Love Is Not a Feeling But a Choice – Reason Why 

It is possible you have studied a lot of literature and watched a lot of movies that have discussed the argument that love is a feeling. But I would say that love is not a feeling but a choice that you make every day of your life. today, we’ll discuss love is not a feeling but a choice.

Love Is Not a Feeling But a Choice – Reason Why 

Some of the main reasons why love is not a feeling but a choice, and they as follows;

Defining Feeling

There are many sensations that fall under the category of feelings like attraction, flirtation, adoration, excitement, affection, and love. But love is a behavior, choice, and action, rather than just a feeling. However, you may like someone but don’t fall in love with someone instantly, instead, you choose to pursue and develop a love bond with a particular person.

Stop When You Don’t Like It

Let’s say you like someone and you plan to go on the first date, 2nd date, 3rd date, and series of dates for various reasons. If something happens for any reason, you stop seeing and talking to your friend or any other person. However, when you aren’t ready for a relationship, then you won’t commit to it. For instance, if you don’t like to fall in love with a particular person, then you stop the process of seeing them and talking to them.

Love Takes Time

The likeness is instant, lust is instantaneous, and attraction is easy. But love grows and develops over a period of time and it takes hundreds of hours of talking, dating, walking, dancing, and many other activities. However, love is like getting to know someone and growing and nurturing it over time. Other sensations you feel like excitement, likeness, adoration, lust, and attraction aren’t love, they are just feelings. Many people mistake it for love.  

Lust is Immediate

Perhaps you would have heard people saying that they couldn’t help falling in love with their secretary or neighbor even after being married. They would say that they didn’t plan for it and it just happened. It is significant to mention it here that things don’t just happen in love, you allow them to happen.

Proceeding Feeling is a Choice

I completely agree that feelings are uncontrollable and you don’t have control over them. But you always have a choice whether to pursue those feelings or not. Things happen in life based on the decision and choices you make. However, Love doesn’t just happen out of nowhere, you allow it to happen with your open heart and mind.

Love Is an Action

Love requires you to take action and make difficult choices. It is not easy to stay with someone in a difficult and tough time, because it requires patience, commitment, and a test of courage. You have to remember the birthdays, anniversaries, and other days intentionally with an effort.

Love Requires You To Choose

It requires you to show up, listen, be there, make time, be responsive, reliable, and be in the present moment. It is no doubt love comprises deep and intimate feelings, and following and pursuing those feelings would require you to decide and make a choice.

Sacrifices to Make

Love is not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, it requires you to make sacrifices like moving to another city or country where you don’t know anyone. You live in one city, but you choose to travel and make time for your partner in the other city.

Slowing Down

You want to do a lot of time out of excitement and passion, but love requires you to be patient and slow things down for various reasons. When it comes to slowing things down, then you would make a choice of slowing things down.

Daily Choices

Love requires you to make a series of choices in your daily routine like; waking in the morning, what to cook, what type of TV shows to watch, where to go, have kids or not, if have kids, their schooling, neighborhood to stay, or many other activities and choices. When couples and partners are in love, they are always on the verge of making choices and they decide things for themselves and their partners. However, years and commitment and longstanding relationship don’t just happen instantaneously, but it requires patience, commitment, and effort in daily routine life.

Conclusion: Love Is Not a Feeling But a Choice – Reason Why 

After an in-depth study of love is not a feeling but a choice; we have realized that love undoubtedly comprises deep and intimate emotions and feelings, but pursuing those emotions is always your choice and you have to do it intentionally. Things just don’t happen in life, you have to make a choice and let things to happens with your heart and mind.