New Year’s Resolution for Family – Top Ideas 

Time flies while working and being engaged in a busy life. You have to make sure that you spend more time with family because kids would grow up and they won’t have time for you if you don’t allocate time for them now. Setting up family goals and objectives offers you a lot of benefits while developing personal and individual goals. Family resolutions would only work when every member shows interest in them. Today, we’ll discuss the top ideas for New Year’s resolution for family.

New Year’s Resolution for Family – Top Ideas 

Some of the top ideas for “New Year’s resolution for family” are as follows;

Having Contingency Plan

Safety and security are the top priority of every member of your family in case of any type of emergency like a natural disaster, tornado, hurricane, and earthquake. Many organizations like National Ready Campaigns and Red Cross provide lifesaving tips and skillsets that you can deploy at the right time. For instance, how you are going to evacuate the area when it comes to it, where you would go, and the meeting spot outside the house.

Becoming Eco-Friendly Family

In order to become an eco-friendly family, you should take small positive steps toward them. They’re like teaching kids to turn off the lights when they are leaving the rooms, turn off the water while brushing their teeth, and follow what you preach to others. Instead of emitting carbon dioxide and consuming gas and petrol, you should consider walking and riding a bicycle if possible. There are various available alternatives, and you should consider deploying them in order to help save the environment.

No Phone While Driving

We all are aware of the dangers of using smartphones while driving. You should make a resolution for your teenagers and the entire family of not using the smartphone and no texting while driving, no matter how important that is. Late texting and delayed replies are better than no replies at all, your safety is more important than anything else.

Putting Smart Devices Away

You have probably heard it before on social media and youtube videos and other fellow parents about addiction to smartphone devices. It is important that you should make it a year’s resolution not to use any type of electronic devices like TV, phones, tabs, and others while having a meal. When you have an actual face-to-face discussion and eye contact, it would be highly beneficial to connect with every member of the family.

Focusing on Vegetables & Limiting Meat

Saying no to meat is easier said than done. You need to make a resolution for your family by limiting meat consumption and replacing them with vegetables. If you can’t fully avoid them and get rid of them from your diet, you should minimize their consumption at least. You should turn into a game of giving points every time they choose vegetables over meat, and the incentives would be in the form of extra TV time, toys, and other rewards.

Exercising Collectively

Exercising collectively as a family should be a fun activity rather than knocking your children out and dragging them to the playground or the gym. There are different types of exercises for different ages of children like yoga, walking them to school, running, and other physical games. However, exercising is a bit difficult activity to maintain over time, rather you should make it a goal and task-oriented thing.

Family Volunteering

There are various social projects that your family could help and participate in collectively, and you need to find a way how to make such volunteer projects happen. They are like toys for an animal shelter, distributing food to the homeless people, charity walks to gather blankets and other things, and various other social volunteer causes.

Saying “Hi & Bye”

You should practice the habit of greeting and sending farewell when a family member enters and leaves the house. It is like saying “hi, hello, or Goodbye” because of the time management issues in the busy routine life. Whenever you get time, you should embrace, hug, and kiss the family member and give them warm wishes.

Spending a Day Together

Weekends comprise doing household chores, play dates, running errands, sports events, and parties. In such a busy and packed life schedule, it becomes very difficult for you to manage time. But you should allocate one day a week when you stay in your pajamas, watch a movie, go outdoor picnic as a family, and spend quality time with every member of the family.

Weekly Family Ritual

Along with spending a day with your family, you should also develop a family ritual of watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn, a checklist of family movie ideas, book reading, card playing, and any other activity. It is important to select such an activity and make a ritual that every member of the family would enjoy and have fun with.

Drink More Water

You should make a family resolution of saying no to soda drinks and turning to water, it would be cost-effective and healthy. Drinking clean waters prevent overconsumption of sugar and weight gain issues, and you teach children how to make healthy choices.

Setting Financial Goals

Many parents think that it is inappropriate to discuss their finances with their children, especially if they are in debt. But if you want your children to make good financial decisions, and know how to save and spend money, then you should openly discuss the family’s financial condition with your children. However, it is a way to make them ready for adulthood.

Conclusion: New Year’s Resolution for Family – Top Ideas 

After an in-depth study of the top ideas of “New year’s resolution for family;” we have realized that setting family goals and objectives and achieving them is a bit difficult task. If you are making a resolution for your family, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned resolution ideas.