Is Love a choice or a Feeling? 

Many have been struggling with the question that whether love is a choice or a feeling. I don’t blame you if you are wondering about the same questions. Today, we’ll discuss is love a choice or a feeling; we’ll analyze both of these statements with separate arguments.

Love is a Choice 

In the question of “is love a choice or a feeling,” we are going to discuss why love is a choice; some of the main arguments are as follows;

Selfless Act

Love makes you do the things that you don’t do any other way. You selflessly do a lot of things for your beloved person in order to make them happy, the other partner would do the same for you. Usually, love partners would perform a lot of love and romantic gestures for each other, and it helps them to strengthen their relationship. True love means meeting the needs and wishes of your partner, and it makes love a selfless gesture.

Finding Goodness

Every love relationship is different and the love partners face different sets of challenges. When the love is mutual and the partner is deeply and intimately in love with each other, they would change their focus to goodness despite facing all the issues. The things you can’t tolerate, but when your loved one like a friend or family member does, then you simply choose to laugh it away. Love birds avoid the flaws of their partners, and their focus is only on goodness.

Choosing to Stay

Whether it is friendship or relationship, it is always your choice to stay there in the circle of friends and with your relationship partner. You can’t force someone to stay with you and live their life with you, and the partners appreciate each other’s effort. With the passage of time, every relationship requires prioritizing, and partners need to give each other priority for the growth of their relationship. When you are in love, then it doesn’t remain a difficult choice.

Love but Accepting Boundaries

Many love partners are deeply and intimately in love with each other, and they also acknowledge each other boundaries at the same time. For instance, if one of the partners is a smoker and the other doesn’t like it, the smoker would never smoke before them. Many partners maintain personal, professional, and financial privacy with each other while sharing many things at the same time.

Forgiving Act

Love partners have the capability to forgive each other and manage all types of emotions and feelings. Forgiveness is not easy it is a process and it requires patience and commitment, and it depends on the significance of the act. However, when you forgive, then you choose to let go of the things and allow yourself to heal.

Loving in a Conflicting State

Life is not a bed of roses and things happen in life that would change our perception and our view towards life. It could be due to various factors like a fight with the boss, an argument with your long-standing friend, or a quarrel with a stranger. When such incidents happen, they would change your worldview, perception, and state of mind. While experiencing a variety of emotions and feelings, they choose to love their partner.


In order to develop a love relationship, requires a deeper level of commitment to building a house, loyalty, raising kids and family, and remaining honest with each other. It is the ultimate choice for establishing a long-term relationship.

Love is a Feeling 

In the question of “is love a choice or a feeling,” we are going to analyze why love is a feeling; some of the main arguments are as follows;


Whether it is friendship or romantic love; the feelings of love develop over a period of time, and they don’t just happen out of nowhere. It is like a seed, both lovers give each other time, and water and nurture their love, then it becomes a strong plan and tree of love. However, it may happen accidentally that you like someone without any reason, and the likeness develops into a strong and intimate love bond.

Can’t Define

Love is a type of emotion of feeling that you just feel, and you can’t describe it in words. You can try it, but they won’t accurately describe love. It is an invisible force that brings two people together and develops the connection between two souls.

Just Happens

You can’t choose to fall in love with a particular person, it would just happen by defying all the odds and bringing two together. If two people are meant to be together, then no world’s force could separate them and they would always find a way to get back to each other. We have got countless examples where the love partners have defied all the odds.

Conclusion: Is Love a choice or a Feeling? 

After an in-depth study of is love a choice or a feeling; we have realized that establishing a love bond is both a choice and a feeling. They both are different beautiful perspectives, and they help us to see that it is a choice and a feeling to stay in the relationship.