My Boyfriend Likes To Party and I Don’t – What to Do 

Different people have got different natures. Some love crowed, socializing, gathering, and having fun in the party, and others don’t. If you are in a relationship with a guy that loves to party and you don’t, and you are wondering what to do about it. Today, we’ll discuss what to do when my boyfriend likes to party and I don’t.

My Boyfriend Likes To Party and I Don’t – What to Do 

Some of the main tips on what to do when my boyfriend likes to party and I don’t are as follows;

Leaving You in Sidebar

It is possible that you are a shy person and love to have fun in small gather. Whenever you and your boyfriend go to public parties, your man leaves you in the sidebar and he becomes the soul of the party. Sometimes, you wonder if he should have spent the same with you alone at home. Although his partying nature doesn’t make you jealous, you fear that he would leave you for a party person.

Fantasy Mistakes

When you fall in love, your emotions and feelings play a significant role, and you kind of live in a fantasy world. When the honeymoon phase fades away and the reality kicks in, then couples and partners try to change each other in order to keep their fantasy world alive. However, changing each other strategy doesn’t grow and strengthen the relationship.

Opposites Attract

Love and attraction work in mysterious ways, often we have an attraction towards people that have the opposite nature to ourselves. Your party-loving boyfriend has an attraction to the shy and quiet person. He has partied with a lot of party-loving girls, but he has fallen for you. On the other hand, you have also fallen for a fun-loving person even by having a quiet person. Therefore, you should feel confident in yourself and your nature whatever it is, and accept yourself.

Don’t Make Assumptions

You make mistakes when you make an assumption about the minds of others like what they want, what they are, and what they are. It is equally not helpful if you make the assumption that others should know what you want. Instead of sitting and perceiving that your boyfriend should be with you because you want him by your side, rather you should go over to him and tell him that it is time to leave the party and be with you.

Open Communication

Open and honest communication is the best way to share your thoughts and understand each other. You should carefully listen and respectfully share your thoughts and feelings. For instance, if you think that your boyfriend is partying and having fun and you should do the same to be relevant, otherwise you would appear dull and boring. In fact, the reality is that such thoughts are all in your head and they don’t exist in reality. It is equally possible that he likes the quiet person because you offer him the space so that he could have fun. Two party-loving persons would be too much for each other, one should calm the other.

Understand & Compromise

After comprehending the real face of reality and the truth of the situation, it is significant to make a decision based on reality. Instead of changing the situation, yourself, or the other person and that is nearly impossible, both partners should understand each other and make compromises that work for both of them.

Finding a Balance

The key to a healthy relationship is finding a balance between the time couples allocate for each other and their separate activities and passions. A healthy relationship doesn’t mean that couples should spend all their time together with each other; rather it requires them to live separate life that makes them happy and joyful.

Accompany & Ask Him to Go Alone

When it comes to parties, you should discuss with him the type of parties you should attend and decline the others. For instance, if you are going to accompany him to some parties, then you should encourage him to visit the other parties alone. If you feel comfortable at the small parties, then you should accompany him there and leave him alone to shine at the big parties.

Leave If Not Joyful

If it makes you feel like your relationship is incompatible and you don’t feel comfortable with his partying nature, then you don’t have to be with him. It is because not every relationship works out, and some don’t. However, you don’t have to be in a relationship where you don’t feel comfortable and remain unhappy.

Do what Makes You Happy

You should engage in such relationships and activities that make you comfortable and happy; you should avoid such activities that would do the opposite. When your relationship is giving you more stress than happiness, then you should end it.

Conclusion: My Boyfriend Likes To Party and I Don’t – What to Do 

After an in-depth study of what to do when my boyfriend likes to party and I don’t; we have realized that developing understanding requires a lot of compromises in the relationship. If you are dealing with such partying boyfriend, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.