No Contact Rule Male Psychology – Stages 

It is no doubt male psychology during the no contact rule is different from females, but the breakup and heartbreak equally impact both men and women. Perhaps, you would have seen girls crying over the breakup; believe it or not, men also go through the same phase of experiencing the same level of pain. Today, we’ll discuss various stages of the contact rule male psychology that men go through.

It is a common belief that men are tough, hard, and narrow-minded; women tend to be tender, kind-hearted, overthinking, and sensitive. But there is more to men’s nature than such common beliefs. For instance, it is not only women that feel hurt and baffled after the break; men also wonder the same thing and experience pain. But the way they express their pain and feelings is different.

Meaning of No Contact Rule 

Dealing with the breakup and losing the love of your life is tough and difficult. It baffles your mind when you think that you’re sharing your life with your beloved person at one instance, and you’re on your own the next moment. You wouldn’t know how to deal with them when it happens. You would have very low energy in the first few days, and you would feel miserable about yourself. As the days of no contact rule start piling up, the next thing you know they would become weeks and months.

The objective of the no contact rule is to get over the ex and have a fresh start. It is possible to have a different objective like you want to get back with your ex. However, it doesn’t matter what your objective is; the meaning of the no contact rule is to make a peace with yourself and bring changes in your life. If he or she comes back into your life based on your terms; it is good, otherwise, you should move on in your life.

No Contact Rule Male Psychology – Stages 

Some of the main stages of no contact rule male psychology that the men experience and go through are as follows;

Confusion State

If his girlfriend has dumped him, then he would be feeling insecure and wonder what he has done wrong and why she did so. He would feel lost and think about various things. In such a case, the no contact rule would be a great turning point for him in his life. Usually, men don’t go into the details of the breakup like why the breakup happened, and why their relationship reached this point.

If he is the one who has dumped his girlfriend, then he would feel good and consider himself free in the first few days. In the freedom mindset, he would visit the club to ensure his freedom that he has the freedom to do whatever he likes. But this state of mind would change soon; when she doesn’t contact him for a few days, then he would start thinking.


After some time, when she doesn’t contact him or answer his text messages and calls, then he would start to wonder why she doesn’t want to get back to him. He thought that she would be the one crawling back to him in no time, but he was wrong. At this stage, he would start losing his self-esteem, because he naively believed that he would either get back with her or he would have a new girlfriend or relationship.

Stress and anxiety would kick in, and he won’t stop thinking about her. But he wouldn’t contact her yet, because he doesn’t want to show his weaknesses. It is because men are very sensitive about their egos, and it would take them some time to come to their senses. He thinks that contacting you would mean that he loses his self-respect at this point.

Getting Panic

The period of separation and no contact rule would make him feel panic. He won’t suspect the reverse psychology that you have been applying to him. Men can be like children and you have to treat them like that; if you want them to do something, then simply tell them. The notion of you moving on in your life hit him hard, and he would start to feel panic. Even if you don’t have a new relationship, he won’t understand it either.

Feeling Remorse

When the free life becomes boring, then he would start thinking about his previous love life and start missing you. The feelings of sadness and anger would overcome his mind, and he would feel sorry for why things happened this way. It is possible that he would engage in a rebound relationship at this stage, but they’re temporary and they won’t fill the space in his heart.

He feels regretful and angry. It is a very big problem for him if he sees you having fun without him or with someone else. He would feel embarrassed and think that it is not fair to him.

Contacting You

When all of his energy drained out, then he would reach out to you. It is possible that he won’t contact you immediately. But he would do so by sending emojis on social media, liking, and commenting on your posts. He tries to play cool while texting you and sends you mixed signals like he is neutral and cares for you at the same time. Time would tell whether he only cares for you, or he simply wants you back.

If you have wanted your ex back to you, then congratulations, the reverse psychology of the no-contact rule worked for you. You should lay out your terms and conditions, and get to him on your terms.

Self Improvement

Once he knows that he has a chance with you, then he needs to prove to you how he is a changed person within a few weeks. In fact, he tries to convince you that how the breakup period changed him and that he would also take the help of some mutual friends.

However, if he starts bragging about things like you’re better than other girls; he has ditched his friends, and he becomes pushy about getting back to you; then these are the warning signs of narcissists. If you aren’t ready to get back to him, then you should take your time.

Fear of Uncertainty

If you reject him and turn him down, it is possible that he would insist on it because he thinks that you aren’t serious. It is because it has taken a lot for him to reach out to you and share his feelings with you. However, when you reject him, then it would make him fearful of uncertainty, loneliness, and living a life without you. You are his safe heavens and he shared a lot of happy memories with you, and it is difficult for him to let you go. If you reject him at this stage, then he would cut off all the ties with you and your mutual friends, and you won’t see him on social media.

Accepting the Truth

Whether he has dumped her or she has dumped him, he would stop trying and give up on you. He accepts the fact at this stage that his girlfriend has gone away. You won’t see his posts on social media, no calls, and no text messages. He comes to the terms of respecting your privacy. If you wanted to get rid of him, then you get what you have always wanted at this stage; where both of you would go on your separate ways.

Conclusion: No Contact Rule Male Psychology – Stages 

After an in-depth study of stages of no contact rule male psychology that men go through; we have realized that getting over break is a very difficult experience. If you’re going through this phase; then you should know what you want whether you want to get back to him or get over him. Once you know, the whole process becomes so much easier.