I Broke The No Contact Rule, Is It Too Late? – Guide 

It is very painful and difficult to go through a period of breakup. It is the time when you cut off all the ties and connectivity with your ex-partner and treat him or her like a stranger. You can also call it a “no-contact rule.” Couples and partners employ this rule for various reasons like to teach them a lesson, making them jealous, being manipulative, and making them miss you or others. The question is what happens when you break the no-contact rule or avoid it? Today, we’ll discuss the guide on I broke the no contact rule, is it too late?

What is the No Contact Rule? 

Before jumping into the discussion I broke the no-contact rule, is it too late; it is significant to define the no-contact rule. A contact rule is a form of arrangement when either or both couples and partners don’t contact each other after the breakup. Usually, one of the partners says after the breakup that we should be friends with each other, and they say “hey” to each other occasionally.

But couples and partners unfollow and unfriend each other on social media, don’t say hi, do no occasional checking on each other, and treat the other partner like a stranger. Here, one of the partners completely blocks the other partner from one’s life.

You are wondering it right that the no contact rule is completely and absolutely harsh, especially towards a person that you had loved once so deeply and intimately. However, it is because one of the partners felt neglected and unsatisfied in the relationship and they decide to let it go and move on in their lives.

Effectiveness of No Contact Rule 

Letting It Go

When your relationship is over, and the other partner has clearly said “we are done,” then it means that you let it go and cut off all ties with them. In other words, it means that you would receive the cold shoulder and anger from your partner after the breakup. You should be ready for such treatment and do the same thing to your partners because it is important to move on in your life.

Accompanying Friends & Family

In order to fill the emptiness inside of you and find solace and comfort, you should accompany friends and relatives that support you and distract your mind and attention. They would help you to rebuild your confidence and self-respect in order to successfully move on in your life.

Be Honest

You should be honest and truthful to yourself and accept the fact that there was something wrong in the relationship. It is because people don’t become strangers with their partners all of a sudden without any reason. You should acknowledge the things that have gone wrong in the relationship and make you apply the no-contact rule.


If you have done something in the relationship that has hurt them, it made them apply the no-contact rule. In such cases, you should acknowledge your mistakes and apologize to your partner and respect their wishes.

Effectiveness of NCR

The effectiveness of the NCR lies in the fact that both partners should give each other time and space, and learn from their mistakes truthfully. If you have started the no-contact rule and are sure about it; then you should move on in your life without reminding your partner of the loss.

I Broke The No Contact Rule, Is It Too Late


Sometimes, there is confusion among partners and in the relationship due to the playing games or the manipulative cards. Some partners give the silent treatment to their partner to make them feel jealous and make you come back to them. In such cases, the solution is honesty, truthfulness, and open -communication among partners. It would help them to fix things up in their relationship.

Clear & Harsh

If both partners have agreed to the no-contact rule and they have affirmed the fact that things are over. In such a case, you should avoid your partner completely and respect their wishes of no contact. It may seem harsh and cruel, but it is necessary for you to move on in your life.

One-Sided & Unfulfilling

If the idea of being friends with your ex has tempted you tempted to talk to your ex; it would make you feel unfulfilling and one-sided. After the break of the NCR, if you feel bad and guilty, then you should ask yourself what you are planning to achieve. It would answer your questions, and be truthful with yourself.

Effectiveness of NCR

The effectiveness of the contact rule would happen when you allow yourself and your partner to fully heal from the impacts of the relationship. You would feel free when you’re fully healed, and the idea of talking to your ex or not won’t matter to you anymore. Therefore, you should make a strict commitment to the no-contact rule.

Consequences of Breaking The No Contact Rule

Every relationship is different just like the nature and attitude of every person. Some of the different possible consequences of breaking the no-contact rule are as follows;

  • When one of the partners apologizes and shows remorse for their action, then it may result in the form of forgiveness and reconciliation of the relationship
  • If you contact them again repetitively against their wishes, it is possible that they would bring up criminal charges against you

Be Honest & Acknowledge

If your ex has gone away from you, then you should respect their wishes and give them their demanded time and space. If you’re still under the impression that you haven’t done anything wrong, then you should be honest with yourself and don’t contact them at all.


However, it is significant to know your position when you have broken the NCR. It could be in the form of expressing their wrong decision, blaming them, pleading, and begging. If you’re begging and pleading with your partner, then they would take more strict options to keep you away from them.

Space Doesn’t Always Heal

Giving time and space to your partner, doesn’t always mean that you would end up getting back together and space heals your relationship. Sometimes, breaking up and ending the relationship is the right option for both partners, and you should accept this fact if your partner has left you.

Conclusion: I Broke The No Contact Rule, Is It Too Late? – Guide 

After an in-depth study of the guide I broke the no contact rule, is it too late; we have realized that every relationship is different. Open and honest communication is the key to building and maintaining a healthy relationship. If you’re going through a similar phase in life, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.