Red Flags a Guy is a Player – Top Signs 

We all are aware of the fact that playboys are charming, cute, interesting, and use the right words. Ladies love them and they love themselves as well. Playing with them for a few hours is harmless, but falling for them and planning to be in a relationship with them is highly risky. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs and red flags a guy is a player.

Red Flags a Guy is a Player – Top Signs 

Some of the top signs and red flags a guy is a player are as follows;

Full of Himself

One of the main traits of their narcissistic nature is high egotistical, self-absorbed, and full of themselves. They love their looks, voice, facial expression, and their style; playing with words and smooth talking is a game to them. They would drain all the energy out of your body, and you should pay heed to how he thinks about yourself. Usually, they disguise their narcissistic nature under the disguise of self-love, and that is a completely different thing.

History of Cheating

As they say that people and their nature don’t change; once a cheater, always a cheater. If he mentions that he has left bad habits of womanizing and playing with girls and women, and his friends and acquaintances tell you otherwise. In such a case, you should get away from him as soon as you can.

Not Taking You Out

If he is always doing cheap dates like coffee, tea, a walk in the park, or a drink, then it means that he is reluctant to invest his emotions and feelings with you. A proper date means that he plans a date with you by confirming your schedule and booking a table in the restaurant. It would imply that he is investing in you and also in his future with you. If he is keeping things casual and not giving you any value by investing in you, then he is not serious.

Contacting Late at Night

The other thing you would notice is that he is always contacting you later at night like after 9 or 10 by parking his car on the quiet corner of the street. It is to remove the suspicion among people that he is not dating or seeing you. However, it could be fun in the beginning but you can’t establish a relationship based on the late-night adventures. Serious guys would keep their relationships in broad daylight, and they won’t keep things casual. If this is the case, you should get away from him as soon as you can.

Moves Fast

When it comes to romance, he is already ready, gives you full attention, and his eyes are set on you. As I said earlier that he is smooth in talking, cleverly uses words, and would tell you exactly what you want to hear. He would always compliment your pictures on social media platforms, but his attention on you would go down quickly once he is away. If you experience an abrupt change in his behavior, then it is a huge red flag that he is a player.

Won’t Listen To You

You would notice that he is quiet when you are talking, but he is not carefully listening to you whatever you are day. If he is serious about you, then he would be carefully listening to everything and remember whatever you say. However, carefully listening means that he would show interest in your talking; ask you questions, and pay heed to the small things.

Social Media Texting

He would always be using social media channels and the internet to text you, rather than calling you from his cell phone. It implies that he is hiding the screen of his phone rather than showing up his face and calling you and listening to your voice and letting you hear his voice. For instance, if he always texts you on messenger, Whatsapp, or Snapchat; if you float the idea of using the other social media application and he would insist on it, then it is a red flag.

Mention His Ex Repetitively

Let’s say he is out on a date with you, but he is repetitively mentioning his exes. It is not bad to talk about your exes, but consistently talk about them and say they were models. Repetitive mentions of his exes would imply that he is still emotionally engaged with their exes and not over them. I’m telling you, girl, you don’t want to get involved in such a love triangle mess.

Not Introducing You to His Friends

The other main red flag is that he is always meeting you in person and you don’t know about their friends and relatives. If you ask him about meeting his friends and family members, he would make excuses about it. For instance, if he makes plans with you by introducing you to his friends and family, but he won’t follow through at the last minute.

Sharing Pictures with Other Girls

You would observe that he is always sharing pictures with other girls like they were his trophies. It is to send the signal that he has got other options and you are not the only one. However, if a guy is looking for an ego boost by sharing images on social media based on the likes and pictures with girls, then it means that the guy has got serious insecurity issues.

Only Sexual

If he is only and always talking about your physical appearance like your breast, buttocks, lips, and eyes. If he is requesting sexy and seductive pictures of you, then it means that he only wants to get into your pants and nothing else. He would avoid discussing deep and meaningful things with you, then his motives are clear.

He becomes Unreachable

When you are with him, you feel good about it and they give you attention. After meeting a few times, their phone becomes silent and dead, and you won’t hear from them ever again. They would appear in your life again once it is convenient for them. It doesn’t only happen just once, but they would do it repetitively and always use a different excuse.

Password on Their Phone

Finally, they would guard their phone with a password and you won’t know what is in it and they are highly secretive about their phone. The most obvious reason is that people become secretive when they have got something to hide.

Conclusion: Red Flags a Guy is a Player – Top Signs 

After an in-depth study of red flags a guy is a player; we have realized that some guys are players and womanizers and you should be careful of them. If you are out-dating and looking for a suitable match, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned guidelines.