Is My Wife Cheating? – Signs 

If you have been noticing the change in behavior of your wife recently, and you fear that your partner might be having affair. Today, we’ll discuss the signs to address the question “is my wife cheating?”

Is My Wife Cheating? – Signs 

Let’s discuss the signs of “is my wife cheating” and they’re as follows;

Spending Habit

There would be a change in the spending pattern of your spouse. In order to confirm your suspicion, you should study the variable transactions in the credit card statement. If you see any change in her spending pattern, it means that she is buying things to facilitate her affair.

Time Apart

If your spouse is having an affair, then she won’t time to be with you. It’s because she would have limited time either to spend it with you or share it with the new lover. You should be careful and cautious if your spouse is spending time away from you.

Ideally speaking, husband and wife should spend time together in order to enjoy the married life. When one of the partners is taking time apart, it means one of the partners is cheating on the other. If she has issues spending time with you and she isn’t enjoying the time when you’re together, then it would become clear over time that she is having an affair.

Unhappy Suddenly

The thing you should notice is whether your wife is happy with you or not. When a woman remains happy by staying away from her husband, it means that she is cheating on him. The foundation of marriage requires the equal participation of both partners. Therefore, you should ask her the things that would make her happy, and bring changes in the relationship as she wants. This would only happen when both partners are willing to save the relationship.

Different in Bedroom

When women are having affairs, they bring new styles and sex moves into the bedroom. If their bedroom activities are increasing, it means they’re having an affair and they have learned new things from somewhere else. You should enjoy all the new things that she wants to experiment with you, but keep in mind that their source of motivation is somewhere else.

No Interest in Your Friends

When things are normal in the relationship, then wives accompany you and your friends in order to strengthen the bond with you. They would only spend time with you when they’re having affair, and the adultery can cause serious emotional issues in the relationship. When women are seeing someone else, they won’t spend time connecting with their friends and family members.

Relationship Status

People change their relationship status on social media when they get married. You should be careful when she changes the relationship status from married to single or complicated. It suggests either she is having an affair or she is considering other options. You should contact her friends and acquaintances and inquire about her recent change in behavior.

Accuse You of Cheating

When a woman doesn’t have an interest in you, then she would question your loyalty and playthings off against you in order to accuse you of adultery. The reason for accusing you of infidelity and blaming you for problems in the relationship is to change the focus from their own lies and cheating. Their attitude and behavior would change when they’re having affair, and it would affect the relationship. In such a situation, you should talk to her and connect with her emotionally and physically in order to save the relationship.

Answer for Everything

The top sign that your wife is having an affair is when she has got an answer and explanation for everything. In routine life, you should trust her and give her the benefit of the doubt, but it doesn’t work when she has got an answer for everything. However, you should study her body language, her attitude and behavior, and how she is treating you in the relationship. All of these small signs tell you whether she is having an affair or not. You can ask her a direct question about infidelity and notice her response.

Not Talking To You

It’s no doubt physical and emotional connection is an important element of the relationship. But couples should also have a friendly relationship with each other in order to share their thoughts and views. Usually, women speak up their minds about various things in the relationship. When they’re having an affair, then they won’t talk to you and share their thoughts with you. If you believe in saving the marriage, you should talk her out and fix things in the relationship.

Appearance Changes

If she is having an affair, she would start working on her physical appearance in order to improve her looks, body, and charm. Perhaps you would notice that she goes to the bedroom right after coming from the gym and spend the rest of her day there, away from you. It means you aren’t meeting her emotional connection needs.

Along with paying attention to her physical appearance signs, you should also pay heed to her changing behavior. It would result in the form of bad behaviors like not paying any attention to you, spending hours and days outside the house, getting home late, and lying.

Change in Sex Life

If your wife is not giving you the time for physical intimacy and not having sexual intercourse with you, it means that she is having it somewhere else. The night is the perfect time for partners to become intimate, and physical intimacy plays a significant role in strengthening the emotional connection among partners. If you have started noticing these signs quite recently, then it means that she is seeing someone else. It’s better if you talk to her directly and see her response and reaction to it.

New Password

Some partners and couples give access to their smartphones and share passwords with one another. If you don’t have an access to her smartphone all of a sudden, she is keep on changing her passwords. You should pay heed to these things, and it means that she wants to hide things from you. If things are changing fast without any reason and she is keeping you out of it, it is a clear sign of infidelity and affair.

Coming Late

Your partner has made a new friend, and she is coming home late and spending all the time with her and it disrupting your life as a couple. If she is getting home late, and there is another man in the picture. It means that she is looking for something else a social or emotional connection. You should talk to your partner and ask her what types of changes she wants you to do, and make those changes.

Treating You Differently 

You expect certain things from your partner when you’re involved in a committed relationship, both husband and wife. But when there is a shift in the balance and things feel different, and you know it in your gut that things are off, then you should be careful. For instance, if she isn’t calling you with the sweet nickname that she has given to you, you should notice these things.

Silent Ring Tone

She has changed the ring tone of her phone and she is answering the calls in silent mode. She has to go out to answer the calls and not tell what it is about, and spending the time outside the house, then these behavioral signs point toward an affair. It’s important to mention here that women have a great skill to hide things from their partners.

Posting Pictures

A social media profile is a great way to have an insight into a person’s lifestyle. People share out things to keep their followers informed about their life activities. However, if your girl doesn’t have any social media presence, all of a sudden she becomes active and posts her activity and pictures.

Conclusion: Is My Wife Cheating? – Signs 

 After an in-depth study of signs of “is my wife cheating,” we have realized that affair and adultery could ruin the relationships and impact the lives of partners very badly. If you are observing the abovementioned signs, then you should try to fix things up in a healthier way.