How to tell if someone likes you – Signs

Most of us have been through this experience in our lives about finding out whether the person has the attraction towards us or not. Some people are fortunate in this regard, and they can figure it out within a few days or weeks. For others, it takes years and they still don’t know. Psychologically speaking, it’s not good for your mental health when it goes for years unknowing. Today, we’ll discuss how to tell if someone likes you, some of the top signs, and the difference between flirting and friendliness.

Friendliness vs. Flirting 

Before jumping into the discussion of signs of how to tell if someone likes you or not, it’s significant to differentiate between flirting and friendliness. The differentiating cues are very subtle, and if you rightly notice them, then it would save you from a lot of embarrassment. Like; when someone is trying to be nice to you as a social gesture and you’re taking it as flirtation. It would surprise the other person when you share your love. Some of the main behavioral differences are as follows;


It’s absolutely normal among friends, colleagues, and peers to give attention in terms of instant replies, making eye contact while talking, and asking you routine questions. It would be flirtation when someone offers you unnatural attention in a unique way. For instance, they make an effort to impress you, mention a special date to you, and buy you a movie ticket to accompany you.


Teasing is common among friends, where they make jokes and laugh at each other, but it doesn’t mean they like you in a romantic way. Flirting teasing is when they tease you often. In fact, you’re the target of their teasing, but they don’t like it if someone else teases you.

Their Questions

When friends communicate, they ask each other casual questions like how you, what is going on, and their questions aren’t precise and specific. Flirting questions are in a proper sequence, and there’s a direction to it. Those small questions would lead toward more personal questions about your love life and relationship.

Eye Contact

Friends make eye contact while talking as a gesture of respect, and they would look away from time to time. Flirting eye contact is more intense and it makes you feel that the other person wants to say something telepathically. It’s probable that the other person would lean towards you.

How to tell if someone likes you – Signs 

Some of the main signs of how to tell if someone likes you are as follows;

Casual Touches

If you’re sitting near them or passing by, then you’d experience small casual touching on your shoulders or hands. Usually, people don’t do that. They do it only for one reason and to send a signal that they like you. They would feel happy, joyful, and excited when you’re around.

Exchanging Eye Contact

If you exchange eye contact with a glance and it is happening regularly, then it means two things; either you’ve got something on your face, or they like you. If you’ve got lower confidence and self-esteem level, then it would be difficult for you to accept the fact that someone has an attraction for you. However, if someone is smiling and making eye contact, then it means that they like you.

Same Body Language & Words

When you connect with someone subconsciously and telepathically, then it makes you feel that you’re talking to a mirror. It shows that both of you are on the same level, and the other person isn’t doing it intentionally. However, you start to speak the same words, use the same body posture and position, and same actions. They won’t immediately accept that they like you romantically, it’s because of the fear of rejection.

Acting Weird

Acting and behaving weirdly is more common among men than women. Usually, they tell you awkward jokes, stumble on words, and act nervously. It’s because of the biological difference between men and women. For instance, in the emotional processing center, the limbic system is bigger among women than men. That’s why women process their feelings and emotions better

Removing Distractions

When you don’t like someone, then your subconscious mind makes you cross your arm with and frowning expression on your face. All of these are barriers to sending a clear signal that backs off. However, when you like someone, then you’ve opened arms and smiling and happy expression to send a welcoming gesture.

Leaning in

When you like someone, then your subconscious mind tells you to get closer to them and lean in towards them in order to show interest in whatever they have to say. However, if you think about it, then it looks funny that people aren’t together, but they’re leaning in on each other as they’d fall on each other.

Directing Feet towards you

One of the main signs, when someone likes you, is that their feet would be in your direction. Even they start talking to the other person, but their feet would point towards you. Subconsciously, our mind sends subtle cues and gestures to show our interests. Later, if you think about it, it would make you anxious because you have got an attraction towards a certain person, and you didn’t know what to do.

