Is Love an Emotion or a Choice? 

Many couples and partners that have stayed in long-term relationships, have claimed that love is a continuous choice that you need to make every day. Others have said that love is a deep emotion and feeling that brings two partners closer and they connect with each other on a deeper and personal level. Today, we’ll discuss is love an emotion or a choice.

Love is a Choice

Some of the main arguments that love is a choice on the question “is love an emotion or a choice” are as follows;

Stay or End It

Many relationship experts and longstanding couples have agreed on the view of whether you are entering into a love relationship or ending it. It is always your choice and you choose to stay or end the relationship. However, it is also your choice to carry on conflict or leave it behind.

Developing Intimacy

When it comes to watering and nurturing the relationship, you choose to develop emotional security, connection, trust, and communication. If you don’t communicate with your partner, and won’t be honest and truthful to your partner, then your relationship won’t have intimacy and connection. However, it is because you choose to develop and nurture intimacy in the relationship.

Falling is Easy but Staying

Let’s accept the fact that hormones make you fall in love and the emotions they develop are out of your control. But it happens a few times, but staying in a long committed relationship and continuing to love your partner is always your choice.

Without Love Gestures

We all agree with the fact that love and romantic gestures like date nights, outdoor tours, accompanying friends and family, and others; all play a significant role in developing a healthy relationship. If you remove those entire romantic and love gestures from the relationship, then the relationship would die gradually. Therefore, many partners and couples choose to perform love and romantic gestures for each other.

Problems with a Choice 

Not Understanding & Judgmental

When you follow this notion that love is a choice and everything you do is by choice. For instance, if your partner forgets to do something, then you would say that they didn’t choose to do this and it means that they don’t choose to love me. The choice mindset makes people judgmental and they would start questioning the feelings and emotions of others.

Just As It is

Not everything is a choice. Sometimes, we like books, music, poetry, singing, or any other thing without any reason. It doesn’t mean that it has to be good on the phenomenon of “choice”

Emotional Complication

The choice mindset is very bad and doesn’t work when dealing with complex human emotions and actions. It oversimplifies things, and it doesn’t solve them. For instance, just like the emotion of love is uncontrollable, stress and anxiety are also uncontrollable, and it is difficult to manage such emotions. Feeling and sensing emotion is a part of humanness.

Love is an Emotion 

Some of the main arguments that love is an emotion on the question “love an emotion or a choice” are as follows;

Hormones & Biology

Many biologists and experts have claimed that hormonal changes in your body develop your feelings and emotions. They make you form an attraction toward the ideal suitable match, but the whole hormonal and attraction process is out of your control. However, if you start developing the relationship, then your hormones won’t remain the driving force of your emotions.

Soulful Connection

Soul connection is a very beautiful concept. It follows the notion of spirituality that there is an invisible force like the energy of the universe that plays a significant role in bringing two partners together. You don’t choose your partner; it is invisible energy that brings you closer. However, when the time is right, things would happen automatically and you would meet your partner and develop a relationship. Those things are out of control, and the universe would decide it for you, and many cultural beliefs support this notion.

Problems with Emotion

Honey Fades Away

Personally, I like the concept that love is an emotion and feeling. But building and establishing a relationship over a period of time is not easy, it requires commitment, effort, and following a boring routine every day. When the impact of the honeymoon fades away, the challenges of real life being, and it wouldn’t be easy for partners to maintain the same level of intimacy and romance.

Stuck in Toxic Relationship

Many couples and partners are stuck in toxic relationships because they follow and believe in their emotions and feelings. Sometimes in life, you need to cut toxic people out of your life for the sake of peace of mind and happiness.

Conclusion: Is Love an Emotion or a Choice? 

After an in-depth study of “is love an emotion or choice,” we have realized that love is both an emotion and a choice and it depends on your mindset. Human beings are not machines and they make choices based on their emotions and feelings.