your interests to be with the guy, then he is not the right suitable match for you.

No Leading Questions

Questions about children, marriage, and relationships are very big, and you should avoid asking them when you’re just meeting a person. Usually, they come in the later stages of the relationship. It is important to keep in mind that flirting is a fun activity, and it should stay that way. You should avoid discussing his earnings, politics, and religion.

Back Off If Needed

Flirting can go off track at any time, and you should know when to back off and give the guy space. For instance, if he is looking away, checking his phone, and giving short answers, then it means that he has to go somewhere and you should give him space.

Cute Dress & Clothing

You should wear cute clothes and look good, then it sends a strong signal to the guy that you like. It doesn’t mean that you have to leave your comfort zone to get his attention. You should wear the such dress in which you feel confident.

Making Eye Contact

In order to have the attention of the guy that you like, it takes more than just glancing and eye contact. If you’re making eye contact, then you should smile briefly before looking away.

Communicate Often

Communication is a great way to connect with a person emotionally and spiritually. It allows you to share your interests and get to know each other. You should talk to him whenever you find an opportunity. Some of the main flirting tips are as follows;

  • Making jokes with a good sense of humor that would raise laughter
  • Asking questions by showing your interest in his life
  • Finding common things like favorite TV shows, cooking, reading, or other similar hobbies

Become Approachable

You should become easily approachable, especially to him. He doesn’t have overwhelming feelings when he has to talk to you. You should smile whenever you have locked eye contact. When you’re easy to approach and talk to, then he would look at you and talk to you whenever he gets a chance.

Make the First Move

Guys usually love it when a girl approaches and talk to them. You should take a deep breath, feel confident, and then walk towards and start talking. You can say anything like complimenting his shirt; offer him a drink, or the questions about the weather and other surrounding things.

Tease Him

You should tease him and give him a little hard time in order to get his attention. If you’re joking, then make sure that your jokes aren’t harsh and out of line. Teasing and saying something silly are the main elements of flirting and they make flirtation a fun activity.

Conclusion: How to subtly Flirt with a Guy – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to subtly flirt with a guy; we have realized that flirting is a smooth fun art. If you’re planning to flirt with a guy, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.