My Wife Likes to Party and I don’t – What to Do 

If you are in a relationship with a partner that loves to have fun, socialize with different people, and dance at parties. It may be an ideal situation for some people, but not for those that have a quiet nature. Today, we’ll discuss tips on what to do when my wife likes to party and I don’t.

My Wife Likes to Party and I don’t – What to Do 

Some of the main tips on what to do when my wife likes to party and I don’t are as follows;

Know Your Feelings

Before taking any step, saying, or doing anything; it is significant to recognize your feelings and how you feel like neglecting, angry, and un-cared. It is possible that it has nothing to do with your wife partying; it is you that feels insecure and hesitant about exposing yourself in public spaces. You should honestly ask yourself whether you have a problem with her going to parties, or if you want to go with her. It is significant to beware of your emotions before discussing them with your partner.

Many research studies have shown that recognizing and acknowledging your emotions would reduce the negative emotional outlet and impact. If you don’t feel good that your wife goes to parties a lot, then you should tell her how it impacts you. However, if you don’t feel good because you have to go with her, then you should know how to share your emotions and feelings.

Talk to Her

Once you are aware of your emotions and feelings, then you should talk to your wife. While talking to her, you should mention how it makes you feel when she goes to parties alone, and how she should spend time with you. It is not an easy topic to discuss; if she loves you, then you would understand your concerns and feelings. You should openly and honestly tell her that how much you value the relationship and you want to work things out. Couples counseling is a good idea if you don’t know how to resolve this issue.

Understand & Compromises

You have to understand one thing there will be a time when she wants to go to a party and you have to let her go and enjoy the party. It is completely understandable and okay and you have to make some compromises in your marriage. Learning to make compromises in the relationship and accepting the negative traits of your partner is a part of marriage.

You can accompany her to the party once a month and she would go alone to the rest. Both partners have to find a solution by mutually talking to each other, and a healthy relationship requires understanding and compromises.

Setting Boundaries

It is significant to set your boundaries and limits. If you are accompanying your wife to the parties, she should know the type of things you can bear and be comfortable with. While setting boundaries and limits, you should openly share your needs and concerns, and let her see your point of view and what you are saying. You should be firm and strict with your boundaries if she crosses the limits and doesn’t respect them.

Fun Activity Together

You should suggest any type of activity that doesn’t involve partying and crowed that both of you could enjoy like cooking, watching a movie, or walking. When you spend quality time with your wife, then you tell her how much fun both of you can have without partying. However, spending quality time with your wife brings you closer and improves the quality of the relationship.

Professional Help If Substance Abuse

If the reason your wife is partying is that she has an addiction problem with substance abuse, then she needs professional help. Drug addiction is a serious problem, and it is not a type of thing that you should take it lightly. However, if your wife has a drug addiction problem, then you should take her to the rehabilitation center and support network. There is no shame in seeking out help and accepting the problem as it is.

Support Her

If your wife is suffering from a drug addiction problem, then it is difficult for you as a couple and partner, and you should offer her your support and the professional support that she needs. When you support her in such a difficult time, it means how much you value her in the relationship and how far you are willing to go to save her. However, if she doesn’t have an addiction problem, you should offer your support to her in whatever she is looking for.

Me Time

If your wife finds happiness in the crowd and gathering, then you should engage in such activities that you love and enjoy in the meantime. It is significant to participate in all those activities that would improve your self-esteem, productivity, and confidence level. You should be aware of the activities that would make you feel happy, and you should engage in those when your wife is away.

Trust Her

Trust is the most important element in establishing a relationship. It is possible that the reason you don’t feel comfortable when your wife goes partying is that you don’t trust her. The relationship would face insecurity and suspicion issues without trust. You can develop a healthy and happy relationship without trust and confidence.

Separation If Not Working

If partying is causing problems in the relationship among partners, and they can’t seem to understand each other. Neither of the partners is willing to understand the other, nor make any type of compromise. However, the conflicting nature of the partners is causing stress and depression in the relationship, separation is the only viable option in such a scenario.

Conclusion: My Wife Likes to Party and I don’t – What to Do 

After an in-depth study of tips on what to do when my wife likes to party and I don’t; we have realized that building trust in the relationship requires time and a lot of effort. If you are facing a partying problem in your relationship, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.