Laws of Karma

The laws of karma play a significant role in the belief system of Buddhism, Jaina, and Hinduism. In simple words, karma outlines that whatever action you perform, you’ll have to face the consequences of the action sometime in the future. In other words, we can say that the law of karma is alike with the universal law of causation, which says that every action is caused by something. Many research scholars have clearly said that the law of karma and the law of universal causation are parallel. Today, we’ll discuss the 12 laws of karma in detail.

Karma is the philosophy of how you live your life in such a way that you become the best version of yourself and live the most desiring and fulfilling life. 

Laws of Karma 

Everything in the universe is in continuous motion, including your emotions and thoughts. Whatever you create is relevant to the energy and it comes back to you in any form. We can say that every action you take has a positive and negative impact on your life. When you use karma as a guideline, then it makes you be mindful of your deeds, actions, and thoughts before making any decision. 

When you follow and practice the 12 laws of karma in your life, then it creates a great impact on your life. It increases the probability that good things would start to happen in your life. However, 12 laws of karma are as follows; 

Law of Inspiration & Significance 

We all play a different role in this world and contribute something. It may seem that your role and part is small and insignificant, but it would have a huge impact on someone else’s life. The law of inspiration and significance acts as a motivation source of energy when you’re feeling down and find no purpose and meaning in your life. 

This law states that everything you add/contribute would impact the world. You’re a unique being and your life has a specific purpose, mission, and gift that only you can add to this world. We can say that you’re here on this planet is to share your gift and skill. 

Law of Patience & Reward

If you want to bring change in the upcoming future, then you should be consistent of your today’s karmic actions. It’s not good to live healthy today, and then jeopardize and sabotage it later. However, if you’re consistent with your goals, then they’ll bear you fruits. 

Law of Change

The law of change means that history keeps on repeating unless you learn from your mistakes and experiences, and do something different in order to stop the cycle of repetitive mistakes. The change puts you on a new path so that you could be free from the past pattern, develop a better version of yourself, and create a new future. 

Law Here & Now 

If you want to achieve peace of mind, then you have to accept the present. The only way it would happen is if you let go of your past behaviors and negative thoughts. You’ll keep on reliving in the past if you put emphasis on the past events. 

One of the main exercises is to go back to the root of the senses. You should look into the room where you are, focus on the things around you, and blink your eyes and firmly say with a determination that you’re here. 

Law of Giving & Hospitality 

If you believe in something, then you should give it out. The law of giving and hospitality allows you to comprehend the significance of your actions and how they reflect your deeper belief systems. For instance, if you believe in peace and bring peace into this world, then your focus should be on creating peace for others. 

Law of Focus 

If you concentrate on too many things at one time, then it would slow you down and make you feel negative and frustrated. The law of focus encourages you to focus your mind on one thing at a time. For instance, if you concentrate your mind on higher values like peace and love, then heavy feelings like anger, greed, and resentment won’t distract your mind. 

Law of Connection 

The law of connection implies that everything in our lives (like future, past, and present) is somehow connected. For instance, you are here and now at this point in a lifetime is because of your past actions. Tomorrow, you’ll reach your destination based on your today’s actions. 

Law of Responsibility 

The law of responsibility means that you should own everything that is happening in your life. You should remind yourself that everything is happening in your life because of your actions. When you do that, then it allows you not to look outside to determine the cause of the problems of your life. We can say that your life is the product of the choices that you’re making today. 

Law of Growth 

The law of growth means that growth and progress begin with you. If you want to have a positive impact on the world in terms of personal growth and real change, then it begins with only you and yourself, and no one else. 

It also means that you should accept the fate of things that you can’t control. When you do that, then it leads you to focus on yourself. You should avoid controlling things and the people around you. 

Law of Humility 

The law humility means that you should be humble and patient enough to accept the fact that your current state of affairs is the consequence of your past actions. For instance, a person is blaming his colleagues for the poor performance at the job, and he should accept the fact that things aren’t good because he didn’t perform as he should have. 

Law of Creation 

The law of creation means that things just don’t happen in our lives out of anywhere. If you want things to happen in your life, then you have to take some actions and do something about it. They won’t just happen magically. In simple words, you are the co-creator of your reality. 

Therefore, you should ask yourself what you want and desire in life, then take some actions towards it, and things would start to happen. You should keep in mind that your wants benefit others while using your talents, skillset, and expertise. 

Law of Cause & Effect 

When people talk about karma, then they mean the law of cause and effect. It simply means whatever energy, thoughts, and action (good or bad) you put into the world, it gets back to you. For instance, if you want peace in life, then you have to make a peace with yourself. 

Conclusion: Laws of Karma 

After an in-depth study of the laws of karma, we’ve concluded that laws of karma play a significant role in our lives. If you want to understand the concept of karma and how it works in our lives, then you should study the abovementioned 12 laws.