My Ex Stopped Texting Me – Top Reasons 

After the breakup and no contact period, you have been texting your ex back and forth. But all of a sudden your ex has stopped texting you without any reason or giving any warning signs. You are wondering how and why, and what makes them stop talking to you. Today, we’ll discuss the top reasons why my ex stopped texting me.

My Ex Stopped Texting Me – Top Reasons 

Let’s discuss some of the top reasons why my ex stopped texting, and they’re as follows;

Met Someone

One of the most obvious reasons is that your ex is a living human being, and they have met someone else. Now, the attention of your ex is on the new person and their focus is on building the new relationship, rather than talking with their ex. That’s why they haven’t been replying to your text messages or contacting you at all. (My Ex Stopped Texting Me)

Something Happened

It is possible that something may have happened in their lives, with their friends, relatives, or family members, and at the workplace. This incident has taken all of their attention, and they are busy dealing with it. They don’t have time to text you or reply to your messages; since you aren’t together and it is not obligatory for them to tell you everything.

Confused, Need Space

Texting back and forth made him confused because you broke up for a reason and now you’re talking, and they’re wondering what is all this. They are unsure about various things like rebuilding a relationship with you, friendship with their ex, and afraid about opening up with their heart and feelings. In such a scenario, they need time and space to figure out their feelings and how things would go from there. It depends on their personality, if they’re a confused person, then you should remain patient with them.

Wants You Back

Texting back and forth may have invoked a lot of shared memories and feelings in them, and the breakup didn’t happen because of any particular reason. Avoiding your texts and not reaching out to you is his way of telling you that they like you and they want you back, but they don’t know how. You should think about his personality, if they were shy and confuse people, then they want you back but don’t know how to start a conversation. (My Ex Stopped Texting Me)

Just Checking In With You

One simple explanation is that your ex talked to you and texted you back and forth to check in on you and how you’re doing in your life. Now, they have made sure that you’re doing fine and okay in your life, and they have stopped texting you. It couldn’t be simpler than that, and you don’t need to pay extra attention to read between the lines. Sometimes, there is no explanation for the behavior of people, because human beings do many things without any particular reason.

Playing Psychological Game of Control

Some people are manipulative and they want to gain control over you and your life. They started texting you back and forth to attract your attention and get you under their spell of beautiful memories of the past. Now, they want you to text them back and get back to them; if you do that, they would have an upper hand in rebuilding the relationship. (My Ex Stopped Texting Me)

It all depends on their personality and nature. If your ex has been a control freak and manipulative; then you don’t need to fall for their mind games and don’t pay heed to whether they are texting or not.

Consider Them Better Than You

Some people are way over their heads and they make a comparison of everything. The reason they have stopped texting you is that they don’t consider you equal to their standards. However, they never considered you seriously for a committed relationship, and they contact you only when they don’t have someone else in their lives. If he has never taken you seriously in your relationship, then you don’t pay heed to his text messages and calls. (My Ex Stopped Texting Me)

Feeling Guilty

The breakup happened because of their reasons. Now, they have realized that and apologized for it. Talking to you has invoked feelings in them, but they are feeling guilty and shy about how to face you after hurting you and breaking your heart. Whenever they talk to you, the feelings of guilty conscience take control over them. That’s why they decide to put an end to their misery by not talking to you.

Simply Immature

Some people are simply immature and they don’t take things seriously in their lives. Once they sense the signals of rebuilding a serious relationship and friendship with you, they would stop texting you. Or he is simply checking your feelings childishly whether you still like them or not. Once they get affirmation from you, then they would start playing games with you like teenagers.

Commitment Issues

Psychologically, some people have got serious commitment issues, because of their background broken family, or upbringing in foster care and moving from one home to another. They haven’t been brought up in a stable family, and building a serious stable relationship makes them fearful. They just want to get into your pants, and then move away without any commitment. (My Ex Stopped Texting Me)

Conclusion: My Ex Stopped Texting Me – Top Reasons 

After an in-depth study of the top reasons why my ex stopped texting me; we have realized that there could be a lot of reasons for it. It depends on the person’s personality and their background history with you. Therefore, you should keep in mind their character, personality, and behavior with you when you were together before making any decision.