How Women Flirt – Top Signs 

It is difficult to read the minds of girls. It is true that women want men to approach them, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t approach men. However, if they like a particular man, they don’t hide their feelings inside. They send various signals and signs to let him know about their interest in him. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs of how women flirt.

How Women Flirt – Top Signs 

Some of the top signs of how women flirt are as follows;

Strong Eye Contact

If she is looking at you and making intense eye contact instead of talking, it means she’s letting you know about her interest in you. Girls usually flirt with their eyes when it comes to sharing their feelings and emotions. However, she is making direct eye contact because she wants him to proceed and asking his permission secretly. The eyes of women are more descriptive and expressive than words, and you shouldn’t avoid eye contact.  

Hair Flip

Girls exhibit their interests in the form of non-verbal cues and gestures in order to let him know that she is flirting. If she is rolling her hands and fingers in her hair while talking, then it means that she is flirting with you. Usually, girls play with their hair now and then; if she is doing it while talking to you and accompanying you. There is a strong reason for her flirtation with you.

Smile, Blush, and Laughter

When we like someone, it makes us excited and the excitement turns our cheeks pink and faces red. If she is blushing while talking to you and around your company, it shows her excitement and interest in you. Often, girls blush especially around those men that they like. Blushing is their subconscious way of expressing their interest in the right man. If she is giggling, smiling, and laughing at your jokes; then it means she really likes it.

Avoiding You

If a girl has got a crush on you, then it is highly possible that she would avoid you and hide his interest from you. Usually, men don’t understand this avoiding gesture of girls, but it is a great sign of their flirtation. They do so to hide their feelings, not expose their vulnerabilities, and insecurities. When she avoids him; she actually wants him to focus on her and observe her avoidance.

Seeking Attention

Girls do things to attract the attention of their ideal man; if she is doing it, then it means that she has got interested in you. When they feel excited around you, they would express their excitement to attract your attention. You would observe her flirtatious style along with her eye contact focusing on you. If she wants your attention, she would do any type of act and behavior to let you know.

Mirroring Your Likes & Dislikes

Mirroring is a subconscious phenomenon of human psychology; we follow the movement of the person that we like. If she has got a great attraction toward you, she would know your likes and dislikes, and try to perceive the world from your perspective and your lenses of perception. However, if she is doing what you like and avoiding what you don’t like, it suggests that she is trying to fit your criteria. If she is doing so, then it shows her flirting.


If girls are feeling comfortable and flirting with you, they would slightly touch your hands, shoulder, and back while talking to you. Accidental touches are completely different, they would touch repetitively while talking, sitting side by side, and walking. Along with touching, they would try to lean toward you in order to get your attention and attraction. Girls don’t become physically closer to some guy, they do so when they have got attraction toward him.

Like Social Media Posts

If she is following you on all of your social media platforms, and she likes, comments, texts you on your cell number, and shares your posts; it is a great sign of her interest. Liking or commenting on a single post is one thing; if she is doing it repetitively on all of your posts daily, it shows that she likes you. However, it is easier for them to flirt with you while hiding behind the screen of social media.

Mention She’s Single

When she finds an opportunity to talk to you, she would ask you about your relationship status whether you’re single or involved in a relationship. She would definitely mention her relationship status as single while discussing her life and introducing herself. The repetitive mention of her single life suggests her interest and flirtation with you, she is politely and kindly telling you to make a move on her.

Talk About Herself

While talking to you, she would share personal details about her life with you; she is confiding in you to let you know that she trusts you. She would also ask you to tell me about yourself, and she would personal questions about your life to try to get to know you.

Conclusion: How Women Flirt – Top Signs 

After an in-depth study of top signs of how women flirt; we have realized that flirting is a subtle art and reading the mind and interest of the other person is difficult. If you’re observing the abovementioned signs from a girl, then it means that she is flirting with you and sending you signals of interest.