Laws of Love for Lasting Relationship

Love is the basic foundation for building a long-lasting relationship. Now, the question is what is the secrete to it? People spend a lot of time, energy, and resources on therapists and counselors in order to resolve their conflicts, rekindle the fire of love, and take their relationship to the next stage. Today, we’ll discuss the characteristics and laws of love for a lasting relationship. 

Characteristics of Love 

Before discussing the laws of love, first of all, we should discuss characteristics and traits of love in order to better comprehend love and how it works. Some of the main characteristics of love are as follows; 

  • Love Exists: you should have a strong conviction in love that it exists in real life, and then you start seeing it around you
  • Strings Attached to Love: it comprises of doing a lot of things that you usually don’t do in your life, you put up with a lot of things in order to take care of your partner 
  • Love is not easy: you should prepare yourself for the worst circumstances and you would have to face a lot of challenges 
  • Love & Happiness are different: they both are similar and complement each other, but you can’t substitute them
  • Love is everything: you would experience a lot of emotions in love like anger, admiration, trust, disgust, curiosity, boredom, sadness, and joy. 
  • Different Shades of Love: it’s important to keep in mind that different people love and share their feelings in their own unique way 
  • Love is like Weather: the feelings and emotions of love change every minute of every day, it could be rainbow, flowers, rainy, muddy, clouds, etc.
  • Love- Give & Take: it’s the process of giving and taking. When you fall in love, then you surrender yourself either you’ll be happy or sad 
  • Not taking No: one of the most tragic moments in love when you don’t receive any response, 
  • Love never Dies: it doesn’t matter whether you reject or deny the feelings of your ex, but a small part of you would always have a soft corner for the person you fall in love once 

Laws of Love 

Shared Vision 

Many people have clear thoughts and ideas about their career objectives and children. When it comes to the relation, love, or living with the partner, then they need a consultation with the therapist or a counselor. In other words, we don’t know what we really want in the relationship and where we want to be. 

First of all, you should envision your future about the relationship, children, ideal man/woman, and how you want to be intimated with your partner. After that, you should fill in the details in your future. Once you do, then it would make you feel better and you take steps to make it happen. 

Commitment to Love 

Love isn’t about the relationship of giving and take. True and authentic love requires unconditional support and commitment. It’s not a good start when people complain about their partner that he/she isn’t changing, and their partner doesn’t love them. 

You can’t change the other person. The only control you have in the relationship is to make changes by yourself. When a relationship is going through a rough patch, don’t wait for the other person, you should take the first step. 

You should follow Gandhi’s advice “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It means that you should love for the sake of love as a commitment to love, and there is no shortcut to it. 

Fulfilling each others’ Needs 

It’s important to keep in mind that love is not about you, it’s about the other person, focusing on taking care of the needs and wants of your partner. It requires you to know and understand the other person. You have to observe the driving forces like whether he/she is feeling safe, comfortable, loved, surprised, important, unique, or connected. In short, you have to go beyond your own needs and self. 

Trusting your Partners’ Intentions 

Love and relationship is a process, and it always keeps on growing, evolving and changing. There’s no such thing as perfect in a relationship; conflicts and crises offer you an opportunity to change. It can be a difficult experience to go through the conflicting phase; you should take some steps to build trust when mistakes happen. 

Successful couples and partners use such difficult moments to their advantage and take their relationship to the next level, rekindle the fire of love, build trust, and have open communication. When it happens, you shouldn’t judge the situation. Instead, your focus should be on taking positive steps and leaving them behind. 

If you and your partner have taken a wrong, harmful, and destructive step, then what causes the urgency to take such steps? It’s because people take harmful steps that defy their values and beliefs. You should find the need behind it, and try satisfying that need in a healthy and constructive way. 

Effective Communication 

The most important element in communication is to become a better listener. When you carefully listen, then it develops intimacy, connection, and trust. Often, conflicts in the relationship rise up when people use different perspectives to interpret the reality of the situation. 

It’s important to keep in mind that the maps and perspectives people use aren’t reality, they’re just representation. When people use maps, then they generalize things and they don’t focus on the details and it jeopardizes reality. 

When you become a better listener, then it allows you to connect with your partner and enhances your vision and views. Most importantly, it allows you to resolve conflicts. When you listen, then it creates a space in your mind to understand and disturbs the judgmental view of reality. 

Laws of Love

Keeping Curiosity Alive 

Successful partners always keep their options open of trying and discovering new things. They don’t lock their thoughts. Most importantly, they keep working on their looks and attitude in order to attract the attention of their partner. 

Don’t hesitate to Start Over 

Remember one thing, as long as you’re alive, it is never too late, and you can try again. It can be overwhelming and difficult at some time, but you start over. Couples and partners that have a strong commitment to each other, always try to rekindle the fire of love. They’re aware of the fact that passion and intimacy are like a heart that needs exercising. 

Conclusion: Laws of Love for Lasting Relationship 

After an in-depth study of characteristics and laws of love for a long-lasting relationship; we’ve realized that establishing a long-term relationship requires a strong commitment. If you’re working on your relationship, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned laws of love.