How to Tell If Your Partner is Losing Interest – Signs 

Building and maintaining a relationship requires effort and commitment from both partners; sometimes it makes you feel that your partner is not making any effort and you are doing all the work. It makes you wonder if your relationship is losing its charm. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs on how to tell if your partner is losing interest.

How to Tell If Your Partner is Losing Interest – Signs 

Some of the top signs on how to tell if your partner is losing interest are as follows;

Not Replying on Phone As Before

If you remember that you and your partner used to make long calls and chat a lot of text messages. But now he doesn’t show any excitement about texting you and not calling. However, if he replies and makes calls, then their answers are short and simple without any meaning. In such cases, it means that your partner doesn’t want or like your company anymore, and they have lost interest in you naturally over time or because of some other reason.

Making Excuses

The other thing you would observe is that your partner is getting home late from work and not present on the weekends. They are always making excuses about the business meeting out of town on the weekends, work pressure, closer to getting a promotion, or meeting deadlines. However, the goal of all of these excuses is to spend time away from you and the house.

Agreeable & Not Questioning

It is common among partners to disagree about small things like food to cook, show to watch, or restaurant to visit; they question each other. Small talk is good for the smooth running of a healthy relationship. However, if your partner is not engaging in small talk and not questioning you, then it means that he doesn’t have any interest anymore.

Defensive & Moody

If you remember your partner’s attitude and behavior, they would have been kind and friendly. Nowadays, their attitude has become rude and defensive whenever you ask them for something. In fact, they would make rude and offensive comments about your comments, which shows that they don’t like talking to you.

Fighting All Time

Small things happen in daily routine life. But now your partner finds an excuse to blame you and starts fighting with you. They would always find a reason to fight with you and make you feel bad about yourself. Whether it is paying the bills, doing the dishes, doing laundry, or something; it would always be your fault and they fight with you over it.

Stop Observing Things in You

When things are normal and the relationship is going smoothly, then partners do things for each other like cooking, cleaning, assisting, dressing up, and making up. Your partner used to observe small things about you like the new color, new hairstyle, new jewelry, or something else. But now they don’t notice or compliment anything that you do for them. It means the passion for love has been extinguished.

No Date Nights

It is common among couples and partners to plan and go on a romantic date night, where they could spend time in each others’ company. It could be in the form of booking a cabin in the woods, a date night, a road trip, a movie, a theater, or something. When they lose interest in you, they don’t plan any type of outdoor activity with you because they don’t like spending time with you. In fact, they would cancel all the plans that they have made with you.

Unclear about Things

Whenever you plan something or want them to do it for you, then their response would be vague and unclear. For instance, if you plan to visit your friends and family, have a date night, or watch a movie together, then they won’t show interest and cancel the plan at the last minute.

Stop Talking About Future

Couples and partners discuss things and make future plans like traveling the world, kids, their education, where they are going to live and work, and many other things. When they don’t have interest in you or the relationship, then they would avoid discussing or sharing things or making plans with you because you aren’t the person of their choice anymore.

No Romance but Only Physical

When partners and couples are in love; they person form affectionate gestures like kissing, holding hands, and spending time with each other quietly without any reason. When your partner loses interest in you, they would only engage with you in sexual and physical intimacy, and you won’t connect with them emotionally and spiritually.

Not Prioritizing You

You won’t remain the priority in their life. They would rather give priority to their work, career, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances than spend time with you. There are many things and people important in their life, and you aren’t among them.

Flirting with Others

You would find them flirting with other women, and spending time with them. They have got time for their floundering, friends, and other shenanigans, but they don’t have time for you or be kind and nice to you. In such cases, they have lost you or don’t like or enjoy your company anymore.  

Stop Assisting You

Couples and partners assist each other in their daily routine life while performing household chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry, or official work. But when they don’t have an interest in you, they won’t help in performing those chores. You would find yourself making all the efforts by yourself and they are too busy to give you a hand.

Not Expressing Love

Couples and partners express gratitude and love in various ways to let each other know that they are grateful for them in their lives. It only happens when the passion for love is still there. However, when they lose interest and likeness in you, they would stop expressing gratitude and love. You would find yourself completely alone in the relationship without any support.

Not Accompanying Your Friends

When couples and partners are in love, they would engage in all of those activities and meet all those people that are important to them. It is because they care about you deeply, and they want to win your love. However, when the fire of love and interest fades away, they won’t show interest in you, your life, and the people that are important to you because they don’t care.

Conclusion: How to Tell If Your Partner is Losing Interest – Signs 

After an in-depth study of top signs on how to tell if your partner is losing interest; we have realized that building and maintaining a relationship requires a lot of effort. If you’re wondering why your relationship is not charming anymore, then you should keep in mind and observe the abovementioned signs.