How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Be in a Relationship 

Being in a loving and committed relationship is a dream for many couples and partners. But the only requirement is that both partners have to be on the. However, if you are one of those people that don’t want to be in a serious relationship; you’re wondering how to express your feelings and mindset to your partner. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to tell someone you don’t want to be in a relationship.

How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Be in a Relationship 

Rejection and breakup are different, and it is possible that your partner won’t take it easy because you’re going to tell them that you don’t want to be in a serious relationship. I completely understand that you have got your own reasons for breaking up. However, some of the main tips on how to tell someone you don’t to be in a relationship with them are as follows;

Clear Your Mindset & Have Reasons

Before going over there and talking to them, you should have a clear mindset and create a list of reasons in your mind. When you have got a clear mindset and know your reasons for what you are going to say, then it becomes much easier for to you express your views and convince them to see your side of the story.

Remain Clam

You should remain calm, and cool-minded, and take a deep breath because your focus is not to hurt them, but to tell them you don’t want a serious relationship with them. It may seem simple and easy, but it is very difficult to tell them. However, if you simply tell them about your mindset and your decision without caring about their feelings and emotions, then it would be very painful for them to listen to you.

Short, Sweet, & Simple

When it comes to telling someone that you’re not looking for a serious relationship, I completely understand that it is not easy. But you should avoid making your conversation lengthy, because it would confuse them, send them mixed signals and they won’t get your point because of unclarity. The best strategy is to be short, direct, simple, and sweet; tell them in clear words efficiently and they would understand your point.

Show them Rationality

Your words, message, and thoughts won’t make any sense if you don’t give them any proper reason and rationality. It has to make sense to them based on your reason and rationality. For instance, you can tell them that your studies require your focus and attention, or you need to concentrate on your career goals and objectives. That’s why you aren’t looking for a serious committed relationship at the moment.

It is Me, Not You

You should tell them in clear words that it is all about you and your mindset, and your decision has nothing to do with them. Tell them that they are a good person, and it is you that has changed your mind about the relationship, and they didn’t do anything.

Tell them ASAP

When you have to tell someone that you are not looking for a serious and committed relationship; then a notion comes to your mind that you should wait for the perfect time and right moment. There is no such thing as perfect timing in life; you just have to make it right. You should tell them right away without wasting any more time, the more you wait, the more it would hurt them.

Clear about Your Decision

You should confidently speak to them and express your reasons and logic with an affirmative attitude. You don’t need to give them any impression that you aren’t confident or feeling confused. However, if you are fearful of hurting them and have got doubts about it, then you can’t solve the problem and express your mind with a doubtful attitude.

Friendly Manner

In order to avoid an awkward moment, you should keep your tone friendly and use your good sense of humor. Since you’re discussing a serious matter, then you should avoid using too much humor and too much smiling, they would send the wrong signals that you are enjoying breaking up with them.

Show them Bright Side

When they hear it first, they won’t accept it easily and they won’t believe what you are saying to them because it is new and sudden to them. You should try to show them the bright side that it is good for them, their career, and their studies. It is significant to tell them that you don’t want to give them false hopes and expectations of being friends with each other because it won’t work and it is good for either of you.

Express Gratitude for Their Love

When it comes to ending the conversation, you should express your gratitude to them for their love, devotion, time, and energy. You should appreciate them for spending time with you and giving you the honor of choosing you for a serious relationship, but it is not the right time for you.

Conclusion: How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Be in a Relationship 

After an in-depth study of how to tell someone you don’t want to be in a relationship; we have realized that it is not easy to tell someone that you aren’t looking for a relationship. If you are going through a similar situation, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.