How to know if someone likes you, top signs

Standing by your Side

Whether you’re in a crowded room or alone in the bar, their goal is to sit and stand by your side. In fact, they’ll compel others to move, so that they would come closer to you. Perhaps you’d have seen in the romantic comedy movies, where a girl pushes other girls to get closer to the prince charming.

Smiling at what you say

When someone likes you and has an attraction towards you, then one would smile and laugh at your jokes. It is to acknowledge the words of the other person and make them feel important.


When you enter the crowded bar/hotel/room, then your crush would start blushing just seeing you. In fact, they would look away to hide their blush. It would blush your cheeks as well. Blushing is a type of physiological response that is common among both men and women. If you observe a blush on their face, then it is a clear sign of attraction.

Remembering the Weirdest things

When someone likes you, then they would accept all the things (good/bad) about you. For instance, if you tell them about your pet’s birthdays, then they would buy a gift for your pet. In fact, they would text you and send you greetings.

Stand Tall

When someone likes you, then they would like to get your attention subconsciously. In order to get your attention, they would expand their chest, suck their stomach, and push their shoulders in order to make you look at them.

Texting you on Social Media

When you’re alone with your phone and using social media, then you can do whatever you like. If they’re using this time to talk to you, then it means that they like to want to spend time with you. However, it means that they aren’t replying to you in just one word. If they’re giving you a detailed answer, then it means they want to connect with you.

People Leaving your Alone

Whenever both of you get together, then yours and her friends leave. It’s an obvious sign that they feel the chemistry between you.

Drunk Dialing you

You become honest about your emotion when you’re on alcohol. If they’re texting or calling you when they’re drunk, then it means that they like you and have an attraction for you.

Getting Close to You

When someone is into you, then they would utilize every opportunity to get close to you in terms of hugging you, putting shoulders around you, or getting you in their lap. If it feels sweet and joyful, then you should get along with it. If it seems creepy and you don’t like it, then you should get away as soon as you can.

Asking Personal Questions

It’s not a normal thing for a person to ask your personal questions. If they’re inquiring about the details about your personal life and relationships, then it means that they want to know you. For instance, it’s normal to talk about your job or career, but it’s not normal to talk about personal questions in detail.

Smiling at you

We’re living in a world where everyone is busy. If they’re giving you time, attention, making themselves available for you, smiling, and laughing with you out of their busy life, then it means that they have got a secrete crush on you.

Be there for you

If someone is there for you 24/7 time and they let you know whenever they gout, then it means their time commitment to you. The technological world and social media have distracted the attention of many people nowadays. If someone is looking at you, instead of their phone, then it means you’re important to them.

Saying the right things

You should pay heed to how they sound while talking to you. If they sound good, saying all the right things and they mean it with their expression and body language, then it would be a perfect match. You should remain patient and give time to be comfortable and open up because some people are shy.

Their friends like you

When it comes to getting close to someone, then people usually don’t let strangers enter into their lives. If you’ve got a lot of mutual friends and they all respect and admire them, then it would become easier for them to get close to you.

Dilating Pupils

A study at the University of Kent reported that your pupil and eye would dilate when you’re attracted toward someone. It’s something that human beings don’t have control over. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the dilating pupil in a good light.

Getting themselves ready

If they have got an attraction towards you, then they would try to prepare themselves for you by touching their face, adjusting their hair, and clothes. It’s to make them presentable when they’re around you, and they would be nervous and anxious around you. Subconsciously speaking, when they prepare themselves is a way of expressing their interest in you.

Talk about their funny side

When they begin to feel comfortable around you, they would confidently reveal all of the funny and weird sides of their personality. Because they know that you’d accept them however they are.

Conversations start flowing

If the communication starts flowing between both of you like water, then it’s a very good sign of establishing chemistry and rapport. If the conversation is mutually interesting, then the communication keeps flowing.

Conclusion: How to tell if someone likes you – Signs 

After an in-depth study of how to tell if someone likes, and some of the important signs; we’ve realized that observing the interest of the other person in you is a subtle process. You have to be keen observant.