How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text 

When you find it difficult to talk to someone directly face-to-face, text messages are a great way to share your feelings and connect with someone without putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Today, we’ll discuss a step-by-step guide on how to tell your crush you like them over text or how to tell your crush you like him or her over text messages.

How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text – Steps 

Some of the main steps on how to tell your crush you like them over text, and they’re as follows;

Break the Ice

Instead of starting the conversation with “hey” or “what’s up,” you should start it with the ice-breaking sentence like Hey Paul; I heard you’re playing in the team, or something else. You could also start off with the comment I was so bored in school today.

Open Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are the best way to get detailed answers and replies from your crush. The more he or she would speak, the more you would get to know him or her. For instance, you can ask him or her about their favorite YouTube channel, dishes, or movies. It would make them start talking.

Detailed Reply rather than Short

You should avoid saying “K” or “yeah” because they’re the fast way of finishing the conversation. If you have something in common with your crush, you should talk about it and give a detailed reply. It is okay if you have got different views, feel free to share them. But you should avoid becoming stubborn and try to push it on her or him.

For instance, if your crush likes an Expendable movie, then you can disagree with him or her over the plot, storyline, or characters of the movie. Share your views, and then ask them about their feedback.

Flattering Compliments

You should consider sending short, sincere, and flattering text messages. For instance, you can say that you played well in the match, or you were excellent at the school project. You should avoid talking about your feelings while sending flattering text messages.

Emojis & GIFs

You should use emojis and gifs in your text messages and replies in order to show your sense of humor and your creative approach. For instance, if you are feeling bored; instead of saying feeling bored, you should send a GIF to share your feelings.

Share Funny Memes

If you come across something funny and interesting, then you should share it with him or her in order to share the laughter together. It suggests that you thought of him or her to share the special moments of your life. You can say that I was thinking of you and I wanted to share it with you first.

Tease Them on Disagreeable Things

You should tease your crush in a playful manner without hurting his or her feelings. If he or she has got some type of disability, then you should avoid teasing about them. But you can definitely tease them about the type of movies they watch. While doing so, you don’t have to be cruel.

Ask Their Opinions

You should ask for their recommendation about cool and funny things. For instance, you can ask them if you’re feeling bored, and what type of movie should watch. You can say my friends and I are planning to go out and share your best hotel experience or the best coffee shop to visit. If he or she recommends something, then you can have a follow discussion on it about your experiences.

Share Feelings in Casual Text

Since you have been texting, now you should share your feelings about little things in casual text messages. For instance, you can say like waiting a long time for a reply to a text message would drive you crazy. You could say that you need a short nap to rest your mind so that you could focus on your studies later.

Text Repetitively To Know Their Mood

Texting back and forth would tell the mood of your crush. For instance, he or she is taking time to reply or not texting at all; it means that they aren’t in a good mood to talk about your feelings. In such a case, you should wait for a day or two, and then get back to him or her and talk about things that you plan to do.

Crafting Short Message

When it comes to sharing your feelings and emotions, you don’t have to put a lot of details in the text message. You should send a simple short message expressing your feelings as I like you and I want to hang out with you if it is okay. It is not going to surprise her or him if you have been texting back and forth for a week or two. Your crush would have already figured it out by now.

Wait For Their Reply

You should wait for his or her reply after expressing your feelings to her. If you’re sending a lot of messages in the series after expressing your feelings, then it would suggest that you’re clingy and desperate. People don’t hang out with desperate and clingy people. You should put away your phone for some time and get your mind to something else.

Think Their Routine While Reading

You should analyze the text messaging pattern of your crush before and after expressing. For instance, if your crush replies to you fast within a few minutes. But he or she is taking a lot of time to reply back after you have expressed your feelings to them. It means that she or he is thinking about whether to go out with you or not. If they reply to it with a single-word message or an emoji sign, it means that they don’t have the same feelings as you do.

Enjoy the Positive Reply

If he or she replies with a positive response, then you should celebrate and reply back with joyful emojis and GIFs. You should express your gratitude by saying that you’re glad that both of you feel the same way. After that, you should set the time and date for the meeting.

Dealing With Negative Reply

If he or she replies with a negative answer, then you don’t have to pretend that you don’t have feelings and act cool. Things happen in life, and it is okay to feel sad and upset about the negative response. In such a case, you should simply reply I understand, I hope we can be friends.

Be Optimistic

It doesn’t matter whether your crush likes you or not. You should feel good about yourself that you have taken the step to get out of your comfort zone. Things don’t happen in life you want them to be, and it is absolutely okay.

Conclusion: How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text 

After an in-depth study of how to tell if your crush you like them over text message; we have realized that expressing your feelings and emotions has never been easy. If you’re going through a such phase, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.