Impact of Social Media on Social Relationships

Social media has become a major and significant part of our lives in the modern world of the 21st century. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others are some of the key platforms that you would find on smart devices of people. It allows people to connect with like-minded people all over the world without caring about the vast distances. Along with many advantages, it has also got many disadvantages. Today, we’ll discuss the negative impact of social media on social relationships.

Impact of Social Media on Social Relationships 

Some of the main negative impact of social media on social relationships is as follows;

Social Comparison

Social media allows people to show and present their desired public image whatever and however, they want to present. Often, people show off and present the best version of their relationships, personality, and character whatever and however, they want. It compels other people in your social network to improve themselves and try to live a better life which is not possible on some occasions. Unintentionally, many people compare themselves and their lives with other friends in their social network without realizing different circumstances.

Limited Social Emotional Connectivity

It is no doubt digital text messages are quick and speedy, and they allow you to send various types of expressions. But it has jeopardized face-to-face interaction to a great extent because people don’t make time to visit and connect with one another in real-time. Online digital text messages have replaced real-life hugs, eye contact, and expressions.

Affecting Face-to-Face Interactions

The other negative impact of digital texting is that it has replaced real-life laughter, gathering, one-to-one interaction, and the beauty of live conversation. The joy, love, fun, friendship, and enjoyment you receive through real-life conversation; you cannot have through online medium and digital texting. (Impact of Social Media on Social Relationships)

Hurt Feeling

Social media causes a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretation that would result in the form of hurt feelings among friends and acquaintances in your social circle. For instance, you post something or share your views on a particular topic; not all of your friends and acquaintances agree and be respectful of it. Some of them would react terribly and post horrible comments, and it would make you cut off ties with them.

Mentally Absent, Physically Present

People who remain active often online; you would notice that they are active physically, but absent mentally. It is because their mind is habitual to understand and interpret easily understandable things and ideas. When you ask them about anything out of routine; it would them a while to come to the present state of mind. (Impact of Social Media on Social Relationships)

Not Thoughtfulness

When you convey your feelings and emotions personally with your own presence; digital text messages and voice notes cannot replace them. With the charm, connectivity, and sensitivity your presence creates, you cannot have it through any other way. However, a picture is worth of thousand words, and your physical presence would be worth millions of text messages. (Impact of Social Media on Social Relationships)

Cyber-stalking & Bullying

Once you expose yourself digitally in the form of text status or social media posts, then your message is vulnerable to verbal bullying on social media, especially if you say something controversial. You cannot ask or make anyone respect your views or personality digitally; there would be some narcissists that would stalk you and send you horrible comments and messages that would badly disturb your social life.


People have become extra cautious about their privacy and security nowadays on social media platforms. It is because of the constant threats from hackers and hacking attacks on many world’s leading institutions. For instance, if hackers hack your account and post something questionable from your account, it would cause a lot of disturbance in your social circle.

Mentally Distracted

Social media platforms and social notifications have created our mindset impulsive; it compels people to check their phones for notifications repetitively. It results in the form of distractions and mental disturbance. When you have got a distracted mind, then you can’t focus your mind and attention on your work and the people in your social circle.

Promoting Laziness

When you spend a lot of time scrolling up and down on your smartphone, then it makes your body lazy and amplifies the chances of blood pressure, higher stress levels, and obesity. Overall, it is the negative impact of technology and social media that have decreased physical exercising habits and collective gathering attitudes. (Impact of Social Media on Social Relationships)

Social Media Addiction

One of the main disadvantages of social media platforms is that it has made people to it, and they don’t even realize it. Resultantly, it has badly impacted their personal relationships, social relationships, and character and personality. Moderate usage of smartphones is good, but not the over and excessive usage of smart devices.

Conclusion: Impact of Social Media on Social Relationships

After an in-depth study of the negative impact of social media on social relationships; we have realized that social media could badly disturb your life. If you are studying the negative impacts of social platforms on social relationships, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned factors and points.