No Contact Rule Female Psychology – Stages 

The non-contact rule during the separation period and after the breakup means that both partners don’t have any type of contact with each other. As we’re aware of the fact that NCR impacts differently both men and women based on how their relationship ended up and their expectations. Today, we’ll discuss various stages of no contact rule female psychology that women go through.

Women Mind during No Contact Rule 

It is significant to know the mindset of women during the no contact time period. As compared to men, women tend to exhibit a very intense and powerful emotional response. She would grieve during the NC time period and a lot of thoughts are wandering in her mind. She is also wondering whether you’re thinking about her or the role you played in the breakup.

However, she also thinks about whether you have ever loved her or missed her. She has got a lot of confusion in her mind during the NC time period; she thinks about whether the breakup was ever right or not. She would experience a lot of good memories when both of you were together and happy, and she’ll miss you at that time.

No Contact Rule Female Psychology – Stages 

After the breakup, the various stages of no contact rule female psychology that the women experience and go through are as follows;

Strong Emotions

Women have very strong and intense emotions during the NC time period. If the breakup was bad and he has hurt her terribly, then an intense emotional reaction would make her develop a negative opinion of you.

Holding a Grudge

The emotional pain women experience after the breakup is very strong and intense. Even though she loves and misses him, she finds it difficult to get rid of her sad feelings. If he has treated her badly, then she would hold the grudge in her heart and be angry with him for some time.

Miss You Too

When you share a part of your life with someone and are involved in a committed relationship, then it is natural to miss them after the breakup. She used to talk to him every day, but with the NC rule, she goes to the stage of complete disconnection and no communication at all. Of course, she misses him a lot, but she is also angry at him while processing the pain of the breakup, and the angry feelings overpower her sadness and missing feelings. (No Contact Rule Female Psychology)

Not Forgetting Anything

The emotional memories of women are very strong and they find it hard to forget about the things that happened in the relationship. It could be good or bad. For instance, if she has got a lot of positive memories with him in the relationship; they would overpower the negative memories and make her forgive him and get back to him.

If she has painful memories from the relationship; the negative memories would overpower the positive ones. Her focus would be on the negative memories and she won’t forgive you in such a case.

Withdrawal Period

Studies have shown that romantic relationships and drug addiction have got a similar impact on the brain. The brain goes through the withdrawal phase after ending the relationship. The no-contact time period would make her go through the withdrawal phase rather than addicted to him. However, if he remains in touch with her, then it would be difficult for her to move on in her life. Cutting off all the ties and no contact would make it easier for her to withdraw from you.

Stop Hating You with the Right Approach

As we’re aware of the fact that women have got strong emotional memories. After the break, she would hold on to the painful memories and find it difficult to forget them. But the no contact time period would fade away those negative memories. It doesn’t mean that she would forgive you and forget what you did. It only means that the positive memories would come to the surface over time.

Not Staying Forever

If he is the one keeping no contact and uncertain about what he should do; the important thing to keep in mind is that she won’t wait for you forever. If he maintains the no contact period persists for a long time, then it becomes much easier for her to move on in her life.

Won’t Accept Your Begging & Pleading

If she is keeping the no contact distance, then begging and pleading with her won’t work. It is because she has made up her mind while implementing the no-contact period, and it is possible that she has already given you the warnings. When they didn’t work, then she moved to the stage of applying the no contact rule.

However, the best thing you can do during this time is to give her the space that she needs and respect her wishes and privacy. If she changes her mind about him, then she would reach out to him based on her terms. (No Contact Rule Female Psychology)

Rethink About Her Choices

If she had dumped and broken up with him, then she would reflect on her choices whether she did it right or wrong. It is possible that she would realize her mistakes and feel guilty about how she handled them, and she would contact you in such a case.

Convinces Herself To Be Right

While reflecting on her choices and decision, she would try to convince herself that what she did was right. In fact, she would discuss it with her friends and family members and tell them about her decision, and she is planning to move forward in her life. Her mind is divided between her feelings for him and her decision to move on in her life. The no-contact time period would allow her to give up on her relationship and motivate her that she can live without him.

Accept You

If she doesn’t want the breakup, then she would accept him. Now, it is up to him whether he wants the relationship with her or continues the no contact. He has to make the right decision whether he wants her in the long term or not. (No Contact Rule Female Psychology)

No Magic Solution

If he doesn’t want the no-contact time period and only wants an easy solution for his problems. There is no such thing as a magical solution. However, the best solution is to give her the time and space that she needs and respect her wishes.

Healing Process

If both partners decide to get back together; female psychology says that they should take their time to heal before doing. The healing process would help them to reconcile their differences and build a better and happier relationship. During this time, both partners should work on self-improvement and develop new interests and hobbies.

No Contact Means No

If you want better results from the no contact rule; it doesn’t matter whether you want to get back together with your ex, or you want to move on in your life. You should strongly commit to the no-contact rule. It is possible that you would experience the strong urge to text and call him or her, but you should keep in mind that no contact means no.

Following Her Won’t Work

If she wants space from him during the no contact time period, then calling, texting, and reaching out to him won’t answer anything. The best thing he can do is to abide by her wishes, following and chasing her would ruin his chances of getting back to him. (No Contact Rule Female Psychology)

Done Means Done

There is a little time period of uncertainty and confusion after the breakup. Once she decides that she doesn’t want anything to do with him and she never wants to hear from him. However, it means that she is done with him and her decision. It is possible that she has already given you a lot of chances, and now she has made up her mind.

Conclusion: No Contact Rule Female Psychology – Stages 

 After an in-depth study of various stages of no contact rule female psychology that women go through; we have realized that women’s mind works differently during the no contact period. If you’re going through a such phase and wondering how she’s thinking, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned stages.