Relationship With a Married Woman Advice – Guidelines 

It may seem like a fun and exciting idea to have a relationship with a married woman, but it has got horrible consequences in the long term. You should ask yourself first of all, whether it is okay to date and commit infidelity with a married woman or not. It gives you an answer to your question. Today, we’ll discuss the relationship with a married woman advice.

Relationship With a Married Woman Advice – Guidelines 

Let’s discuss some of the key guidelines for a relationship with a married woman advice, and they’re as follows;

May Hurt You

When you are seeing a married woman, then it is important to keep in mind that you will always be a second priority, and it would break your heart. You should remember the fact that married women rarely leave their families and their husbands. Once they acknowledge the fact that their kids and family are more important, they would leave you. It would also break your heart if she finds someone else to replace you.

Not a Normal Thing

It is not a normal thing to commit infidelity and go on a date with a married woman. You would avoid meeting you in public and you’ll see in the odd hours and private places. Being a married and family woman, you would always cancel on yourself at the last moment. You can’t take selfies and pictures with her and upload them on social media and tell people that you’re having an affair with someone’s wife. You have to hide everything to keep things going with her.

Using You

When women commit infidelity, then it means that they want to teach them a lesson, make them feel jealous, and want to get back at them. It means that you are using her to take an act of revenge on her husband. You can convince yourself whatever you want, but it would always be an act of revenge and she is using you in the process. When the rebound period is over, she would leave you for her family.

Finding Joyfulness in Her Life

In order to break the monotony and add the element of excitement to your life, there is no better option than committing adultery. She would only do the things with you that she is missing in her married life like romance and physical intercourse. Once her husband starts paying attention to her, she would leave you right away.

Manipulating You

You may think that you’re having fun with a married woman, but in reality, she is manipulating you emotionally. You are developing sympathy for her by listening to her sad stories and the neglect she is receiving from her husband. However, it is possible that she is telling you the truth, she is manipulating you emotionally by developing sympathetic feelings in you.


You are having fun and spending quality time with her, but she would have to leave eventually. She has to get back to her family and kids, and she won’t be there when you need her. In other words, she is giving preferences to her family responsibilities over you. At the end of the day, you would always feel disappointed and left out.

Not a Bright Future

You are naive to think that you can have a bright future and happy life with a married woman. It is easier for them to break up with you rather than break up with their family and kids. However, they are looking for temporary excitement and fun in their life rather than a long-term thing. She would leave you eventually, and you will be standing alone with a broken heart.

Anger of Her Husband

Without divorce, a married woman always has a husband. You should fear the sight of the angry husband if he catches you with his wife, and how he would react. It is important to keep in mind that anger and betrayal make you engage in a physical fight with him, and he may harm you. He would do anything to protect his family and wife and keep his family together.

Judgment of People

Committing adultery is wrong both morally and ethically. People in your family and social circle would judge you for doing something wrong. You may have true feelings of love and commitment, but people would consider her mentally sick and a homewrecker. Her family, husband, and people in their social circle would always consider her a bad guy that broke up their marriage and family.

Lower Self-Esteem

Committing infidelity would lower your self-esteem level. Think about her husband’s perspective, you are betraying him and ruining his marriage behind his back, and how he would feel if he finds out. In such cases, it would negatively impact your self-esteem and self-confidence level. Once you have your heart broken, it makes you feel vulnerable the next time you engage in the relationship.

No Clarity

It is significant to define your relationship when you’re seeing a person. If you having an affair with a married woman, then it means that you don’t have clarity about your relationship. You can’t name your relationship what it is, what type, and the relationship goals and objectives. In short, you’re missing the opportunities to be with someone with that you could have a possible future and stay with them in the long term.

She is Married, Remembers

One thing that you should remind yourself repetitively is that you’re having an affair with a married woman that has a husband. You may forget it easily while having fun with her, but she has a family life with the other man when she isn’t with you. You are not and can never be the top priority in her life, and she would always choose her family over you.

Cheat On You

She is already cheating on her husband, it is highly probable that she would cheat on you too. As they say, once a cheater would always be a cheater, and some are serial cheaters. You should learn some history about the person you’re seeing before getting serious about them. If they have done something questionable repetitively, then it means that they would do the same thing to you as well.

Her Family Won’t Accept You

It doesn’t matter how kind, loving, and saint of a person you are, her family, social circle, friends, and kids won’t accept you because you caused the break up between them. It is important to keep these things in mind before getting serious about her.

Conclusion: Relationship With a Married Woman Advice – Guidelines 

After an in-depth study of relationship with a married woman advice; we have realized that committing infidelity can never be justified. If you’re going through a similar situation, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.