No Contact Rule After Breakup – What is & How to Start

The “no contact rule” is a great strategy to get rid of toxic people in your life, move on in your life after the terrible breakup, and get your ex back. Today, we’ll discuss what is no contact rule; how to start the no contact rule after breakup.

What is the No Contact Rule After Breakup? 

The “no contact rule after breakup” comprises the duration of time in which you don’t reach out and contact your ex. It allows both partners to have time and space separated from each other. If you have implemented the NCR properly, it would help you to grow yourself up as a person, have control over your emotions, and heal yourself after the breakup.

If you want your ex back, then you should apply the NCR anytime when you’re feeling confident; you should end it whenever you want and start communicating with your partner. However, if you want to move on in your life after a toxic relationship and breakup; the NCR would help you to do so.

Effectiveness of No Contact Rule

Researchers have found in the MRI scan that the breakup and romantic rejection have got a similar impact on your brain as the withdrawal of drugs of the addict. You should consider your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend as a drug that you’re addicted to it. The NCR allows you to detox and heals your mind; the rule comprises of the following;

  • Avoid posting Facebook statuses directed toward them
  • Not sending them any messages through mutual friends
  • Avoid commenting or messaging them on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, etc
  • Not bumping onto them accidentally
  • Avoid visiting their house accidentally
  • Not texting and calling on their cell number

The NC rule teaches you to live your life without your ex and it is the best way to do so. When you get back to them, it means that you’re needy and desperate. No one wants to accompany a needy and desperate person, especially your ex. Therefore, it is important that you should learn to stand up on your feet, and become a happy and confident person.

Most importantly, the reason the NC rule is so effective is that it creates a space between you and your ex. During this period of space, you and your ex learn to think through whether it is worth living together or simply breaking it. When you’re fully healed, and make an intentional decision rather than an emotional one, it would have a better impact on your life and relationship.

How to Start No Contact Rule After Breakup

Some of the main activities that you should perform on how to start the no contact rule after a breakup are as follows;

In order for the no contact rule to work, you have to actively participate in all of these activities rather than just sitting on the couch and watching TV all day long.

Engaging in Physical Activities

First of all, the most important you should do is to perform physical exertion in the no contact time period. It is significant for various reasons like your brain releases endorphins while exercising, and it would make you feel better. When you’re in better shape physically, you would feel better about yourself. Your better shape and fitness would decide whether you should meet your ex or not after the no contact time period.

Speaking of physical exercises, some of the main activities that you can perform are as follows;

  • Jogging and Running
  • Crossfit
  • Play any outdoor sport that you like
  • Gym
  • Practicing Yoga


Instead of sitting at home and feeling miserable for yourself, you should get out and accompany those friends that make you feel good and have fun with them. When you’re having fun with your friends, then you should acknowledge and appreciate the fact that your friends are there for you in your time of need.

I won’t suggest that you should start dating or get yourself involved in the relationship during the NC time period. Going on dates with random people would boost your morale and confidence level, but they would backfire if you still have a thing for your ex. However, it also makes you compare your every date with your ex, and you would miss your ex more. If you still have a thing for your ex and an obsession with your ex, then you should avoid going on dates.

Relaxing Your Mind

It is advisable to engage in all such activities that would help you to relax your mind, body, heart, and soul. Going through and getting over the breakup is not easy, and you are doing your best to deal with it. You should reward yourself with relaxation activities; some of the relaxation activities are as follows;

  • Relaxing Bath
  • Massage
  • Spa
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Self Improvement Activities

Along with mental relaxation and physical exercises, you should work on yourself to bring out a better version of yourself. Many research studies have shown that self-improvement is the best strategy to win your ex back. However, it is highly advisable if your relationship ended because of a lack of communication, trust issues, jealousy, neediness, and insecurities. If you don’t work on such issues, you won’t win your love back or have any type of stable relationship in the future.

No Obsession

Monitoring the activities of your ex online and checking out their status on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram won’t help you in any way. If your ex misses you during the no contact time period, he or she would contact you and you’ll find a way to work things out. However, if you’re obsessing over your ex, keep on calling and texting them; then you’re losing your charm and attraction to them.

Avoid Drinking or Smoking

It is no doubt drinking and smoking numb your feelings for a while, but you should avoid drinking to deal with your difficult emotions. Instead drinking and smoking would make things worse in the long term because you’re replacing one addiction of your ex with new the addiction of drinking. In such a case, you would lose all of your chances of getting back together with your ex, because no one wants to have a relationship with the junky.

Don’t Avoid Your Pain

People usually get busy at work in order to suppress their painful emotions and feelings. It doesn’t matter how much you avoid your feelings and emotions, they would come out sooner or later. Research studies conducted by Harvard University showed that suppressing your relationship emotions would result in the form of coming back with more intense emotions.

Therefore, you should process your emotions and feelings rather than suppressing them, along with keeping yourself busy. If you don’t know how to process your emotions, then you should take the help of expert mental health professional.

Avoid Thinking About Your Ex

During the no contact time period, you should avoid thinking about your ex and how to get them back; it is not good for your mental and physical health. You can only bring out the better version of yourself with self-improvement efforts, and no one else can. Your focus should only be on healing yourself and recovering from the breakup so that you’re ready for long-lasting love and relationship in the future.

Conclusion: No Contact Rule After Breakup – What is & How to Start 

After an in-depth study of the no contact rule after breakup; what is and how to start it; we have realized that getting over your ex and making them get you back requires a lot of time, effort, and work. If you’re going through the breakup phase and planning to apply the no contact rule, then you should follow and practice the strategies.