Narcissist on Social Media After Break up 

Getting out of an abusive relationship and overcoming its negative impact is easier said than done. Narcissists are master manipulators and they know what they want by making others do so. However, breaking up with a narcissistic partner is difficult, and their abusive behavior haunts many people in the upcoming years. Today, we’ll discuss narcissist on social media after breaking up and the type of games they play.

Narcissist on Social Media After Break up 

Some of the main games that narcissists play on social media after breaking up (narcissist on social media after break up) are as follows;

Taking Revenge

The thing narcissist can’t control is to manipulate and take revenge. They have the nature of relying on their close friends and acquaintances and making plans and schemes to manipulate them by exploiting their strengths and weaknesses. However, they don’t reconcile and forgive, but rather they would take revenge against their ex. They would plan schemes of turning your entire friends and family circle against you for leaving them by spreading rumors, memes, and false stories about you. They are going to do everything in their power to hurt the person that left them.

Bad Mouthing

After the breakup, narcissistic people would spread rumors about you on social media in your circle that how cruel you were to them during the breakup. They play the victim card to earn the sympathy of others by sharing only their side of the story. They have the expertise of manipulating and distorting facts to make you look bad villain and present themselves as the victim.

Baiting to Attract Attention

As I said earlier that narcissistic people are excellent at manipulation, they would employ various baiting tactics to make you feel that they still love you and the relationship is worth saving. As soon as their partner starts melting, they would change their mind and give the signals that they don’t have the intention of getting back together. They do so to punish you and satisfy your egotistical mind.


Narcissistic people are excellent at laying and playing the victim card, even though when they are the culprit. They would tell your mutual friends, family members, and relatives about the good deeds they have done for the relationship and present you as the abuser. However, they are excellent at creating false stories to prove their point that they are the victim. They do so through personal inboxing on social media, casual chatting with friends and family members, and sharing victim memes.

Ghost Mode

Ghost mode is when a person becomes disappeared completely. Narcissistic people go disappeared now and then, and you won’t receive any calls or messages from them. However, it is their method of punishing their partner for doing something that they don’t like. They would stop liking, commenting, replying, and sharing your posts; you won’t receive any type of notification from them anymore. Either they unfollow you or hide their posts from you.

Love Bombing

As the term implies, it means that the narcissistic person would shower love posts, love comments, replies, statuses, and shares. They do so with the purpose of proving to the world that they are the best partner and that their victim is the abuser. It allows them to earn the sympathies of your friends, relatives, and family members. In fact, they would send you gifts, and the same gifts for your friends and family members to change their minds about them.

Floating Around You

The other technique narcissistic people would employ is to exploit the needs and wants of their partner like love, money, and sex. It means that they would emotionally blackmail their partner by exploiting their needs, wants, and wishes. On social media, they know your needs and wants, and they would share the same type of things buying it, having it, and bragging about it to make their ex feel less.

Grand Gesture

As the term grand gesture implies, it means that the narcissistic person would exhibit a grand gesture. They would wait for the perfect moment and they would pop it in front of friends and family members, or on social media public posts so that you can’t say no to them. The grand gesture could be in the form of buying jewelry, or flowers, ordering something for you, or doing so in front of the live camera. Their gestures aren’t real, true, and from the heart.


The technique narcissistic people employ is that they bring the 3rd person to compel you to accept their demands or to make their ex feel bad. The other reasons for bringing the third person into their personal matters are making their ex feel jealous, insecure, ugly, inadequate, and bad. On social media, they would post pictures and selfies with a beautiful girl or boy as a replacement for you.


Stress and anxiety attacks are common experiences after the break up with a narcissistic partner. They have the nature of torturing and abusing people that they love. However, the term gaslighting means that they confuse their victims about the things they do or say. In some worst cases, their victims don’t understand whether things are real or not.

Conclusion: Narcissist on Social Media After Break up 

After an in-depth study of narcissist on social media after break up; we have realized that narcissistic people would badly disturb your life after the break up online and offline. If you’re studying the behavior of narcissistic people on social media, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned signs.