How to Tell If someone likes you Over Text – Signs 

There are many ways whether the person texting you and talking to you as a friend or s/he really likes you. It’s a very subtle art and it helps you in knowing your secrete crush. However, text messages are a great way to share your feelings. Today, we’ll discuss how to tell if someone likes you over text and its signs.

When we talk about text messages, then people can easily misinterpret and misunderstand the intention of the other person over text. For instance, you can misinterpret the friendly message of someone as flirtation, vice versa.

How to Tell If someone likes you Over Text – Signs 

Let’s discuss the signs on how to tell if someone likes you over text, especially when someone is making an effort to flirt with an expression, and you should know the difference. Some of the main signs are as follows;

Want to Do More than Texting

After texting over time, they would like to meet with you in person and move beyond the state of text messaging. It’s become some people just remain phone friends and they don’t meet face to face. However, if the other person has an interest in you, then they would like to spend more time and energy with you.

Always Remember to Check-in

You don’t always get a chance to talk to each other back and forth, but they always find an opportunity to talk to you to know about your health, day, and relationships. They’ll show in a cute and funny way and let you know that you’re in their mind. Whenever they find something big and they tell you first, it means that you’re an important person in their life.

Conversation Flows

If the person has an interest in you, then their conversation would move in a continuous flow. It won’t make you feel that the other person is bothering you or running out of time by sending text messages. When they start talking, then their conversation would open up a new subject. It doesn’t matter however busy they are, they would always make time for you by talking to you in order to give you priority.

Go to Bed after they say it

After a long working day, it’s always nice to see the” sweet dreams” message. Sometimes, you see your crush active on social media posts and comments after sending you the good night. If they do it, they aren’t fully true and honest to themselves. If they say that they’re going to sleep, and they’re offline afterward, then it means that they’re honest with you and want to establish trust.

Personalized Texts

Many people in our social circle send us generic messages all the time. If the person has an interest in you, then they would create a unique message only for you. It could be about anything like an important meeting at work or a big date or something else. Their message would also consist of an inside joke only for you in order to make you feel special.

Text you in Morning & Night

You should keep in mind when someone texts you first in the morning and last at night, they’re doing it repetitively over time. It means that you’re valuable to them because morning and evening are the best time during the day when you prioritize work and activities.

Share Things to make you Smile

Whenever they come across anything unique, funny, and interesting, then they would take the time to share it with you in order to make your day. It’s a very good sign to let 

you know that they’re thinking of you, and they want to share their joyful moments with you.

They Open Up

Another sign is that along with exchanging chitchat and light-hearted message. You move to a stage of sharing deep secrets, concerns, and things about your past life and keep on talking late at night. However, it shows a deeper level of trust and closeness with you, and they feel comfortable sharing these things with you.

Show Concerns

The text you to make sure that you’ve reached home safely. They reply to you quickly when you’re going through a difficult time. You can’t see their reactions and expressions on their face, but you can feel them in the form of quick replies. Those who have genuine concerns, they do that.

Heart Emojis

It requires a lot of courage and effort to send someone a heart emoji especially when you like them. Sending such things online would put an additional emphasis on expressing your feelings. If such emojis keep on popping up frequently, then it means that they care for your feelings.

Want to Prolong Conversation

When your crush asks you open-ended questions and answers your questions in detail, then it means that they have got an interest in you. Even very chatty people run out of gossip and they stop talking. However, when they want to talk, then your conversations are long. They would always find a way to prolong the discussion and include new details in it.

Using Nicknames

If you and your crush have come up with cute funny nicknames for each other and their pets, then it means feelings are mutual. You shouldn’t question the flirtation feelings too early, it would seem strange. You should play and move along with it in order to see how things would unfold naturally.

Passing Compliments

You should keep noticing their compliments that how often they say “you look good” or “it’s beautiful” and they say it in a funny way. It shows their interest in you, and compliments are the best way to test the water and how they respond would tell their feelings. They’re building blocks in the early stage of dating and relationships.

Start with “We”

The pronouns they use like “we” and “us” are good signs to observe their feelings and interests. It’s because such pronouns people use when they identify it as one in the relationship. However, if a person is using such pronouns, then it means they’re in the process of it.

Apologize for Going

If they’re late in replying or miss your text messages, then they would apologize to you immediately. They would give a reason why they’ve been away and won’t leave you wondering. 

It’s a way to tell you that you’re important to them.

Tell You When busy

If they’re going to be unavailable for some time, then they would make it clear to you they’ll be busy because they care about you. It’s an important consideration that the connection with you is important to them. However, they don’t want you to have a wrong impression of them.

Engaging Texts

When it comes to answering, then they won’t answer it in a few words. They would give you a comprehensive answer about their feelings and their day in order to develop a deeper connection and bond with you. If they aren’t the person of texting, then they would keep on sharing fun information with you whatever is important to you.

Quick Reply

People usually don’t reply when they’re traveling or busy with their work. If they’re doing so, then it means that they want to develop a long-term connection with you. It would make you feel that you’re a priority to them in their life, and they like talking to you.

Conclusion: How to Tell If someone likes you Over Text – Signs 

After an in-depth study of how to tell if someone likes you over text; and its signs; we’ve realized that observing the intentions and feelings of others is a subtle art. If you’re observing the signs, then keep the abovementioned tips in your mind.